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Cobb County Criminal Defense DUI Lawyer | Marietta DUI Lawyer

By: Cobb County DUI Lawyer Cory Yager, Highest Attorney Ratings at “AV” and Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell

Cobb County Judicial Campus

Cobb County Judicial Campus in Marietta, Georgia

If you have a court date for an arrest in Cobb County, GA, it will likely be in Cobb County State Court. However, if arrested in one of the municipalities (cities) within the County, your case begins at that Municipal Court, where a lawyer for DUI should seek a reduction for you.

In either situation, it is likely that you will be searching for the best DUI lawyers in Cobb County GA for your criminal law firm attorney. The criteria for locating the DUI lawyer near me that gets top results is to look at his or her background.

The average attorney handling DUI arrests in Cobb County GA convinces a client to attend a Cobb County DUI school, plead guilty, and then try to minimize punishment. You will be happy (by reading further) to know that our legal team has NO average lawyers! If you are facing a DUI in Cobb County Georgia, and this is acceptable to you, then do NOT come to see us and expect us to tell you that until and unless no other option is available to you, which is rare, in our law office. While we may suggest taking the 20-hour DUI school Cobb County classes, this would be a tool for us to seek a reckless driving disposition, not DUI in GA.

Law Partner Cory Yager, the author of this article, was a former Cobb County Police Officer and was on the Cobb County DUI task force. Like other Cobb County Police Department task force officers, Attorney Yager aggressively enforced Cobb County DUI laws when he was a traffic cop. He made well over 1,000 Cobb DUI arrests, among the traffic arrests during his police career. Today, both he and his partner Larry Kohn are nationally published book authors on chapters about DUI defense. As a DUI attorney since 2008, this DUI defense attorney has now handled over 280 DUI cases (misdemeanor and felony) for clients. A significant majority of cases ended up with no DUI conviction. Court clerk records in the six city courts, Cobb State Court, and Cobb Superior Court verify his skill level.

Cory Yager Georgia DUI Lawyer

Constantly being in the various Cobb County courthouse locations as an officer of the law, the Cobb County DUI lawyer crossed paths with many officers. This includes officers from the Marietta Police Department, Smyrna Police Department, Kennesaw Police Department, Powder Springs Department, and the many other city cops within Cobb County, Georgia.

If You Face a DUI in Cobb County GA, Hire the Best Lawyers Near Me

Our third DUI attorney Cobb County GA partner, Cobb DUI Lawyer Bubba Head, is a 44-year criminal justice attorney near me. He is a Life Member of GACDL and NACDL. He has handled DUI cases in Cobb for over three decades and is known by Cobb County court personnel as a DUI specialist.

This reputation for beating a Cobb DUI has been hard fought. Practicing since 1976, the attorney for DUI in Georgia has had many stunning trial victories. Among these is Cobb State Court jury trial cases (a) where a client had alcohol breath test readings more than triple the legal limit, and (b) another case where his client was alleged by a DUI task force lieutenant to have “failed” 17 parts of the roadside 18-part NHTSA field sobriety test scoring system.

Bubba Head has also been successful in negotiating a 2nd DUI down to reckless driving, by having his client enter a private treatment program that paralleled the Cobb County DUI court program. The alternative program permitted more schedule flexibility for the father of a 2-year-old daughter so that he could continue restricted permit driving, versus losing all right to drive for a 2nd DUI in 5 years.

A Board-Certified Georgia DUI lawyer, William Head is nationally known for beating the toughest DUI cases, such as Ambien sleep-driving cases. No Georgia attorney can boast higher lawyer ratings for drunk driving defense than William C. Head. Read his full profile with Super Lawyers here.

The DUI Court Cobb County GA will be strongly suggested by the State Court of Cobb County on repeat offenders. This rigid, highly structured, intensive probation oversight program offers three major benefits (in a repeat offender DUI charge) over risking trial, for some clients:

  1. Significantly reduces jail time, if a person “rolls the dice” and is unsuccessful at his or her DUI trial;
  2. Permits a successful participant to “burn off” all by 40 hours of community service hours, which are a mandatory 240 hours or more; and
  3. A DUI court judge has been given special judicial power to grant early reinstatement of the ability to drive, using an ignition interlock device, which the participant pays for and must abide by.

For more details on what it takes to be admitted to the DUI Court program in Cobb County, see the Cobb County DUI court handbook.

The Five Reasons You Need the Best Cobb County DUI Lawyer

  1. The prosecutors keep statistics on DUI attorneys who practice in their courts. When they see that you are represented by the best DUI attorney in Cobb County, they know that this DUI defense lawyer is unafraid of taking a case to trial and that he or she usually wins. This “clout” is achieved only by fighting the tougher cases.
  2. Your Cobb County attorney will also be familiar with Cobb County police DUI officers, and those law enforcement officers in cities with a municipal court within Cobb County GA, who are locally employed. These officers quickly discover that our firm’s DUI attorneys are all instructors in the NHTSA field sobriety tests. Plus, they find out that Cory Yager was a cop and a Field Training Officer. This unique prior experience makes him one of the most feared DUI lawyers in Georgia.
  3. Over 99% of all attorneys in Cobb County GA have never taken an Intoxilyzer breath alcohol test, much less be authorized to operate a forensic breathalyzer device. Cory Yager has run over 1000 breath tests.
  4. For the short list of Georgia attorneys specializing in DUI defense, none have had the benefit of being sent to the National Computer Forensic Institute in Hoover, AL, where FBI officer obtain training. Cory Yager was sent there by Roswell Police Department when he moved to that law enforcement agency, to enable him to get a fixed work schedule and attend law school.
  5. The reputation of the Cobb DUI Taskforce has suffered greatly in the past 5 years, due to overreaching and false Cobb County DUI arrests by the so-called “Drug Recognition Experts.” These Cobb County false DUI arrests of drivers (after roadside evaluations) were claimed to have been under the influence of marijuana has tainted their public “image” for truthfulness.

Several highly publicized Cobb County DUI lawsuits have been filed in Superior Court for false arrest. Look up the Katelyn Ebner and Princess Mbamara cases if you are skeptical of this information. Many Cobb potential jurors will know about these widely discussed Cobb County DUI records of bad arrests, on bogus “police evidence.”

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Larry Kohn, a partner in our law firm near me and a DUI lawyer in Cobb County, is one of three Cobb attorneys ranked as the best DUI lawyer by Super Lawyers. Cobb County DUI arrest records will reveal that he has handled clients’ cases in over 420 cases since 1998.

Larry Kohn Super Lawyer 2018 to 2019

Why are you waiting? FREE consultation with our 3 award-winning driving under-the-influence attorneys will be of great value to you if you MUST win your case. Our satellite legal office in Marietta Georgia is at 109 Anderson Street, 300 yards from The Strand, the historic Cobb Theater just across the street from the State Court of Cobb County.

Cobb County State Court

Cobb County State Court in Marietta, Georgia


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