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Do I Need a Lawyer For DUI in GA?

By: William C. Head, Atlanta DUI Lawyer

Based on national statistics, an average of over 2,300 people a day get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in America, and many ask themselves the question, “Do I need a lawyer for DUI in GA?” The answer is “almost always” that hiring a DUI attorney is the advisable path.

This advice is particularly true if, for a first-time conviction of drunk driving, you could go to jail or possibly be deported. If anyone is asking about the importance of a 2nd DUI in GA, then you must read about the loss of your driver license and other DUI penalties.

Why You Need One of the Best Lawyers for DUI Defense

If you are asking, “Do I need a lawyer for DUI in GA?” the answer is yes if you want to keep your license and lessen the amount of painful penalties for the rest of your life. If you were an expert in the law, or a blood test or a breathalyzer, you could make your own decisions.

Just your lack of knowledge about the driver’s license aspects of the Georgia implied Consent Law is enough to make you know that DUIs are no simple traffic ticket.

Because the DWI-DUI arrest process is so demeaning and frightening, many people FEEL guilty, once they bond out of jail. But, drunk driving is America’s only “crime of degree,” meaning that adults (age 21 and over) legally CAN drink and drive. However, at some point in time while consuming alcohol, the legal drinking driver can become an illegal drunk driver.

What Can a Lawyer Do For a Drunk Driving Case?

The best DUI-DWI lawyers typically charge significant legal fees to represent people charged with driving while intoxicated, if the person is going to fight the DUI case. These top DUI lawyers could not command higher legal fees if they were not able to obtain excellent results in most cases that an average DUI lawyer could not.

National and local news reports often show reports of a sports figure or a celebrity being acquitted or having a DUI reduced to reckless driving or other non-serious traffic offense. So, a skilled DUI lawyer CAN and DOES “win” cases.

Do I Need a Criminal Attorney for a First DUI Offense?

Yes, in most states, because no alternative exists except to plead guilty to driving under the influence or fight the case. A few states offer a 1st DUI “alternative” for some drunk driving offenders, like youthful offenders or those whose first offense DUI fits the parameter of state DUI law.

Lawyers for DUI cases know that some of those special “rules” can include these EXCLUSIONS, for being eligible for a DUI expungement or DUI diversion program

  • DUI refusal may make a person ineligible.
  • High BAC level of 0.15 or more can disqualify you from getting a nolo contendere plea.
  • Prior DWI-DUI offense in lifetime, or in the past (e.g., “within the past 10 years”), can make the driver not eligible for having a DUI expungement.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a DUI?

The majority of jurisdictions in the United States offer no DUI expungement, or probation before judgement, or DUI diversion, or youthful offender alternative sentence or any other path to not putting a drunk driving conviction on your criminal history, except fight the case or enter a guilty plea to driving while impaired.

In these states, you need to contact a DUI law firm with an impressive record of criminal defense lawyer DUI trials, and victories.

These top-rated DUI attorneys usually offer a free lawyer consultation, so take it. Specifically, when it comes to comparing attorney ratings, look for inclusion in the four legitimate nationally – recognized lawyer ratings services: (1) Board-certified by NCDD; (2) Martindale; (3) Best Lawyers; and (4) Super Lawyers.

Do I Need a Lawyer for DUI in Georgia?

Positively, yes. Georgia is ranked as the number 2 most punitive state for DUI-DWI, and second only to Arizona. The Peach State has some of the toughest driver’s license suspension rules, especially for DUI refusal, after a DUI arrest, when the Georgia implied consent law is read to the arrested driver. For a first-time conviction of DUI you could go to jail, and will be on probation for a full year.

Plus, under Georgia DUI laws, no DUI expungement, no first offender, no DUI diversion, no youthful offender and no change of record restriction exist for a DUI in Georgia. A DUI Georgia conviction for driving under the influence is FOREVER, insofar as criminal records.

Each and every repeat DUI offense ramps up punishment, and these increases in DUI penalties are dramatic:

GA DUI Penalties
Offense (in 10 years) Jail Time Community Service Fines & Surcharges Felony or Misdemeanor
First Offense DUI 24 hrs up to 1 year 40 hrs up to $2,000 Misdemeanor
2nd DUI 72 hrs up to 1 year 240 hrs up to $2,000 Misdemeanor
DUI 3rd Offense 15 days up to 1 year 240 hrs up to $2,000 Misdemeanor
4th DUI up to 5 years 480 hrs up to $10,000 Felony

DUI in Georgia – How to Find a Lawyer for DUI

In each state, citizens charged with drunk driving need to narrow their search to “best lawyers,” because these DUI attorneys will be able to identify potential legal challenges available under Georgia DUI laws. Cheap DUI lawyers, average DUI lawyers and even “good DUI lawyers” often are trying to balance their business model of “low fees” to the amount of time they will spend to talk to you, or reveal their DUI defense strategies. Unless you cannot afford one of the best attorneys, or are unwilling to take the time for a free appointment, follow this advice.

How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Lawyers

The most selective of all lawyer ratings methods are these two methods:

  • Board Certified in DUI Defense (by
    • Only 4 DUI attorneys in all of Georgia
  • Best Lawyers in America(best
    • Fewer than 12 in all of Georgia

Partner William C. Head possess both attorney ratings, as shown above, and many more. His law partners, DUI lawyer Atlanta Larry Kohn and Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta Cory Yager, also possess “best lawyer” credentials with Super Lawyers.

Plus, all three of our partners are now authors of chapters in drunk driving books, and speakers at DUI defense lawyer seminars both in Georgia and nationally.

All three partners are listed in the 2017 lawyer ratings. For most of our clients, the imposition of drunk driving penalties would be devastating to their lives and their careers, so our DUI experts fight as long and as far as our clients tell us to fight for them.

Call us NOW at 404-567-5515, for a FREE case assessment. We also off a FREE lawyer consultation, because we know that many citizens arrested for DUI are stressed out from the arrest process, and feel that they have no chance to win. Their attorney search focuses on low cost DUI lawyers and not the best DUI attorneys.

Every year, our DUI law firm is able to secure, for our clients facing DUI, hundreds of favorable case dispositions for DUI reduced to reckless driving GA “negotiated pleas.” When you hire cheap lawyers, you should expect to get what you paid for.


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