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DUI Attorney Roswell GA: Four D.U.I. Attorneys Near Me

By: William C. Head, Board Certified DUI Defense Lawyer and Traffic Violation Lawyer Roswell GA

After a DUI conviction, can a DUI be expunged in Georgia? No, it cannot! You take the offense to the grave. This article about our DUI lawyers Roswell will let you know why you need to entrust your case to our legal professionals to fight to get a City of Roswell ticket reduced?

Board-certified Roswell GA DUI lawyer Bubba Head has represented hundreds of clients who faced a conviction for drunk driving or drugged driving, only to end up with a lesser offense.

The three primary things first time DUI offenders needed to know, but did not (prior to arrest) are these:

  1. Roadside field sobriety tests (offered when an officer suspects possible alcohol impairment) are OPTIONAL, voluntary, and are not “scientific” tests. You should NEVER attempt them due to the unfair method of “grading” them, to reach an arrest decision.
  2. Questions by an officer at the roadside — other that your correct name and address — are OPTIONAL, voluntary, and should not be done. You have the right to remain silent, so USE IT!
  3. If arrested for DUI, the officer in Georgia is required to read a “notice” to you from a bright, green-colored card. This is the Georgia implied consent law notice, telling you that by not taking the Officer’s requested, post-arrest testing, that you can be suspended from driving for 12 months. If this arrest was lawful (which your DUI lawyers can challenge later) then refusing to be tested can trigger a harsh license suspension. If you do agree to be tested, you then have the right to obtain your own independent test, at your own expense, by a facility of your own choosing. You can even request to be taken to a facility in an adjacent county.

Roswell GA police DUI Enforcement cruisers patrol downtown Roswell GA including Canton Street, Hwy 9, and Woodstock Road looking for signs of impaired driving.

Georgia laws have NEVER allowed a DUI conviction to be removed from your criminal record. This fact alone lets you know that you need to “Lawyer Up” when accused of impaired driving and avoid the mandatory jail time required by many types of DUI convictions.

By filing a targeted motions seeking to dismiss or to suppress illegally seized evidence (e.g., an illegally seized blood test), many DUI cases can be won, or a reduction of charges obtained. This is just one of dozens of “attacks” our criminal law attorneys can make on your behalf. The legal issues can challenge the basis of the traffic stop, the post-arrest breath testing, the field sobriety tests, or many other legal issues.

Can a Lawyer Near Me Get a City of Roswell GA Traffic Court Ticket Reduced?

A word of Caution in 2023: Be aware that many online Web sources in 2023 may be hawking low-cost Roswell GA ticket attorney prices. Most of these “consolidators” will not disclose any legal professional’s name (so you can check Georgia Bar attorney ratings) until you have paid them!

Some use a variation of this big selling point is “if you get convicted, we refund your money!” Well, that “offer” is clearly illegal for any LAWYER in Georgia to offer such a contingency fee arrangement. That is why you don’t see any GA Bar Member attorney’s name hawking this big fraud. Example of one SERP listing for the bottom-feeders:

Be wary of DUI attorneys who overpromise good outcomes in your drunk driving case in Roswell GA Municipal Court, or who advertise as cheap DUI lawyers near me.

Second important point: For this consolidator, they are happy to refund some people’s money to rake in millions from unsuspecting victims and keep most of their profits. Know who you are hiring, for your traffic ticket attorney in Roswell GA, and don’t be hoodwinked by a cheap Web advertiser that is not accountable to the Georgia Bar.

It is not the consolidator or the “low-bid” bottom-feeder, unnamed attorney who has that conviction on his or her record! It will be YOU, and the small pittance of money you may receive back in the mail will not compensate you for this negative, lifetime blemish on your record! There are no “do-overs” in criminal courts!

Most of these services are NOT owned by Georgia Bar members but the Consolidator collects leads for bottom-feeder lawyers who usually lack top legal industry credentials. Who else would be willing to bid a low fee for doing minimal work at court?

Our lawyers write the BOOK on Georgia DUI laws. Our attorneys have had that responsibility since 1995 and keep the other lawyers around the State updated annually.

Criminal defense lawyer Bubba Head has authored many books on DUI defense, including 1012 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction and The DUI Book.

Would you EVER hire your surgeon, following this model? If you say, “yes” I would, then you are likely not interested in our “all in” approach to fighting a criminal law case.

To fight drunk driving or drugged driving charges, some of our cases can take years, and many court appearances. The goal is to WIN, not quickly take a plea that becomes permanent.

Top quality DUI lawyer Roswell GA litigators who use expert witnesses and aggressively fight as traffic ticket attorneys know that beating serious DUI charges is not something that can reliably be done for a low-ball fee.

Protecting your driving record is highly valuable, since this negative criminal history can affect future jobs, promotion opportunities, or even block some people from being a Sunday school teacher for their child’s class!

City of Roswell traffic ticket. Whether charged with a DUI in Georgia or any other traffic citation, such as a high-speed ticket (super speeder GA) on Georgia 400, or for lawyers for MIP in Roswell, why not get a FREE lawyer consultation about what our 4 criminal lawyers can do for you?

Roswell GA Municipal Court is located at 38 Hill Street in Roswell GA 30075 near the downtown historic district. Most DUI traffic cases will take place here.

Our firm has its main office in Sandy Springs, and a satellite office in Alpharetta and Marietta, with Roswell between the office locations.

