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Atlanta DUI Lawyer William C. “Bubba” Head

Bubba Head DUI Books

By: William C. Head, DUI Lawyer Atlanta GA; ABA Board-Certified Attorney

Finding the Best DUI Lawyer in Georgia 

Being arrested for a Georgia DUI is a DEMEANING and STRESSFUL experience. DUI convictions alter lives and opportunities, so selecting a criminal attorney for a thorough case evaluation by an experienced drunk driving lawyer is a critical decision. If you are facing a DUI charge, getting immediate legal advice becomes the most pressing thing in that person’s life, once bonded out of jail.

Having to locate and hire a criminal defense attorney for an arrest in Georgia for driving under the influence is no easy task. Like trying to find a surgeon to remove a cancerous tumor, you search for the highest lawyer ratings and limit your search to a law office with only high-quality legal counsel. Flashy, colorful websites with a DUI attorney that lacks the best credentials can easily divert your attention, until you COMPARE attorney ratings.

Georgia DUI Lawyer

From what you read online, you know how important beating a DUI is to your future. Since a DUI in Georgia CANNOT be expunged or removed from your criminal record, fighting the case is your ONLY option. Only by an accused citizen making a side-by-side comparison of REAL legal credentials for a DUI specialist who has been representing clients for decades can one make an informed decision on legal counsel. Sorting through attorneys in Atlanta for the top lawyer with proven criminal defense experience will lead you to the RIGHT decision.

Our Three Georgia DUI Attorneys in Atlanta Georgia

DUI Atlanta lawyer Bubba Head is Georgia’s top-rated criminal justice attorney for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Mr. Head was voted Best DUI Attorney in America by NCDD in 2003, by a national vote of the members of the nation’s largest DUI specialty organization. Photo below, with the statue of Lady Justice awarded by then-Dean of NCDD.com, Gary Trichter of Houston, TX, on the desk in front of Mr. Head.

DUI Lawyer Atlanta William C. Head

Plus, he was named best DUI lawyer Atlanta in 2017 and 2012 by Best Lawyers in America. No DUI lawyer in the State of Georgia has been named to Super Lawyers more times, or maintained the highest possible Martindale-Hubbell ratings longer than Mr. Head.

The Double Dawg from UGA was a history major and graduated with honors before heading to UGA law school. His first 14 years or practice were in Athens, GA, where he handled a wide variety of legal matters as a criminal justice attorney, but also fighting medical malpractice, personal injury, and family law cases.

When in Athens Mr. Head litigated cases in dozens of different practice areas, including taking appeals in both civil cases and criminal law cases. Neither Mr. Kohn nor Mr. Yager have ever handled these other cases like family law, personal injury or medical malpractice – since they have specialized in criminal defense. Since moving to Atlanta Georgia in 1991, he has focused on criminal justice and car accidents involving serious injury or wrongful death.

Bubba Head UGA Law School

Plus, the two law partners at his law office, DUI attorney Atlanta GA Larry Kohn and ex-cop Cory Yager, also have received some of the highest lawyer ratings for Atlanta attorneys. With more than 30 collective years of law practice and working with Mr. Head, both Georgia DUI lawyers at his law firm share his top recognitions by Martindale-Hubbell, Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers, but not for as many years.

Because Mr. Head started the Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI-DWI Cases seminar in 1994, both his partners have the highest level of training in forensic science and field sobriety tests. All three partners are trial lawyers, and hold NHTSA “instructor” credentials, meaning that they are authorized to TRAIN police officers (or others) on how to properly administer the standardized field sobriety tests on DUI suspects. Try to find ANY OTHER law firm with that level of training on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration field tests.

Atlanta DUI Lawyers Larry Kohn Cory Yager Bubba Head


Bubba Head, DUI lawyer Atlanta GA, is one of only 4 Board-Certified DUI lawyers in Georgia. Additionally, both partners are experienced and are highly skilled at drunk driving defense and as criminal defense attorneys, felony vs misdemeanor.

William C Head DUI Defense

All three partners are routinely mentioned as being the best DUI lawyers in Atlanta and at the top of Georgia DUI attorneys. Call their law firm 24-7, at 404-567-5515, for a FREE lawyer consultation.

Call our criminal lawyers in Georgia at (404) 567-5515 for a

FREE consultation with a 24 Hour DUI Lawyer Atlanta

How a DUI Atlanta Attorney Helps Take Away the Stress

Being arrested for drunk driving by police is a jarring experience. The degrading and frightening process of being arrested, fingerprinted, and having a mugshot taken are the low point of many clients’ lives. The uneasy feeling that arrested citizens have, from their jail and booking experience, is almost universally characterized by STRESS, FEELING GUILTY, and BEING TERRIFIED about what is going to happen in their impaired driving case.

