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Roadblocks Near Me | DUI Checkpoint Locations


By: William C. “Bubba” Head, Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta GA and ABA Board-Certified DUI Attorney

“How Can I Know If Roadblocks Near Me Are DUI Checkpoint Locations?”

DUI Checkpoints in GeorgiaSince 1990, the United States Supreme Court (in Michigan State Police vs Sitz) has held that the public safety purpose of deterring drunk driving justified an exception to the Fourth Amendment’s protections against interdicting motorists at randomly-established police stops when no crime had first been detected. Police DUI checkpoint locations can be established virtually anywhere in GA, so long as the law enforcement agency has a proper purpose, warrantless police stops at DUI roadblocks near me are legal in Georgia.

The checkpoint location must be pre-approved by supervisory personnel of that police department, pursuant to a law enforcement department plan that has been put in place on a “global” or programmatic level. The fact that a roadblock for traffic safety purposes can be utilized in almost any location for DUI checkpoints makes the task of anticipating or finding where DWI checkpoint locations are being implemented a very difficult task. Checkpoint apps (in most states) are all but useless, and police are savvy to the use of a roadblock app (like WAZE) by persons seeking to circumvent Georgia DUI laws targeting drunk drivers by re-routing them around sobriety checkpoints.

The pre-roadblock approval of sobriety checkpoints by supervisory police personnel, of a written, publicly-available programmatic level document, that protects against unconstitutional methods of targeting any person, group, or business provides a level of accountability from police, which is an arm of the State. Any checkpoint location that fails this initial requirement is unconstitutional, by virtue of violating the 4th Amendment, protecting our citizenry from warrantless, “suspicion-less” searches and seizures.

The Exception to the Fourth Amendment for Roadblock Checkpoints

Sobriety Checkpoint AheadThis Fourth Amendment protection, for a written, pre-approval process assures that no improper purposes exist for setting up an ad hoc DUI checkpoint location (e.g., harassing patrons of a bar, restaurant, strip club, or even a religious group) that would be contrary to due process of law, equal protection laws or other constitutional provisions. Police sobriety checkpoint locations need to be hidden from view, so many are established on the other side of a hill, or around a corner, and a chase car is set up to go after anyone trying to circumvent the roadblock.

More criteria for police checkpoint locations must be proven by police if they are challenged by a top Atlanta DUI lawyer at a pretrial suppression motion after you are arrested. But, all drivers in states permitting DUI checkpoints must accept the fact that a person may encounter roadblocks almost anywhere, and prepare themselves by knowing their legal rights:

Free Professional Consultation on DUI Checkpoint Arrests

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Local Sobriety Checkpoints in Georgia

Local Sobriety Checkpoints in Georgia

Although we are lawyers in Atlanta, we travel to every corner of the state, and have victories in almost every Georgia county, including in these remote counties: Dade, Thomas, Grady, Whitfield, Savannah-Chatham, Lowndes, Troup, Athens-Clarke, Baker, Camden, Glynn, Augusta-Richmond, Bryan, Liberty, Bulloch, Oglethorpe, Washington, Coweta, Henry, McDuffie, Wilkes, Elbert, Hart, Franklin, Rabun, Towns, Union, Fannin, Macon-Bibb, Columbus-Muscogee, and dozens of others both large and small.

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