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By: Cory Yager, partner at Kohn & Yager, an ex-cop turned DUI Attorney Atlanta and Sandy Springs Georgia; Author of DUI book chapter in a national legal publication, Super Lawyer, Martindale-Hubbell top credentials

How long does a DUI stay on your record? After being cuffed, searched, booked, and put in jail by a police officer, many people are at their low point in life. They go online, seeking DUI info, to try to self-assess their chances of winning their DUI in Georgia case. This is when the accused driver learns that (in Georgia) a conviction for DUI in GA is forever.

In Georgia, driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or noxious vapors creates a permanent blemish on your criminal history. This single consequence of DUI in GA compels many to pull out “all the stops” to fight against having a DUI conviction.

The DUI-DWI arrest process is dehumanizing, but NOT giving police evidence through your admissions to drinking alcohol or using drugs is the first step. Remain silent, and then hire the best DUI lawyer and let him or her (and their staff) work to have the serious charge lowered to a lesser offense. This advice is particularly important for anyone convicted of a prior driving while intoxicated conviction.

Clients who MUST win their criminal law case do not waste their time searching online for cheap DUI lawyers. Those who need to not have a lifetime conviction on their records should seek the best DUI lawyer GA and undertake an extensive review of DUI lawyers near me. The DUI Atlanta lawyer chosen needs to “leave no doubt” that you have made the best choice.

The courts in metro Atlanta Georgia are ground zero for driving under the influence attorneys in the Peach State. While 85% of our clients live in Georgia, visitors come to Atlanta from all over the United States, visiting Stone Mountain, the Cyclorama, the Atlanta History Center or the Georgia Aquarium. For many, visiting the downtown monument to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is like a personal pilgrimage.

Led by Bubba Head, best DUI defense lawyer in the State, our law firm near me operates from 4 law offices. The locations are in Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Atlanta and Marietta. Our objective is to help all our clients avoid an Atlanta DUI conviction and the DUI penalties that follow that court outcome.

In addition, our legal professionals travel statewide, outside of Atlanta, to over 600 municipal court locations, probate courts, recorder’s courts, and state courts to defend our clients facing DUI alcohol or drugs cases. So, whether accused in Columbus, GA, Canton, GA, Athens GA or Atlanta GA, our legal team can be your legal warriors.

By giving up, these people facing a misdemeanor DUI do not seek top-rated lawyers for DUI defense. If they had diligently searched online, or asked any experienced Georgia lawyer, the accused drunk drivers would discover that some top-rated legal firms routinely get DUI cases dismissed in Georgia or reduced to a non-DUI resolution.


Stressed-out citizens see Google ads for cheap DUI lawyers, but think to themselves, “Is trying to SAVE MONEY my objective, or is WINNING my goal.” You must limit the choices for accurate legal advice to those legal advocates who have numerous inclusions in the best DUI attorney ratings.

GA DUI Lawyer Larry Kohn

Many defendant consultations from the State’s top legal advocates are available from the three partners in our law group. Our top partner for immigration issues, Larry Kohn, attorney Atlanta is known for five characteristics:

(1) knows Georgia DUI laws like the back of his hand, including how to protect H1B status;

(2) If your probation officer says you have violated probation on ANY kind of misdemeanor or felony criminal case, he is among the top probation lawyers in Atlanta;

(3) he has an uncanny ability to save an Atlanta driver’s license;

(4) he gives clients his cell number so that direct communication is available; and

(5) his Atlanta DUI attorney ratings are among the best of any lawyers in the State of Georgia.

Who is the best DUI lawyer in Atlanta? This page focuses on the attributes you want in a DUI lawyer, so that you can determine for yourself who is the best DUI lawyer in Georgia. Any candidate must be an instructor in the NHTSA standardized field sobriety tests. All three of our partners are.

Insofar as awards over the past two decades, the most awarded, decorated DUI lawyer in America is senior partner Bubba Head, DUI attorney GA, who is Board-Certified by the National College for DUI Defense. Bubba Head, Attorney, is the Georgia DUI attorney who wrote the BOOKS on Georgia DUI laws, for over a quarter century.


Over 90% of all DUI arrests result in an administrative license suspension being started. If your plastic license is missing, this is your best clue. If suspended, you either would have been given a GA DDS 1205 form (8.5” by 11″) or a small, GA DDS 1127 sticker placed on their DUI citation.