Accused citizens facing driving while impaired (DWI) charges worry about what is going to happen to their ability to drive. Sleep evades them, and normal functions like eating a meal are of little or no importance. Until a criminal defense lawyer with a “game plan” for winning is hired, these dysfunctional days continue. At our initial FREE consultation, our Atlanta DUI attorneys tell you how and why your stress must be transferred to our shoulders, so that you can get your life back.

Our Atlanta DUI Lawyers Prefer Meeting Face-to-Face

When you call our DUI law firm in Atlanta, our DUI defense attorneys’ first step is to send you a massive amount of helpful information, including a PDF copy of one of Bubba Head’s drunk driving books (a 430-page PDF copy of the drunk driving book Mr. Head wrote for clients). In doing this, the DUI lawyer Atlanta GA helps you to learn about current DUI law, and brings you up to speed on what happens next after an arrest for DUI in Georgia.

In the initial email from one of our DUI Atlanta lawyer specialists to you, our law firm includes numerous attachments, links, and video clips, including a short questionnaire created by our DUI specialists, and our one-of-a-kind grid about Georgia DUI penalties for a first offense DUI, 2nd DUI in GA, or any other repeat driving while impaired offense.

As opposed to many Atlanta DUI law firms that want your credit card number on the first phone call, our DUI attorney Atlanta GA partners PREFER to sit down face-to-face with you and help you by answering your questions and listening to your concerns in a FREE DUI lawyer consultation at our law office.

DUI Atlanta Lawyer Bubba Head is one of fewer than 70 Board-Certified DUI defense attorneys in America and has a proven reputation among DUI attorneys across the USA for being one of the best lawyers in Atlanta, as well as being the most highly-awarded Atlanta DUI lawyer, when it comes to overall attorney ratings. If you are seeking cheap DUI lawyers Atlanta GA to help plead you guilty, our lawyers in Atlanta are NOT interested in your case. When you strive to be the best criminal lawyer in Georgia, pleading a client guilty is not in the “playbook.”

If you cannot get to our law office because you live out-of-state or a great distance away, and prefer using Facetime, or other video conferencing method, so that you can see and talk with a DUI attorney Atlanta GA, one of our three partners, ex-police officer Cory Yager, can meet you online to talk, face-to-face, via an electronic lawyer consultation. Unlike attorneys who plead almost every client guilty to DUI, our trial lawyers will explain our past successes in YOUR DUI court, so you feel comfortable that the DUI case you have can be reduced or dismissed.

Criminal lawyer Atlanta GA Cory Yager brings this unique, highly-valuable experience as a former police officer to his job, making him one of the most effective of ALL Georgia attorneys, regardless of practice area. He graduated as the #2 top law school graduate from John Marshall Law School while working full-time as a law enforcement officer.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer Cory Yager

Larry Kohn wrote of hundreds of legal memoranda and appellate briefs for Mr. Head long before becoming a practicing attorney in 1998. In twenty years of experience and after successfully handling thousands of criminal law cases, Mr. Kohn has garnered recognition as one of the best lawyers in Georgia from Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America.

DUI Attorney Atlanta Larry Kohn

Most prospective clients who come to this personal meeting will later tell our DUI attorneys in Atlanta that they obtain great relief from the FREE appointment, and can begin to see a game plan for challenging their pending driving under the influence case.

The Most Common Client Concern Is Job Impact After a DUI Arrest

At our DUI law firm, our Atlanta DUI lawyers’ initial job in undertaking a FREE lawyer consultation and preliminary legal evaluation of the facts in your criminal case, is to ask you about any employment issues created by your arrest and/or possible conviction.

For many people, a highly-valuable job is “at risk” because of an arrest for DUI in Georgia, and an even higher number of clients face immediate termination if convicted.

Related issues like driving a company vehicle or a company-insured vehicle, or traveling abroad on company business, are commonly voiced to our criminal defense attorneys by prospective clients.

Our Second Priority: Protect Your Right to Drive & Fight the Driver’s License Suspension

Georgia DUI Arrest

After bonding out of jail and getting your personal belongings back, you will notice that you no longer have your driver’s license. Instead you have an 8 ½ inch by 11-inch form issued by Georgia DDS called a DDS 1205. This is a temporary driving permit, issued by the arresting officer pursuant to Georgia implied consent law.

