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DUI Attorney Roswell GA: Attorney Near Me to Fight a DUI


By: William C. Head, Board Certified DUI Defense Lawyer and DUI Lawyer Roswell GA

Can a DUI be Expunged in Georgia? Georgia record restrictions laws specifically exclude a driving under the influence conviction from being expunged from your criminal record. This fact alone lets you know that you need to “Lawyer Up” when accused of impaired driving. By filing a targeted motion to suppress Georgia pleading, many cases can be won.

So, whether charged with a DUI in Georgia or other traffic citation, such as a speeding ticket on Georgia 400 by a Roswell GA Police Department officer, or a dog leash city ordinance violation, you will need a lawyer in Roswell GA. Some state patrol arrests also come through this Court in Roswell GA.

Roswell GA Municipal Court

The Roswell Traffic Court Is Called Roswell Municipal Court

For all traffic offenses charged in the city of Roswell GA, the Roswell Municipal Court will be the court handling misdemeanor motor vehicle crimes. This includes possession an open container violation by having any open alcohol beverage with a broken seal in the passenger area of your vehicle. The open container law GA can be found in OCGA Code Section 40-6-253.

The Municipal Court of Roswell also handles city ordinance violations. The city has code enforcement officers who check on various public safety issues at homes or businesses and can write citations for these violations. With office locations in Alpharetta, Sandy Springs and Marietta, our lawyers near me can direct your path on all serious traffic offenses like attempting to elude, reckless driving Georgia

The Roswell Municipal Court handles misdemeanor traffic ticket cases and City of Roswell GA municipal ordinance violations. Among the most serious state law criminal cases processed in the Roswell GA courthouse at 38 Hill Street, Roswell, Georgia, are misdemeanor DUI charges in Roswell. The Municipal Court of Roswell courtroom is on the 2nd Floor of the Roswell City Hall building.

Many lawyers for DUI defense seek to handle Roswell GA arrests, including some Roswell attorneys, but few Roswell DUI defense lawyers have the drunk driving defense trial experience and criminal litigation skills to either conduct a bench trial (non-jury trial) at Roswell Municipal Ct, or know when to transfer the drunk driving case to Fulton County State Court for a jury trial.

Based on published legal industry attorney ratings, the best DUI lawyers practicing regularly in Georgia are in other nearby metro Atlanta cities in Fulton County GA. This is because these other cities’ DUI courts (municipal court) in other major metro cities in Atlanta Georgia process many times more driving under the influence cases than the Municipal Court of Roswell GA.

Our firm has its main office in Sandy Springs, and a satellite office in Alpharetta and Marietta, with Roswell between the office locations.

Where Does Roswell Municipal Court Rank for DUI Arrest Volume?

Based on state DUI arrest statistics, the Roswell Municipal Court only ranks in the top 25 Georgia municipal court traffic courts. Atlanta Municipal CourtMarietta Municipal Court, Smyrna Municipal Court, Johns Creek Municipal Court, Alpharetta Municipal CourtSandy Springs Municipal CourtAthens Municipal Court, and many other municipal courts in GA handle more DUI Georgia arrests.

Roswell DUI Arrests Are Primarily Made by Roswell GA Police Department

Other than occasional Georgia State Patrol arrests for DUI in Roswell GA, all other traffic tickets are issued by the Roswell Police Department GA. These Roswell Police Department arrests (and Georgia State Patrol arrests) get processed at the Roswell City Jail, located directly across Hill Street at 39 Hill Street, Roswell, Georgia.

Roswell police reports and DUI arrest videos can be obtained here, but not much else relating to the DUI Roswell GA case.

Roswell City Jail and Its Limited Purpose for Booking and Posting Bond

Roswell GA Jail Lawyer

Currently, the only purpose of the Roswell GA jail, however, is for booking and processing Roswell Police Department arrests for those arrested for DUI in Roswell GA (or for other crimes). Transfer to Rice Street in metro Atlanta is now common, because of prosecutorial changes following the Pandemic.

Due to Roswell government budget austerity programs, the Roswell jail has discontinued being a detention center, due to cost factors, and now only keeps those arrested for DUI in Roswell GA long enough to get fingerprints and mugshots.

Roswell Municipal Court Judge, Solicitor-General, and Other Key Employees

The Roswell Municipal Court judge is the last of Georgia’s elected municipal court judges. Judge Brian Hansford is the elected Judge of Roswell GA Municipal Court. Krista Young is the Roswell Prosecutor, or Solicitor-General, as denominated in Georgia for misdemeanor-level prosecuting attorneys. The Clerk of Court is Chad Roberts.

Phone numbers for all are shown below, and all are located on the second floor of Roswell City Hall, where the Roswell Courtroom and Clerk’s Office share adjacent spaces.

Roswell Municipal Judge Hansford – (go through the Clerk’s Office, since the Judge is not to be contacted directly, and cannot discuss cases “ex-parte,” or speak to you, except when he is in Court)

Roswell GA Municipal Court Prosecutor Krista Young – 770-641-3790

Roswell Municipal Ct Clerk Chad Roberts – 770-641-3798

Best Roswell DUI Attorneys in Georgia for Roswell Municipal Court

The Roswell lawyers at our DUI Law firm have more extensive connections to the Roswell Court than any other law firm. Our three law partners are also Super Lawyers with over 27 separate recognitions. Plus, Partner and Roswell DUI lawyer Cory Yager was previously a Roswell Police Officer.

In addition, our attorneys are experts in Georgia DUI laws and are drunk driving book authors who have been to Roswell Municipal Court over 1000 times in the past 25 years. Roswell DUI Attorney William “Bubba” Head lives less than 5 miles from the Municipal Court in Roswell, and once resided in Horseshoe Bend and Martin’s Landing.

Our Roswell attorneys are 24-hour lawyers for DUI defense, so (for a law firm near me) CALL US NOW for a FREE DUI GA case assessment: 404-567-5515. Speak directly with a law partner, which includes Larry Kohn and ex-Roswell GA Police Department DUI officer Cory Yager.

Both partners have been with veteran DUI lawyer Bubba Head since graduation from Law School. Mr. Kohn even worked as a law student for two years for Mr. Head. Our lawyers for DUI know this traffic court, as well as the officers and the prosecutors.


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