Roswell DUI Arrests Are Primarily Made by Roswell GA Police Department

Other than occasional Georgia State Patrol arrests for DUI in Roswell GA, all other traffic tickets are issued by the Roswell Police Department GA. These Roswell Police Department arrests (and Georgia State Patrol arrests) get processed at the Roswell City Jail, located directly across Hill Street at 39 Hill Street, Roswell, Georgia.

Roswell police reports and DUI arrest videos can be obtained here, but not much else relating to the DUI Roswell GA case. Let our 5-Star Attorneys Roswell GA do this legwork and put together a strong defense to the charges against you.

The Roswell GA Jail at 38 Hill Street is where people arrested for drunk driving are held until they are able to post bond and get released. More DUI jail time upon conviction can happen if your charges are classified as a felony offense.

Roswell Municipal Court Judge, Solicitor-General, and Other Key Employees

The Roswell Municipal Court judge is the last of Georgia’s elected municipal court judges. Judge Brian Hansford is the elected Judge of Roswell GA Municipal Court. Krista Young is the Roswell Prosecutor, or Solicitor-General, as denominated in Georgia for misdemeanor-level prosecuting attorneys. The Clerk of Court is Chad Roberts.

Phone numbers for all are shown below, and all are located on the second floor of Roswell City Hall, where the Roswell Courtroom and Clerk’s Office share adjacent spaces.

The Georgia DUI attorneys at provide you with a free lawyer consultation and also attorney's fees payment plans.

Roswell Municipal Judge Hansford – (go through the Clerk’s Office, since the Judge is not to be contacted directly, and cannot discuss cases “ex-parte,” or speak to you, except when he is in Court)

Roswell GA Municipal Court Prosecutor Krista Young – 770-641-3790

Roswell Municipal Ct Clerk Chad Roberts – 770-641-3798

Best Roswell DUI Attorneys in Georgia for Roswell Municipal Court

Roswell GA DUI lawyer Cory Yager is a former Roswell GA police officer who understands how Roswell Municipal Court works, and which DUI defense strategies to pursue for your unique case.

The Roswell lawyers at our DUI Law firm have more extensive connections to the Roswell Court than any other law firm. Our three law partners are also Super Lawyers with over 35 separate recognitions. Plus, Partner and Roswell DUI lawyer Cory Yager was previously a Roswell Police Officer and Trainer of new officers.

In addition, our attorneys are experts in Georgia DUI laws and are drunk driving book authors who have been to Roswell Municipal Court well over 1000 times in the past 30 years. Roswell DUI Attorney William “Bubba” Head lives less than 5 miles from the Municipal Court in Roswell, and previously resided in Horseshoe Bend and Martin’s Landing.

Our Roswell attorneys are 24-hour lawyers for DUI defense, so (for a free consultation from a law firm near me) CALL US NOW for a FREE DUI GA case assessment: 404-567-5515. Speak directly with a law partner, which includes Larry Kohn and ex-Roswell GA Police Department DUI officer Cory Yager.

Best DUI attorneys near me with 93 years of collective Georgia DUI defense under their belts. Atlanta DUI lawyer former cop Cory Yager and Georgia DUI attorney Bubba Head have won thousands of DUI cases, mostly by getting cases reduced.

Both partners have been with veteran DUI lawyer Bubba Head since graduation from Law School. Mr. Kohn even worked as a law student for two years for Mr. Head. Our lawyers for DUI know this traffic court, as well as the officers and the prosecutors.

By: DUI Lawyer Bubba Head Board-Certified in Georgia and DUI Book Author

Best Atlanta Georgia DUI Lawyers

In checking DUI attorney credentials for DUI lawyers of Atlanta, the list includes Georgia’s only four Board-Certified drunk driving attorneys. These DUI specialists have achieved a level of proven competence by achieving board certification through the ABA (American Bar Association), as overseen by the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD). William C. Head is one of these top-rated criminal defense attorneys. The importance of attorney reviews of DUI lawyers cannot be understated when choosing a lawyer to fight your case.

Attorney Reviews of Atlanta DUI Lawyers

Read Attorney Reviews of DUI Lawyers at Our Law Firm

While all of our DUI law firm’s attorneys (Larry Kohn, Cory Yager, and Bubba Head) are rated as Super Lawyers, only one (Bubba Head) has Board Certification as a drunk driving lawyer for representing you on a DUI in Georgia. Outside of the four metro Atlanta counties (Fulton County, Cobb County, DeKalb County and Gwinnett County), no other lawyer for DUI Defense has achieved this ABA Board Certification.

Client reviews of our legal work also are highly informative and valuable as you hone in on an attorney who not only knows the latest GA DUI laws better than anyone, but whom also you have faith in to stand up to tough state prosecutors. as your case unfolds in a municipal court or a state court (or both if you eventually want a jury trial). A jury trial is picked from a list of fellow citizens who got called in for jury duty, and both your attorney and the state prosecutor interview these potential jurors. If your criminal defense lawyer has an objection to a juror then he or she can strike the citizen from the list, and a new juror will be interviewed. This process can take an entire day but usually closer to less than half a day.








Why not take our FREE legal advice at the initial lawyer consultation, to see what a true DUI expert attorney thinks about the legal issues available in your case? Call us 24 hours a day, even on holidays, at 404-567-5515Payment plan options are available. We will get back to you for your GA DUI case assessment. Our decades of experience in fighting thousands of drunk driving cases in Georgia has taught our DUI attorneys how to get out of a DUI if this objective is possible to achieve. If you have the guts to fight, we are ready to undertake the fight for you.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer Reviews

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