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DUI Lawyer Sandy Springs GA: Sandy Springs DUI Attorney

Sandy Springs GA DUI Lawyer Near Me Bubba Head is Board Certified in DUI Defense Law. He and law partners Larry Kohn and ex-cop Cory Yager regularly appear in Sandy Springs Municipal Court.

By: William C. Head, the Only Board-Certified Sandy Springs Georgia Lawyer in DUI Defense, Leading Book Author on Georgia DUI Laws, and Best Attorney in Georgia For Explaining DUI Info

Being taken to jail in cuffs depresses most people who have never been in legal trouble in their lives. Do not waste time dwelling on “water under the bridge.” That mistake happened the night before, so NOW turn your attention to beating the criminal charges.

If You Are Comparing Lawyers Near Me for DUI in Sandy Springs, Look No Further

Sandy Springs GA Police cruise GA 400, Roswell Road, NorthRidge Drive, Abernathy Road, and Hammond Drive looking for signs of impaired driving, which can lead to a GA DUI conviction. The best Sandy Springs DUI lawyers know how to discover police procedural errors that could lead to a more favorable outcome for their client.

You know that you need to ask a lawyer Georgia legal questions. Yet, you are not sure who is the best DUI lawyer in Georgia.

Our legal team provides a FREE consultation to anyone in the state of Georgia interested in FIGHTING their criminal charges. This includes both misdemeanor or felony charges, and traffic tickets like super speeder GA.

Many start their search by Googling “DUI attorney Atlanta” since this includes attorneys offering legal services in a major city. Sandy Springs is a fast-growing Fulton County suburban city just north of the city of Atlanta Georgia and just east of Cobb County. Plus, the cities of Brookhaven and Dunwoody in DeKalb County abound the eastern boundary and southeastern parts of the city of Sandy Springs.

Often, a parent of a college student or high school student will call to ask use questions like, “Can you get into law school with a DUI?” or “Will a DUI in Georgia affect the Hope Scholarship?” Our legal professionals have answered these and similar questions for decades.

Information About Procedures and Judges in Municipal Court of Sandy Springs

The Municipal Court of Sandy Springs GA is located on Roswell Road and is adjacent to the Sandy Springs Police Department. Misdemeanor DUI cases are heard in this courthouse and bench trials are held here.

The current Sandy Springs Municipal Court judges are Candiss Howard, Donald Schaefer, Marcie Ernst, and Joseph Burford. Remember, the Judge cannot “negotiate” with a DUI defense lawyer on your behalf. Your criminal lawyer near me negotiates with the Prosecutor to try to reach a fair case resolution.

At your first Sandy Springs court appearance, called an “arraignment,” the charges against you will be announced, and you must enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest (nolo contendere). If a new date for court is needed, ask our criminal defense attorneys about this scheduling issue.

Larry Kohn, Sandy Springs DUI lawyer, and GA DUI lawyer Cory Yager have both worked with DUI lawyer William C. Head since law school days. Each Georgia attorney is a criminal justice attorney fully versed in all aspects of the DUI Georgia information you seek.

The three lawyers in Georgia are regular speakers at statewide and national seminars. All three GA lawyers are multiple-year recipients of Super Lawyers recognition in the field of defending DUI-DWI accusations. When you or a loved one news lawyers near me for DUI defense, this is the right law firm in the Peach State.

Atlanta criminal lawyer William C. Head speaking at seminar in Woodland Hills, CA on how to operate a successful criminal law practice.

Be aware that even a first offense DUI, if you are convicted, can NEVER be removed from your criminal history. Georgia DUI laws totally LACK a DUI expungement alternative.

Our Busiest North Fulton County Courts Includes Sandy Springs Municipal Court

Sandy Springs Georgia Municipal Court is very familiar to DUI lawyers Bubba Head, Larry Kohn, and Cory Yager who have a collective 89 years of courtroom experience defending clients against misdemeanor drunk driving and DUI Drugs charges.

If you were arrested in the city limits of Sandy Springs GA or the nearby municipalities (Dunwoody Municipal Court, Roswell Municipal Court, Brookhaven Municipal Court, Johns Creek Municipal Court, Alpharetta Municipal Court, Smyrna Municipal Court, Chamblee Municipal Court, and Milton Municipal Court) call our three Super Lawyers who also are all Sandy Springs lawyers.

