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Atlanta DUI Lawyer William C. “Bubba” Head – GA Criminal Defense Attorney

Atlanta GA DUI attorney William C. “Bubba” Head has established himself as the statewide expert in GA DUI defense. He has a proven reputation for being one of the best lawyers in the nation, as well as being the most highly-awarded Atlanta DUI lawyer.

Georgia’s Best-Known Defender of DUI Drivers

Mr. Head is the “go to” criminal defense attorney for “bet the farm” Georgia cases involving driving under the influence, especially for felony or misdemeanor cases involving a DUI accident and possible felony DUI. A DUI felony can result from an accident involving serious injury or death.

DUI attorney Bubba Head is a Board-Certified DUI defense attorney and co-author of Georgia’s leading drunk driving book, published by the world’s largest legal book publisher, Thomson-Reuters.

Bubba Head has authored or co-authored over a dozen other books on drunk driving law. This deep understanding of drunk driving defense is what gives Mr. Head an edge over other GA DUI attorneys.

How Being a DUI Book Author Provides an Edge

Georgia DUI laws are constantly being changed by the Georgia Legislature, or being newly interpreted by Georgia’s appellate courts. New laws are already in place for GA implied consent law in Georgia to change July 1, 2017, to allow an additional alternative for a DUI refusal, and the potential one year total suspension of a Georgia driver’s license.

So, staying abreast of new DUI law developments by authoring drunk driving books used by other DUI lawyers in Georgia separates Bubba Head from the crowd of Atlanta DUI attorneys.

If you are set to go to DUI court on a driving while intoxicated case in GA, the judges, DUI lawyers and prosecutors typically have a copy of Bubba Head’s drunk driving book, “The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual.” It is not only a “must-have” resource for any DUI defense lawyer handling GA DUI arrests, but also for the judges and their staff attorneys.

All aspects of GA DUI laws, and well over 1,800 reported DUI cases are covered in this Georgia drunk driving defense book. An attorney can master the materials, and learn how to beat a DUI with this law practice resource.

All 3 of Our Criminal Justice Attorneys Defend More Than Just DUI Cases

After over 40 years of criminal trials and criminal appeals (nearly 200), DUI attorney in Atlanta Bubba Head has made defending drunk driving cases a sub-specialty of criminal defense law, and helped shape Georgia decisional law.

No other Georgia lawyer has made more new law by litigating successful DUI defenses than Mr. Head.

Bubba Head NCDDMr. Head also is credited with starting the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) in 1994, with an initial meeting at his Atlanta DUI law firm. NCDD.com now has over 2,000 members nationwide.

That initial organization meeting occurred in conjunction with the inaugural Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI-DWI Cases seminar, which has been meeting annually since 1994.

Atlanta DUI lawyer William C. Head and his law partners, DUI attorneys Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, cover a wide variety of criminal law cases in every corner of Georgia, but DUI defense is their “bread and butter.”

Mr. Kohn and Mr. Yager have never worked as DUI attorneys anywhere except at the Atlanta law firm of William C. Head, PC.  Mr. Head trained them in DUI Defense from day 1 of their legal careers.

Over 85% of all cases at Mr. Head’s Atlanta DUI law firm are from DUI-alcohol or DUI-drugs arrests.

But, each of our criminal justice attorneys have dozens of other criminal cases on their shelves that have no connection to alcohol, drugs or DUI. Our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys also handle these types of cases:

  • Embezzlement
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Theft by deception Family violence
  • Fraud
  • Hit and run
  • Racing
  • Drug trafficking
  • Prostitution
  • Bond forfeiture
  • Failure to appear FTA)
  • Pandering,
  • Identity theft
  • Grand theft auto
  • Underage drinking (Under 21 Minor in Possession)

Our Partners’ Top Lawyer Ratings – Best for Any GA Law Firm

The awards and accolades within the legal industry that Mr. Head has accumulated over four decades are unmatched in the field of DUI defense lawyers in America. Twice named Atlanta DUI Lawyer of the Year by BestLawyers.com (2017 and 2012), and National DUI Attorney of the Year in 2003 at the summer session of NCDD, Mr. Head has been listed on all of the top peer-reviewed attorney ratings sites for decades.

