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OCGA 40-6-391: DUI Less Safe Laws & GA DUI Per Se Explained


By: Cory Yager, Former Police Officer and now a veteran Georgia DUI Lawyer (with top lawyer ratings) and a Legal Book Co-Author on GA DUI Laws, as found in OCGA Section 40-6-391

Atlanta DUI lawyers Larry Kohn and Cory Yager explain OCGA 40-6-391: DUI Less Safe Laws & GA DUI Per Se.

When people are arrested for driving under the influence in Georgia, many will research the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) section listed on their traffic ticket for their drunk driving charge. The accused driver facing an OCGA DUI in Georgia first offense sees this general language: OCGA 40-6-391 (plus other parenthetical information, which is identifying what TYPE of DUI in Georgia is being charged).

For the first time in their lives, accused citizens want to know how the Georgia DUI law is worded, and they seek to read the words of the DUI laws in Georgia, to see if they have violated the impaired driving law. Some Georgians facing driving while intoxicated charges type in “what is DUI less safe Georgia,” or just “DUI Georgia”, or possibly “first offense DUI.” This page gives answers to most of the questions about Georgia DUI.

GA DUI Laws OCGA 40-6-391

Georgia DUI Laws Are Among the Nation’s Toughest

The state of Georgia has had very tough DUI laws for over half a century. These various provisions set forth what constitutes criminal acts of intoxicated driving or drugged driving.

The last major change to GA Code Section 40-6-391 occurred in 2001, under Gov. Roy Barnes. The Georgia DUI law was amended to lower the permissible BAC level for adult drivers (not operating a commercial motor vehicle) to 0.08 grams percent, as shown in subsection (a)(5) below. In addition, especially for repeat DUI offenders, the Georgia Legislature (in 2001) boosted minimum, mandatory punishments such as community service hours and minimum jail time, with dramatically higher DUI penalties.

The CMV (commercial motor vehicle) drivers are held to a lower BAC level of 0.04 grams percent “legal limit” for DUI-alcohol per se, under subsection “i” shown below. The CDL plastic license allows driving in other types of vehicles, but no person can legally operate a commercial motor vehicle without the proper classification of CMV license in his or her possession.

Following a similar theme, drivers under age 21 must comply with a more restrictive BAC level of 0.02 grams percent, under subsection “(k)(1)” below. The DUI-alcohol per se limit for underage drivers means that one drink can potentially create a DUI over the legal limit charge.

Georgia’s statute on DUI law outlines the numerous WAYS a person can be found guilty of drunken driving under OCGA 40-6-391. Our DUI lawyer GA team of DUI experts has added bracketed and added BOLD print about information for the two most commonly-accused Georgia code subsections under our state’s Georgia DUI laws: DUI-alcohol less safe and DUI-alcohol per se.

To read the full SA DUI statute click here.

DUI With Child in Car or Child Endangerment

OCGA Section 40-6-391, subsection (l) is the Georgia code section calling for an additional child endangerment DUI to be added to drunk driving charges, for each child under age 14 that was in the vehicle when the DUI arrest occurred. See wording of this child endangerment law, above.

If the driver is convicted, the law states that any endangerment counts cannot be “merged” (not placed on the criminal history as separate charges). So, with several “underage” children as passengers, as defined by this DUI statute, you can face enough DUI charges to take away your right to drive for years – after you get out of jail.

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