This form contains information about a 30-day deadline and what happens on the 45th day after arrest. Panic strikes, because YOU NEED YOUR PLASTIC DRIVER’S LICENSE!

In today’s world, being able to drive is often synonymous with being able to work at a high-paying job. Plus, because most families need two incomes to function, the person arrested for driving under the influence typically has child care transportation and custodial responsibilities.

How to Navigate the DUI License Suspension Action and Criminal Case

After our interview process, prospective clients will fully understand the two types of court proceedings (administrative license suspension and criminal DUI court case) that typically must be handled by a skilled DUI attorney on their behalf.

Criminal defense attorneys from our DUI law firm even draw out simple graphics to help our clients comprehend the relationship between the two types of legal proceedings and courts (criminal and administrative) that are involved. This meeting helps accused drunk drivers assess their legal options, and it lets us create a personalized action plan, for facilitating the lawful return of our clients’ driver’s licenses ASAP.

How to Act NOW to Get Your Driver’s License Back Quicker

You will receive a personalized “Action Plan” from our Atlanta DUI law firm and be instructed to start performing certain tasks for your pending criminal case. Getting these requirements knocked out ahead of time will help our criminal defense lawyers help you find a GREAT outcome for your DUI Atlanta case, including getting your driver’s license back so you legally can drive. Our drunk driving lawyers will also give you some helpful methods of coping with obstacles created by the sudden loss of your plastic driver’s license.

These critical personal issues must be part of our “risk assessment,” and factored in when we discuss your pending DUI license suspension based on Georgia implied consent law. At this stage, we are fully focused on how to get your license back after a DUI arrest and booking.

ASK OUR LAWYERS about the 30-DAY time limit following your date of arrest.

Georgia DUI 30 Day Notice

Meet Three Top Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorneys and Georgia DUI Specialists

Our DUI law firm approaches all DUI cases referred to our Atlanta lawyers the same. First, we determine if our client was lawfully arrested? Did the police officer see our client drive? Did our client remain silent and refuse all roadside field sobriety tests?

Best Atlanta DUI Lawyers

Next, our attorneys will ask to see all paperwork from your arrest and jail booking process, particularly the DDS 1205 form (after your driver’s license was taken) which starts a Georgia DDS administrative DUI suspension. DUI laws in Georgia are complex and highly punitive, which you will learn from this website.

Exactly What DUI Georgia Charges Are You Facing?

Our drunk driving defense lawyers want to see exactly HOW your case was charged: alcohol only, drugs only, alcohol and drugs, or child endangerment. Plus we want to see if only a DUI less safe is accused, OR if the client faces an additional DUI per se (for being over the legal alcohol limit) because of a “failed” breathalyzer or blood test.

Our criminal attorneys assess each of the Georgia criminal charges cited in the traffic tickets issued by the municipal, university, federal, county, or state officer, such as the Georgia State Patrol.

FREE Evaluation of Both Your DUI Case and YouIN PERSON

Our DUI defense lawyers also must know the date and TIME of your arrest (printed on your traffic ticket), plus the first court date (arraignment) given to our prospective client after being released on bond. If you are one of the lucky few people who still have their plastic driver’s license (about 5%), we need a copy of that too.

Our drunk driving lawyers calculate and calendar potential administrative license suspension deadlines to ensure that you don’t lose your driver’s license in GA, or from any other state. Living up to the reputation for being the best DUI lawyer in Georgia is a heavy burden, and getting continuous excellent results for EVERY client is the goal of Mr. Head and his two law partners.

Careful DUI Case Analysis May Get a DUI in Georgia Dropped

Because the DUI defense investigation that our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys provides is so thorough, our criminal lawyers prefer to meet in our law office, face-to-face, with every prospective client. While some other online Georgia DUI lawyers are quick to ask for your credit card number in an initial phone call, our law firm’s criminal lawyers for your Atlanta DUI always prefer to act less like a car salesperson and more like a trusted advisor who will take this legal burden off your shoulders.

Mr. Head even gives prospective clients a FREE 430-page drunk driving book (PDF version), one of the leading criminal defense books on fighting DUI-DWI charges. (See a copy of the cover below, and other state DWI-DUI versions that Mr. Head has co-authored for other states.) This allows our three Super Lawyer partners to assess both the quality of the DUI case, and each client’s likely courtroom abilities and personal credibility, if ever asked by one of our DUI specialists to testify at a pre-trial motions hearing.

Rarely do our clients have to testify at trial, but that is primarily due to how our DUI defense attorneys endeavor to firmly dominate the evidence in the case – before any trial takes place. Winning without risking a jury trial is the most important skill for top Georgia DUI attorneys to master.

