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William C. (Bubba) Head is an accomplished attorney in the field of DUI defense. He has a 93% success rate of winning his clients’ cases or having them reduced to a non-DUI charge. In addition to successfully defending his clients, Mr. Head is known as an expert speaker, consultant, and highly-regarded author. In Georgia, does any DUI attorney write a book on how to get a DUI dismissed? Atlanta DUI lawyer Bubba Head does. As a matter of fact, he has written many books on DUI law in Georgia.

The DUI Book National Edition by William C. HeadMr. Head literally wrote the book on DUI. The DUI Book was written for the average citizen who has been accused of driving under the influence. This book covers every stage of the DUI process, including the arrest, trial, and appeals. It is written in an easy-to-read format that non-attorneys can understand.

He has also asked DUI attorneys in other states to co-author state-specific supplements that are included in the book. These supplements contain special information regarding each state’s DUI laws, like misdemeanor DUI, implied consent, field sobriety tests, DUI checkpoints, and pre-trial motions..

Mr. Head and Reese I. Joye, Jr. co-authored 101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction. This book, once again written in laymen’s terms, offers tips on how to avoid being pulled over or arrested in the first place, as well as what to do if you are charged with drunk driving. Issues such as DUI breath tests and field sobriety testing are explained and discussed in detail. The authors also provide real-life cases in which the techniques described in the book were applied successfully.

The book also comes with a wallet-sized card that you can conveniently carry with you in case you are ever pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. If you are stopped, you can hand the card to law enforcement agencies in order to maintain your constitutional rights.


The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual

Mr. Head also co-authored The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual with Attorney Frank T. Gomez. While Mr. Head’s other books were written for the average person, this book was written specifically for other attorneys. This book provides advice regarding trial discovery, motions, and voir dire questions.

Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual 2022 Edition

The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual also provides information on the Intoxilyzer 5000 breath machine, NHTSA field sobriety testing procedures, rules for administrative license hearings, and other important scientific aspects of DUI defense. A list of experts on breath and field sobriety testing is also included.

A drunk driving conviction carries a number of significant consequences, including jail time, a suspended license, and a permanent criminal record—so why not invest in your future by hiring a recognized Atlanta DUI defense attorney? For more information on how Mr. Head can use his secrets of success to fight your DUI, please complete our online case evaluation form now to schedule a time for a free analysis of your charges.

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