For a person seeking DUI lawyers near me, few attorneys in Georgia have a closer law office location than ours to the above-mentioned municipal courts. The majority of first time DUI cases in Sandy Springs GA start with our client being issued a traffic ticket of some type, like speeding, or failure to maintain a lane. Once a pullover has taken place, and the officer smells alcohol or drugs, the traffic stop can quickly become a DUI stop.

Hire a Sandy Springs DUI Specialist Who Practices in All Courts in Georgia

From our office location at 5600 Roswell Road, Bldg H, Suite 210, Sandy Springs, GA 30342, our Sandy Springs attorneys can be in any of the local courts in the 4 metro Atlanta counties in no more than 30 minutes, and these are our busiest traffic violation courts.

Our law office is as LOCAL to Sandy Springs Municipal Court as you can get. Plus, Mr. Head’s home in Sandy Springs is less than 3 miles from this Court.

You will receive an initial FREE lawyer consultation from our DUI attorneys in Sandy Springs. Why not call NOW, 24-7, for FREE legal advice? Call today at 404-567-5515 and let us explain the DDS 1205 license suspension letter that most people receive. Watch this welcoming YouTube video.

Our Sandy Springs DUI law firm has three DUI specialists, to be able to handle any DUI violation of Georgia motor vehicle laws, traffic tickets, or local ordinance violations. Our legal group handles criminal cases all the way up to serious felony offenses like vehicular homicide GA, aggravated assault, serious injury by vehicle.

Plus, Georgia laws have many serious misdemeanor traffic offenses, like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs that can automatically suspend your right to drive, if convicted.

Some of our Sandy Springs DUI cases also involve a hit and run, which is also a very serious driving offense (like drunk driving). Additionally, for any case with a child passenger under age 14 years old, child endangerment can also be an additional DUI charge for EACH underage child.

If the DUI arrest was made by a Sandy Springs officer or Georgia State Patrol trooper in the city limits of Sandy Springs, your case will be assigned to Sandy Springs Municipal Court. Our lawyers in Sandy Springs handle everything from super speeder GA, to attempting to elude an officer and leaving the scene of an accident.

Sandy Springs DUI Attorneys Bring Over 89 Collective Years of Winning to Your Defense

Best DUI attorneys near me with 89 years of collective Georgia DUI defense under their belts. Atlanta DUI lawyer former cop Cory Yager and Georgia DUI attorney Bubba Head have won thousands of DUI cases, mostly by getting cases reduced.

A top lawyer from our Sandy Springs law office will appear on your behalf and enter a not guilty plea for you. Ex-cop Cory Yager, Bubba Head and Larry Kohn have collectively handled thousands of DUI cases. In criminal law, experience is paramount, and the three law partners bring a collective 80 plus years to the table.

On or before the day of your arraignment, our law firm near me in Sandy Springs will file motions to obtain the State’s evidence that the prosecutor plans to try to use to convict you of drunk driving and any other traffic offenses you face. This could be something as simple as texting while driving, or impeding the flow of traffic, not having a seat belt fastened, or an open container violation. On Georgia 400, we have many Georgia Super Speeder violations, too.

Find the Best Sandy Springs Georgia DUI Attorney

A successful criminal defense record for all Sandy Springs DUI lawyers in the DUI law firm includes track records of success, and each lawyer for DUI possessing the ability to neutralize NHTSA standardized field sobriety test evidence.

Our job is to find ways to eliminate breath alcohol numeric results, especially where the “number” exceeds the legal alcohol limit. Plus, knowing the LAW in DUI in Georgia is critical, and this entails our Georgia DUI lawyers being familiar with every prior Georgia appellate decision (and some decisions from other courts) to be able to help you take advantage of your opportunities to win, under Georgia DUI laws.

DUI Drugs or DUI Alcohol – Our Law Firm in Sandy Springs Has It Covered

Drugged driving cases (DUI-drugs) have grown by 100% in the last two decades. Mr. Head is a national expert on sleep driving DUI cases, which occurs when a person is not aware that he or she has gotten behind the wheel, after taking prescription medications. These drugs for insomnia or pain management are being dispensed in record numbers.

Limit your search to a lawyer for DUI in Sandy Springs who has achieved legitimate legal industry excellence attorney ratings, and who possesses a track record of proven drunk driving defense results on knowing how to beat a DUI.

If our litigation firm in Sandy Springs has the RIGHT criminal defense attorney for you, ask our law office about our DUI attorney payment plans. Call our DUI attorneys in Sandy Springs NOW, 24-7, for an initial criminal law case review and to obtain FREE legal information: 404-567-5515 or email our criminal justice lawyers.

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