How to Determine the Best Atlanta DUI Lawyer for Your Georgia Case

Atlanta DUI attorney Bubba Head and his two partners, Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, are committed to aggressively fighting for every client facing DUI criminal charges for drunk driving or drugged driving. The Atlanta criminal defense attorney and his DUI law firm partners handle a wide array of criminal cases, both felony and misdemeanor, but over 85% of all cases are alcohol and drug cases, and most of those involve driving.

Hiring the best DUI attorney available to you is critically important. You do not get a “do over” if your case is lost at trial. DUI conviction penalties are severe. Call a 24 hour DUI lawyer with our law firm NOW.

Once you hire the best DUI lawyer, you can shift this burden off your shoulders and onto the shoulders of our Atlanta criminal defense lawyers.

Our Drunk Driving Lawyers Travel Statewide

Atlanta DUI lawyer William C. Head and his law partners, DUI attorneys Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, cover a wide variety of criminal law cases in every corner of Georgia, but DUI defense is our “bread and butter.” Whether for a DUI drugs in Georgia first offense, or a 2nd DUI in GA, we travel to wherever our clients need us.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Bubba Head – Legal Expert for GA DUI

Our best DUI lawyers in Atlanta were all listed in 2017 Super Lawyers for their DUI attorney ratings. Between our three Georgia DUI attorneys, our three lawyers for DUI have 21 separate Super Lawyers ratings.

Top-rated among criminal attorneys in Atlanta GA, our criminal lawyers can answer your questions about the Georgia implied consent law, the GA ignition interlock program, GA alcohol laws, Georgia DUI classes, a 2nd DUI in GA, or a pending license suspension at the Georgia DMV (Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles).

Georgia DUI conviction penalties are severe. You need a qualified attorney in Atlanta who has had other DUI charges reduced to reckless, or dismissed altogether.

Bubba Head Atlanta Best DUI Lawyer

As a Life Member of both NACDL and GACDL for over 20 years, Bubba Head has been involved with the growth and development of both criminal defense attorney organizations. DUI attorneys from every state know Bubba Head, and regularly call upon him to discuss beating a DUI in their state, or for his law firm’s assistance in handling criminal defense cases that are pending in Georgia.

For a FREE lawyer consultation with Bubba Head or one of his law partners, let one of the best DUI law firms in Atlanta, Georgia guide your path through fighting your pending drunk driving or drugged driving case. CALL 404-567-5515 today. Our main office is located at 5590 Roswell Rd., #210 in Sandy Springs GA 30342 within Fulton County, just south of where Georgia 400 and I-285 cross (we are inside the perimeter). We are less than ½ mile from the DeKalb County line, and less than 3 miles from the Cobb County line, just past Ray’s on the River.

Atlanta Criminal Defense Bubba Head

With the rise of AVVO to its current position at the top of lawyer directories, Mr. Head and his partners have garnered well over 560 5-star CLIENT reviews. No other law firm, in any practice area, has its average PARTNER attorney ratings showing an average of over 180 five-star client ratings with AVVO.

In addition, over 130 other practicing DUI defense attorneys from over 30 states have posted praise for Bubba Head on his AVVO DUI lawyer site.

See what DUI lawyers from other states have to say about Atlanta DUI attorney Bubba Head:

Client Reviews For Atlanta DUI Attorney Bubba Head

I am sure your other clients tell you this all the time… but I’ll repeat it. You are AWESOME! Your great communication gives me a lot of confidence….and I need that right now. I really think you believe in me and that makes a world of difference in my outlook. Thanks again, Bubba. Thank you very, very much!

– Recent Client Review

Mr. Head was a tremendous help in our child’s DUI litigation. He was referred indirectly to me by another lawyer. I needed a lawyer but had no clue on who I should use. I began going through the phone book seeking the right attorney. As I interviewed each one on the phone, my frustration mounted. They all seemed the same.

My frustration must have shown through because one lawyer said, “Who do you want, Bubba Head?” I asked him who was Bubba Head and he said supposedly the best DUI lawyer in the state. I hung up and called Mr. Head. I could not have made a better choice!

The journey through the court system is convoluted and perilous. Mr. Head and his team were invaluable in navigating the system. They were supportive and informative as they presented the possible courses of action. It was a long process but they never waivered in their support. Mr. Head was truly a gift from God. I firmly believe the verdict in my child’s favor was an answered prayer from God and that Mr. Head was the messenger.

– Recent Client Review


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