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Why You Need a DUI Expert Witness


By: DUI Lawyer William C. “Bubba” Head

A DUI Expert Witness Can Be the Difference Between Winning and Losing

When you’re facing a charge as serious as driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia, it’s important to work with the litigation team at a DUI law firm that has your best interests at heart. To win tough DUI cases, criminal defense attorneys rely on DUI expert witnesses when designing a defense for their criminal clients.

An expert witness will not only help your DUI lawyer gather facts that challenge the police officer’s evidence, but can also testify on our case in the event that no pre-trial reduction of charges can be negotiated, such as a DUI reduced to reckless driving.

Expert Witnesses in DUI Cases – Breath Test or Blood Test – Evidence to the Contrary by Police

Bubba Head and Dr. JonesDuring the course of a Georgia DUI arrest, several pieces of evidence may be collected by police to prove your guilt. As other pages of this website outline, field sobriety test evidence is junk science. Plus, both breath tests and blood tests can be successfully challenged. That’s why – rather than taking the officer’s word or the test results at face value – you should consider working with an expert witness to determine if the evidence against you is flawed in any way.

Otherwise, the prosecutor in your trial will tell a judge that your “police evidence” is enough to convict you. For example, many individuals are asked to take the breathalyzer test if suspected of driving while impaired. Unfortunately, a number of factors may contaminate or inflate the breath test reading. A breathalyzer expert can examine the machine to see if it was calibrated or maintained correctly under Georgia DUI laws, as well as look into the breath test officer’s administration of the breathalyzer test to determine if the officer followed the proper guidelines. If there were any problems, the DUI expert can then help your Atlanta criminal attorney challenge the numeric results in court.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests – Don’t Take Them!

Field sobriety tests are also used to prove a DUI case, but – due to their non-scientific and subjective grading – the scores reported by police aren’t always right. An expert in field sobriety testing can review the videotape evidence or the police report to see if the tests were properly administered.

Moreover, the DUI expert witness can look at environmental factors, such as lighting and traffic distractions that can void the sobriety tests, or show distractions and flaws in the method or location of agility testing.

How an Accident Reconstruction Expert Is Essential in Some DUI Cases

Tractor Trailer WreckIf you were involved in an accident while driving under the influence, it is advisable to work with an accident reconstruction specialist to uncover who or what caused the collision. This expert will gather physical and photographic evidence from the accident scene, review recent manufacturer recalls, examine the vehicles, download EDR (event data recorder) data, and interview eyewitnesses to piece together the events that led to the crash.

If the accident reconstruction expert witness finds that your actions were not the cause of the incident, this testimony can go a long way in helping you avoid the more serious charges associated with an alcohol-related collision, such as serious injury by vehicle or vehicular homicide, which are both felonies.

Contact Our Atlanta DUI Law Firm Today To Work with a DUI Expert Witness

As the best-known DUI lawyer in Georgia, Attorney William C. “Bubba” Head has access to the top drunk driving experts in the field. He has published a list of over 60 experts in the field of the “science” of DUI defense for over 20 years. If Mr. Head thinks your case will benefit from having a specialist on your side, he will work with one to prepare the best defense possible.

How much does a DUI lawyer cost to fight a drunk driving case in Georgia? The total amount depends on how many expert witnesses your case needs to be successful. Bubba Head will only bring in the absolute best expert witnesses who are known around the country.

For more information on fighting your DUI with the help of an expert witness, please complete our online case evaluation form now for a free initial consultation, or call Mr. Head at 1-888-384-4323 [1-888-DUI-HEAD].

Call 42-year veteran Atlanta DUI attorney Bubba Head today and get honest answers to all your questions. Tell us everything that happened and everything you remember about your DUI arrest. The sooner you call us, the better chance we have to win your DUI case and get your charges reduced or dismissed.

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