GA 30 Day Notice DUI

Do not miss your deadline for protecting your RIGHT TO DRIVE! You only have 30 days after the arrest date! In almost every single case, our lawyers for DUI will know the best path for you to follow to regain your full driving privileges.

Depending on which offense you face, 1st, 2nd DUI or 3rd DUI offense (within 10 years) you could lose your Georgia license for 120 days to 5 years and have from 5 to 60 days of community service to perform and spend a minimum of 24 hours (first DUI), 72 hours (2nd DUI in GA) or 15 days to 90 days in jail (3rd DUI), but more if the judge decides you need more jail time. For repeat offenders, use of an ignition interlock device can help restore driving privileges sooner.

Many accused citizens facing a driving under the influence of alcohol case for the first time conclude that they have no chance of winning. About 5% to 6% of DUI Atlanta GA arrests each year are for being “incapable of driving safely” due to suspected use of drugs or marijuana.

DUI other substances. Another 3% are accused of being impaired by a combination alcohol and drugs. Only 1% get accused of being impaired by a toxic vapor or inhalants.

If you have bonded out and have a court date, call today for a FREE lawyer consultation from an award-winning Atlanta DWI attorney on doing what is needed to keep you driving. This service is INCLUDED in your legal fees for representation on your Georgia DUI case. Speak with a DUI attorney near me AT NO COST, by calling our lawyers for DUI defense at 404-567-5515.

Our legal team can meet virtually, or in person, using social distancing and masks. Our 4 law office locations in Fulton County and Cobb County mean that we are close to where you live or work. So, if you need a DUI lawyer Marietta GA, or Fulton County DUI lawyer, our law team can help.


The people who MUST try to win do not search for affordable DUI lawyers near me. They seek the top DUI attorney near me for their legal advocate. Invariably, they run into law office information on Georgia’s most famous DUI attorney Atlanta GA: Bubba Head, DUI lawyer.

Our three award-winning Georgia DUI lawyers provide free DUI case assessments almost 500 times each year, to help accused citizens find a solution to their worst legal nightmare. What medical office do you know that gives ONE free medical examination? If you know any, let us know so we can go there, too!

Let us talk about our three law partners. Atlanta DUI defense attorney Larry Kohn has been with Bubba Head since June of 1996, when he started as a law clerk while attending law school at Georgia State University. He is now recognized for superior skills by Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, Best Law Firms in America and is an AVVO superstar.

Ex-police officer Cory Yager is now an Atlanta DUI attorney for the past 13 years after being a law enforcement officer for almost a decade. He routinely obtains over 100 reductions of his clients’ DUI charges each year. These are for both DUI per se (over the legal limit) and “DUI less safe” cases, where the client has refused the post-arrest DUI breathalyzer or blood tests (via extraction).

Atlanta DUI Lawyers

In EIGHTY (80) collective years of defending the accused citizens in Georgia, the efforts of our criminal defense attorneys have led to multiple thousands of non-DUI resolutions (e.g., reckless driving, dismissal, or pleading to a minor traffic ticket, and not D.U.I. After all, Atlanta DUI lawyer Bubba Head is known across America as “the man who wrote the book on DUI law” both nationally and for judges and attorneys in Georgia.

When assessing lawyers for DUI near me, understand that cheap lawyers will give you what you pay for, in almost every instance. Limit your search to top rated lawyers near me, like the author of 101 WAYS TO AVOID A DRUNK DRIVING CONVICTION, William C. “Bubba” Head. It is still popular, and the top selling book ever published on how to beat a DUI.

Bubba Head, attorney Atlanta, is a lifetime Georgia native and Double Dawg from the University of Georgia. He originally self-published the leading treatise on Georgia DUI laws in 1995 and has updated it for over 25 years. The publishing rights were purchased by Thomson-Reuters, the world’s largest legal book publisher about 15 years ago. The GA DUI lawyer is also one of only 4 ABA Board-Certified DUI Defense Lawyers in the Peach State, as verified through NCDD.

When most client and family members talk to GA DUI attorney William “Bubba” Head, almost all understand that beating an OCGA DUI case is possible. To learn more about a ticket for DUI alcohol less safe Georgia, click the links below. If charged with a felony serious injury by vehicle GA or vehicular homicide GA, watch this important Slideshare presentation.

When you need to ask a lawyer Georgia legal questions on truck accidents, car accidents, civil negligence, or medical malpractice, our law team is here to help you. Also, please review Mr. Head’s Atlanta personal injury lawyer site is: SERIOUSPERSONALINJURYATTORNEYS.COM

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