As a Life Member of both NACDL and GACDL for over 20 years, he has been involved with the growth and development of both criminal defense attorney organizations. DUI attorneys from every state know Bubba Head, and regularly call upon him for assistance in handling criminal defense cases that are pending in Georgia.

With the rise of AVVO to its current position at the top of lawyer directories, Mr. Head and his partners have garnered well over 500 5-star CLIENT reviews.

No other law firm, in any practice area, has its average PARTNER attorney ratings showing an average of over 170 five-star client ratings with AVVO. In addition, over 130 other practicing attorneys from over 30 states have posted praise for Bubba Head on his AVVO site.

Breath Alcohol Test, Blood Test, and Field Sobriety Test Training

To better facilitate his criminal law practice, DUI attorney Bubba Head and his law partners have had specialized, advanced training on the State of Georgia’s breath alcohol test device, the Intoxilyzer. All three Atlanta attorneys have taken multi-day, advanced crime laboratory training for DUI blood tests and urine tests.

Plus, Mr. Head and his other two law partners have obtained equal or more advanced training on NHTSA standardized field sobriety tests than 99% of all Georgia police officers.

This additional, costly, and time-consuming training sets a high bar for any other DUI lawyer in Atlanta to try to match, in trying to compare their legal services on driving under the influence cases. The veteran DUI attorney strives to win every case for every client by knowing more ways to beat a driving under the influence cases than other DUI lawyers.

The emphasis each DUI lawyer at our law firm has, to take advanced-level criminal defense law training in police protocols, sets our DUI attorneys in Atlanta apart from other criminal defense lawyers. This permits us to be able to effectively cross-examine law enforcement officers in DUI GA cases, or felony vehicular homicide cases that involve drunk driving.

This comprehensive understanding of Georgia DUI laws, and having acquired expertise in police detection, screening, and field sobriety test procedures benefits each of the clients of DUI attorneys Head, Kohn and Yager, when they are assisting desperate clients who are facing DUI charges in GA.

Knowing DUI laws in Georgia is one aspect of criminal defense practice, but we also know all aspects of police procedures, including field sobriety test training and proper administration, plus how to beat a breathalyzer or a DUI blood test, when the need arises.

Hire a DUI Attorney to Fight to Save Your License at the GA DDS

With rare exceptions, a Georgia DUI arrest triggers issuance of a DDS 1205 form. This indicates a Georgia administrative license suspension (ALS) proceeding, based upon Georgia implied consent law. This license suspension process under OCGA 40-5-67.1 also requires QUICK ACTION by a knowledgeable DUI lawyer to save your Georgia driving privileges.

An APPEAL of the pending ALS must be filed within 10 business days, or the driver risks a full 12-month TOTAL suspension of all driving privileges in Georgia (for any DUI refusal).

Implied consent driving penalties (like the one-year hard suspension for DUI refusal or requiring Georgia ignition interlock installation for most 2nd DUI cases), are concluded before the DUI Georgia case can get resolved in criminal court. Most Georgia administrative license suspension hearings get resolved in 45 to 120 days, but resolving the DUI criminal case usually takes our DUI attorneys longer.

One of the harshest aspects of ALS drunk driving administrative law penalties can be loss of all driving privileges. The risk of losing all driving privileges is what motivates most accused drunk drivers to hire DUI lawyers. Living and working in Georgia is far different than in some other cities, like New York or Boston.

While a person with a metro Atlanta DUI can either use MARTA or find many ridesharing providers or taxi services, people living 20 or more miles from Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Columbus, Augusta, Athens, Marietta, Lawrenceville, or similar major Georgia cities find few car services or taxis available to get to and from work. Thus, your Georgia DUI attorney needs to be skilled at avoiding implied consent suspension of driving privileges.

We Fight Any GA DUI – Felony, Misdemeanor, or Child Endangerment

Of all the criminal lawyers in Atlanta who focus on DUI in Georgia, none can match the volume of DUI defense cases that Atlanta DUI lawyer Bubba Head has handled in the past decade. While prosecutions for a 4th offense felony DUI are rare in Georgia, DUI accidents with serious injury or death to another often trigger DUI felonies.

