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Johns Creek DUI: GA DUI Lawyer, Johns Creek Municipal Court

This article focuses on driving while intoxicated cases for impaired driving in the City of Johns Creek, GA. Many hundreds of intoxicated driving citations are issued each year, and arrests are made for violations of OCGA 40-6-391.

About eighty percent of the arrests are for a first offense DUI crime, and another 12% are for a person’s 2nd DUI in GA. As you might expect, DUI penalties for a DUI 1st offense are less onerous than repeat offenses, but all DUIs in the State of Georgia are PERMANENT, meaning that once convicted, that criminal record stays with you to the grave.

Also, a time sensitive (within 30 days after arrest) and highly important legal issue arises with virtually 100% of DUI arrests in John’s Creek. That is that the arrested driver has had her license, or his license taken from the accused person by an officer with Johns Creek PD.

This occurs as part of rules created by Georgia implied consent laws and can mean the total loss of all driving privileges for 12 full months, due to an administrative license suspension. Such laws exist in all states and have to do with whether you consented to take the post-arrest forensic test of breath, blood or other bodily substances that was requested by your Johns Creek police officer.


Obtain an Immediate, Free Consultation to Save your Driving Privileges. The plastic license has been replaced by a DDS 1205 form, that advises of a 30-day window to act to try to save your driving privileges.

Being cuffed and fingerprinted can make eating, sleeping, and acting normal no longer easy to do. Following a DUI GA arrest, you have more questions than answers, and you cannot merely hire an average Johns Creek DUI lawyer, or a merely look for a good DUI attorney near me.

Due to this highly important risk, our DUI lawyers offer a 100% FREE lawyer consultation, to help motorists keep their ability to drive. Read more below about that. Our efforts are successful by means of the GA DDS appeal or through installing an ignition interlock device for 12 months, in over 90% of our clients’ cases.

What Do I Need to Know About the Municipal Court in John’s Creek, Georgia?

Johns Creek is a newer city in Georgia that has been in existence less than 20 years. It was carved out of the northernmost tip of Fulton County, GA, and was one of many cities (since the year 2000) that wanted to have better control of police enforcement and traffic safety issues within their communities.

Yet, the new Johns Creek GA community now boasts nearly 100,000 residents. Fed by heavy traffic on GA Highway 141 (Peachtree Industrial Boulevard) coming from I-285 in Doraville (in DeKalb County) and continuing to the Forsyth County line and from State Bridge Road off GA Highway 400 north of Atlanta, many traffic arrests and motor vehicle accidents occur here.


The popular bedroom community 15 miles northeast of the City of Atlanta, Georgia offers more open land and typically larger homesites for single family homes. The unusual name of the city is unique within the USA, causing some Web users to misspell one of both two-word city names, such as:

John’s Creek

John Creek

John Creeks

Within that new municipality, the Johns Creek Police Department will make 95% or more of the monthly arrests for misdemeanor or felony traffic crimes. The balance may be Georgia State Patrol or federal park police, at the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Nature Center, Webb Bridge Park adjacent to the Chattahoochee River, or Shakerag Park.

Johns Creek GA Police Department


The Johns Creek court address is on the person’s traffic citation. For those who have misplaced their citations, it is 11360 Lakefield Drive, Johns Creek, GA 30097. The municipal court’s phone number is 678-512-3444 and the Johns Creek Municipal Court’s Clerk’s Office in the Johns Creek City Court opens at 8 AM, Monday through Friday.

Which Drunk Driving Attorneys Are Best for Handling DUI Charges in Johns Creek Municipal Ct?

Many of those with an upcoming court at the date at the Johns Creek Traffic Court know that they need to find a DUI lawyer, if arrested for driving under the influence. The person may rely upon Google search and search for the best DUI lawyer among the DUI defense attorneys near me.

Yet none of the board-certified DUI attorneys or highest rated, best drunk driving lawyers with Super Lawyer, Best Lawyers in America, Best Law Firms in America are found in the 30022, 30097, 30024 or 30076 zip codes. Metro Atlanta is home to those with the most and the highest legal industry ratings.

It must be the best lawyer from a metro Atlanta DUI law firm with proven, experienced, and successful drunk driving defense attorneys. The law office must have a stellar track record for finding great solutions for DUI arrests in Johns Creek GA. So, who are the best DUI attorneys in Johns Creek Georgia.

