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Reckless Driving Ticket – What is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving in GA is a misdemeanor traffic ticket, that can be a standalone traffic citation. When a traffic accident occurs, however., reckless driving can be the predicate serious driving violation that can trigger related felony charges like homicide by vehicle, vehicular feticide, causing serious bodily injury to another by virtue of driving recklessly, and striking another vehicle, person or causing another occupied car or truck to take divert its path, or take emergency precautions to not be hit by your vehicle, when you were engaged in reckless driving in Georgia.

Punishment for Reckless Driving

Reckless driving Georgia is categorized, under Georgia traffic laws, as a serous driving offense. Of all the serious traffic violations, it is the only one — that if only a misdemeanor is involved — does not trigger an automatic suspension of a Georgia driver’s license. The law was changed in 1990 to not require license suspension. Before that legislative change, Georgia law did take away the person’s right to drive. As is stated below, drivers under the age of twenty-one years DO get suspended, if the case is a reckless driving conviction.

Significantly, fines and surcharges exceeding $1000 can follow a conviction for reckless driving. Jail for up to one year is usually handled by probation for up to 12 months, but this probation is customary, not mandatory. Community service hours are also generally part of the reckless driving probation sentence, and terms. Plus, most Judges order that NO ALCOHOL can be consumed by the person convicted, while on probation.

Unless a felony is triggered from a traffic accident, as outlined above, then Georgia reckless driving law does not mandate jail time, for a reckless driving misdemeanor in Georgia. Every reckless driving Georgia case is different, however, and this “usual situation” of no jail time can change if your reckless driving case has any aggravating circumstances, such as:

  1. started out as a reckless driving and DUI, but your DUI attorney gets the DUI reduced to reckless driving; or
  2. you get acquitted of DUI at trial, but convicted of reckless driving; or
  3. you have an atrocious prior driving history and get convicted of reckless driving in GA, your Judge may sentence you to some jail time. Every traffic ticket in Georgia is a misdemeanor, and (with rare exceptions) all misdemeanor traffic ticket offenses can be punished by up to one year in jail, as part of the Judge’s sentence.

These special cases and factors emphasize the absolute necessity to hire the best DUI attorney with full knowledge of your traffic court, and the “players” who run the court, such as the Judge who will handle the case as well as the assistant DA or solicitor (prosecutor) of that court.

What is the punishment for reckless driving for drivers under the age of 21?

If the plea is entered prior to the person’s 21st birthday, then he or she suffers a 6-month loss of license, for a GA reckless driving conviction or nolo contendere plea. For these underage drivers, whose arrest was originally for driving under the influence, but the DUI lawyer has now negotiated a favorable plea deal so that the Client has the DUI reduced to reckless driving, many parents are willing to see this suspension be imposed to keep a DUI off his or her criminal record.

Consequences of Reckless Driving

Georgia reckless driving is a criminal offense, and not a traffic infraction. The various categories of punishment set forth above are part of the consequences of reckless driving. A lifetime record of the reckless driving conviction is another consequence, since some major companies will not hire a person for reckless driving and DUI (or either offense). Many more companies, like Uber, will not allow DUI, but will consider people with a reckless driving conviction.

How many points do you get for reckless driving?

Four (4) points will be tacked onto your Georgia Department of Driver Services record, for a conviction. A nolo contendere plea, for age 21 drivers, and older, does not put any points on license, if the Judge allows the use of a nolo plea. Out of state motorists will have to deal with THEIR state’s DMV-DSP-MVR office, as to the issue of points, and most states have either a mandatory suspension or 6 points, for a reckless driving conviction. The DDS Georgia office will transmit proof of the conviction or nolo contendere plea to your home state, and this can be problematic, costly or can take away your driving privileges.

Can a Reckless Driving Conviction Be Expunged?

No. Once convicted, reckless driving expungement is not possible. By the accused reckless driver going to trial, and getting acquitted, the criminal record can be cleared, and the criminal offense removed from your driving history.

Super Lawyers Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Atlanta at 5-Star Rated Traffic Ticket Firm

When you or a loved one is in jail for a reckless driving ticket, the sooner we can get involved, the more likely we can help protect the criminal case. Jailers and police will question drivers in car accident cases, since most drivers don’t know their legal rights. Our Miranda rights, including the right to remain silent, and not self-incriminate, are important, but police are good at getting people in custody to WAIVE this right, and talk to them. This tends to be true for YOUNG drivers facing criminal trouble for the first time.

Plus, phone calls to or from the jail, to or by a jailed person are NOT private calls, and are being recorded. While most misdemeanor reckless driving tickets allow bond to be posted, every felony case predicated on reckless driving (if convicted) requires STATE PRISON time. Hence vehicle accident cases, where a felony reckless driving “predicate” serious driving offense is a possible basis for bringing a felony charge is an EMERGENCY, at our traffic lawyer office.

Board certified DUI defense attorney Atlanta, William C. “Bubba” Head and his law partners, Larry Kohn and ex-cop Cory Yager are all legal book authors in the field of criminal defense. Mr. Head has received more annual legal industry recognitions for serious traffic ticket defense than any other attorney in Georgia. The law firm’s partners are highly-rated by Super Lawyers and other attorney rating services. Since ALL traffic ticket offenses in Georgia are CRIMES, our Atlanta GA lawyers are here to assist in favorably resolving the reckless driving or other traffic ticket case.

If the case is too far away for our Atlanta GA attorneys to handle economically, our lawyers in Atlanta can refer your reckless driving or other traffic citation to an affiliated Georgia traffic ticket lawyer. Our Atlanta GA attorneys offer citizens who have a reckless driving in GA or any other traffic ticket case a FREE, professional case assessment, by phone or in person. For more serious misdemeanor traffic offense cases, like reckless driving in Georgia, we want to help you at the earliest possible time.

With many youthful drivers, and family auto insurance rates at stake, a parent of a teen or college-age driver understandably wants to keep a serious driving offense like reckless driving off his or her child’s driving history.

Call our Atlanta attorneys at 404-567-5515, and talk to a lawyer with our traffic ticket attorney Atlanta firm. What do you LOSE by getting FREE legal advice from our Atlanta GA lawyers with over 500 Five Star ratings with AVVO.com? No other law firms in Georgia handling traffic ticket defense have more accolades, client reviews and top lawyer ratings than our traffic ticket attorneys.


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