Our clients ask us, “Is a DUI a felony in GA?” The answer is that you can be charged with a DUI felony, but the overwhelming majority of arrests are for misdemeanor DUI.

DUI child endangerment is also rare, which is fortunate. By virtue of how this statute, under OCGA 40-6-391, subsection “l” (the lower-case letter L), a driver who is convicted of a Georgia DUI, and has three children under age 14 in the vehicle at the time of driving, could have a first offense DUI, a second DUI, a third DUI and a 4th DUI — from ONE driving incident.

The fourth DUI would be a felony. So, endangering a child by DUI is very harshly punished under Georgia DUI laws. Don’t scrimp on hiring the best DUI lawyer if you face such charges.

By traveling statewide, and limiting their legal practice to citizens with DUI charges in GA, the 40-year veteran Atlanta criminal defense lawyer and his law partners have set themselves apart from criminal attorneys with a local general criminal law practice.

Like the old TV series, “Have Gun, Will Travel,” our Georgia DUI attorneys are often hired for “must-win” DUI cases in South Georgia, on the Georgia coast, or in the mountains of north Georgia.

Atlanta DUI Attorney Bubba Head – Legal Expert for GA DUI

If you need an expert Georgia DUI attorney to help you save your license and obtain the best outcome in a GA DUI case, contact our Atlanta DUI defense attorneys. Law partners William C. “Bubba” Head, Larry Kohn, and Cory Yager are all DUI lawyers who travel the State defending DUI GA cases.

ALL of our DUI lawyers are listed in 2017 Super Lawyers, for their best DUI attorney ratings.

Top-rated among criminal attorneys in Atlanta GA, our criminal lawyers can answer your questions about the Georgia implied consent law, the GA ignition interlock program, GA alcohol laws, GA DUI classes, a 2nd DUI in GA, or a pending license suspension at the GA DMV (Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles).

Since the DUI lawyer in Atlanta GA published his first drunk driving book in 1991 on how to get out of a DUI, William Head has set a high bar for other Atlanta attorneys who practice criminal defense law. The drunk driving book, “101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction,” was the 1st book of its kind to ever be published.

Most people facing drink driving know that a conviction will be devastating, and would love to hire a DUI lawyer who knows how to beat DUI charges, but (until Mr. Head published this landmark book on driving under the influence), most citizens facing DUI in Georgia had a hard time imagining that over 100 ways of doing so may exist.

For a FREE lawyer consultation with Bubba Head or one of his law partners, let the DUI law firm in Atlanta Georgia guide your path through fighting your pending drunk driving or drugged driving case. CALL 404-567-5515 today.

We are 24-hour lawyers, so expect to talk with us immediately. The professional GA DUI case assessment is FREE. Once you hire us, you can shift this burden off your shoulders and onto the shoulders of our Atlanta criminal defense lawyers. Do it today.

Need a DUI lawyer in West Virginia? Get in touch with Harley Wagner today.

Atlanta DUI Lawyers Head, Kohn, and Yager

Client Reviews For Atlanta DUI Attorney Bubba Head

I am sure your other clients tell you this all the time… but I’ll repeat it. You are AWESOME! Your great communication gives me a lot of confidence….and I need that right now. I really think you believe in me and that makes a world of difference in my outlook. Thanks again, Bubba. Thank you very, very much!

– Recent Client Review

Mr. Head was a tremendous help in our child’s DUI litigation. He was referred indirectly to me by another lawyer. I needed a lawyer but had no clue on who I should use. I began going through the phone book seeking the right attorney. As I interviewed each one on the phone, my frustration mounted. They all seemed the same.

My frustration must have shown through because one lawyer said, “Who do you want, Bubba Head?” I asked him who was Bubba Head and he said supposedly the best DUI lawyer in the state. I hung up and called Mr. Head. I could not have made a better choice!

The journey through the court system is convoluted and perilous. Mr. Head and his team were invaluable in navigating the system. They were supportive and informative as they presented the possible courses of action. It was a long process but they never waivered in their support. Mr. Head was truly a gift from God. I firmly believe the verdict in my child’s favor was an answered prayer from God and that Mr. Head was the messenger.

– Recent Client Review


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