Why to Hire a DUI Attorney Atlanta Who Is a DUI Specialist

Being arrested for DUI in Johns Creek and taken to jail for a misdemeanor crime, making bond, and being photographed and fingerprinted are stressful, humiliating and life-altering experiences. You need the best Johns Creek Traffic Lawyer to assist in building an effective DUI defense.

In our office, Larry Kohn, DUI attorney Johns Creek GA has handled the most cases for that municipal court. Ex-cop Cory Yager is our second most experienced traffic attorney Johns Creek GA, and previously was a law enforcement officer for nearly 10 years, until joining our law office about 15 years ago.

Driving while impaired is one of the most technical and complex areas of criminal defense law. The National College for DUI Defense supervises national testing for DUI defense lawyers who wish to apply for Board Certification. In all of Georgia, there are fewer than 50 Board Certified DUI lawyers in AMERICA, and William C. “Bubba” Headtraffic lawyer Johns Creek Georgia is one of these DWI vs DUI lawyers, with only 2 others in GA.

Plus, the Georgia attorneys listed for DUI defense in Best Lawyers in America, are (with fewer than 5 exceptions) all Atlanta lawyers. Similar small numbers follow the Martindale-Hubbell listings and Super Lawyers.

In the field of driving under the influence, you will not find three partners with more legal industry credentials, such as being the DUI LAW BOOK co-authors of the State’s leading treatise on Georgia DUI laws, The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, and other publications on DUI and DWI laws.

The difference between average DUI lawyers, good DUI attorneys and the best DUI lawyers is significant. Mr. Head’s two DUI law firm partners (and Mr. Head) are all 2017 Super Lawyers. READ about FAKE CREDENTIALS, and the three recognized, legitimate peer-reviewed attorney ratings services.

The Municipal Court of Johns Creek has no role in the administrative license suspension that is pending against you. Only Georgia DDS and the Office of State Administrative Hearings (OSAH) deal with this aspect of your Johns Creek DUI in Georgia.

FREE Lawyer Consultation, and FREE  PDF Copy of Mr. Head’s 430 Page DUI Law Book

Call today, 24-7, for your FREE initial consultation. 404-567-5515. Shift the stress and the worry off your shoulders and put it onto ours. If worried about the cost of a DUI, take your free consultation to discuss an easy payment plan for covering the DUI attorneys’ fees.

Our DUI law firm near me focuses on three criminal law practice areas: General criminal defense, DUI defense and handling all types of motor vehicle crimes (on land or on water).

Make no mistake about misdemeanor criminal cases in a municipal court having many pitfalls and lifelong, very important criminal record implications. The fact that the Johns Creek Court is an entry-level, non-jury court in no way means that a DUI conviction will not be a blot on your criminal record. GA DDS gets every Georgia conviction of traffic ticket offenses and puts them on your driving record.

For a FREE lawyer consultation with one of three award-winning legal advocates as your traffic ticket attorney Johns Creek GA, call today. Since it FREE, what do you have to lose? By seeing the harsh penalties for various types of DUI charges in GA set forth above, you will understand the high value of top-rated DUI defense attorneys near me.

Be aware that neither a conviction for a first offense DUI nor any other subsequent offense, can be removed from your criminal history. Georgia DUI laws totally LACK a DUI expungement alternative that other states may have. That is why our Atlanta DUI lawyers are in this business, and why a free consultation is available to you.

DUI-Drugs or DUI-Alcohol – Our Law Firm in Sandy Springs Has It Covered

Drugged driving cases (DUI-drugs) have grown by 100% in the last two decades. Mr. Head is a national expert on sleep driving DUI cases, which occurs when a person is not aware that he or she has gotten behind the wheel, after taking prescription medications. These drugs for insomnia or pain management are being dispensed in record numbers.

Limit your search to a lawyer for DUI in Sandy Springs who has achieved legitimate legal industry excellence attorney ratings, and who possesses a track record of proven drunk driving defense results on knowing how to beat a DUI.


If our litigation firm in Sandy Springs has the RIGHT criminal defense attorney for you, ask our law office about our DUI attorney payment plans. Call our DUI attorneys in Sandy Springs NOW, 24-7, for an initial criminal law case review and to obtain FREE legal information: 404-567-5515 or email our criminal justice lawyers.

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