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DUI Lawyer GA: DUI Attorneys Near Me for Atlanta DUI Arrests

By: Georgia DUI Lawyer Larry Kohn, Criminal Defense Lawyer, and Award-Winning DUI Attorney in Atlanta, GA Representing Clients Since 1998 in the Metro Atlanta GA Area

DUI lawyer Larry Kohn has been awarded a Super Lawyers designation multiple years in a row. He has over 545 AVVO 5-Star Reviews.

This page explains how you can have your DUI charges evaluated by the top-rated lawyers near me for DUI defense. This initial free DUI case assessment does NOT mean that our private law firm offers pro bono legal services for handling your entire case.

Our FREE consultation lawyers travel STATEWIDE to help those in need of aggressive criminal defense. In any DUI arrest case, our lawyers for DUI want to help you take care of the pending administrative license suspension that is active in 99% of all DUI arrests in Georgia.

WARNING: You have only 30 days following the arrest date to GET THIS DONE! Call us now for that FREE consultation, so that we can guide you on how to protect your driving privileges. 404-567-5515.

After a DUI arrest, you only have 30 days after the DUI arrest to file an appeal of a pending administrative license suspension (ALS). Some will be eligible to opt for the 12-month DDS interlock device, after a DUI refusal to be tested. Call ASAP to save your right to drive.

As in all states, implied consent laws call for a suspected drunk driver’s driving privileges to be suspended whenever he or she:

  • (A) Took the post arrest breath alcohol test and blew over the legal limit, OR
  • (B) Refused to submit to the officer’s requested type of test (blood or breath, typically), after being read the Georgia implied consent card.

After guiding you on the right path to preserve some right to drive, our litigation professionals can also discuss how we fight DUI cases in Georgia, and our monthly payment plans for those who need to pay over several months. Because every person facing drunk driving charges needs legal counsel, our legal warriors will also guide you to the public defender’s office if you lack funds to hire private legal counsel.

Our top-rated Georgia criminal lawyers near me dominate the state’s highest-rated DUI lawyers. During the interview process with one of our best DUI attorneys, you will be impressed by the difference between our legal team and some cheap lawyer wanting your credit card within the first 5 minutes of talking with you.

Only hire a DUI lawyer Atlanta, GA with top credentials who does not “over-promise” when (early in the case’s processing) he or she can only know limited information about your pending DUI case. Most of our clients need to save their driver’s license and ask us to seek having the DUI charges reduced to a lesser charge.

When searching for the best Georgia Drunk Driving Attorney, start with the capital city of Atlanta. Even if you case is not pending in Atlanta Traffic Court, our Georgia DUI lawyers and traffic ticket attorneys cover all courts in the 19-county metro area. The Atlanta Municipal Court is the State’s busiest DUI court, and all three of our top-rated lawyers near me regularly appear there.

Georgia DUI Lawyer: Best DUI Attorneys Near Me in GA

Until you hire private legal counsel, understand that you only enter an attorney-client relationship once a fee is set, and you start paying the attorney fees owed. Everything you tell us, however, is 100% confidential, and cannot be used against you.

Our objectives for talking to clients at no charge is to protect against an administrative license suspension AND let them know that their case is not hopeless, since our lawyers for DUI near me have successfully handled thousands of cases like theirs. This track record applies even when your field sobriety testing, police videotape evidence, and law enforcement officer testimony seems insurmountable.

Because our calendars fill up quickly, we ask clients to not wait until their court dates to call us. In fact, waiting more than 15 days after arrest is possibly too long since you may need to obtain an ignition interlock device on your motor vehicle before the 30th day after arrest.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer for Driving Under the Influence in the State of Georgia

Ironically, one of the true benchmarks of finding the top-rated lawyers for DUI near me for aggressive, successful criminal litigation in Atlanta GA is to look back at how many celebritiespoliticianssports figuresnews anchors, and extremely rich clients retain the legal advocate. The same legal expertise used for these athletes and celebrities can be obtained for YOU by hiring our affordable DUI lawyers near me.

High-profile clients garner public attention, and members of the public know that if such celebrities and stars in trouble hire a GA DUI lawyer. That best DUI attorney in Atlanta GA is the one with the winning track record. Through referrals from business and corporate lawyers, our law firm is chosen for the best drunk driving lawyers near me in Atlanta, when it comes to avoiding a DUI conviction.

With managers, agents, and business attorneys “looking over his shoulder” Bubba Head has repeatedly supplied client satisfaction for ALL his clients, celebrity or otherwise. When I was in law school and applied to interview with him for a law clerk position in May of 1996, Bubba Head was well on the way to becoming the best DUI lawyer in Georgia and in the USA for those accused of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances.

Bubba Head: Board-Certified GA Drunk Driving Attorney Near Me in Metro Atlanta

Some people facing a DUI in Georgia first offense assume that just ANY ticket lawyer near me is “good enough” to handle their impaired driving case. Not all DUI-DWI attorneys near me enjoy the same high rates of getting a 1st DUI reduced.

Our three top-rated DUI lawyers near me offer a FREE consultation, so why not take advantage of that offer?

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Our top DUI lawyers near me have accomplished this over 6,500 times in our collective 87 years of law practice. This includes cases with a DUI blood test, Intoxilyzer 9000 breath test readings, and even for driving under the influence of drugs. In selecting a DUI defense attorney near me PRIOR SUCCESS is your best guidepost for beating a DUI case.

William C. Head is One of Three Board-Certified DUI Attorneys in GA for 2023

Read more about Bubba Head’s legal expertise at U.S. News & World Report. Plus, for any Georgia misdemeanor violation like speeding, hit and run, driving under suspension, you always can speak to our traffic lawyers near me free consultation. For over 4 decades, he has been known as the best DUI attorney near me in the Peach State, especially in jury trials.

For attorneys near me, criminal law being their specialty, the highest echelon for drunk driving defense is ABA Board Certification, which was originated by NCDD (the National College for DUI Defense). In 2023, only three DUI DWI attorneys in Georgia  enjoy this status as a “best DUI attorney.”

Bubba Head attended UGA from 1969 through 1976, earning his undergraduate degree in History (with honors) and his law degree, before being sworn in as a Georgia attorney June 10 1976.

In 2003, at the 8th Annual NCDD Summer Session, Mr. Head was voted as the best DUI lawyer in America by the National College of DUI Defense, held at Harvard University School of Law in Austin Hall. This conference is the only time the nation’s largest association of DWI-DUI defenders ever took a national vote choosing who was the best DUI attorney in the country.

William Head voted by the 800 member NCDD attorneys to be the best DUI lawyer in America, 2003.

Top Peer-Reviewed Law Firm Sites for GA DUI Attorney Reviews

Next in importance (for evaluating the best attorneys in Georgia), are three peer-reviewed and exhaustively researched attorney ratings organizations. Their goal is to identify and publicly name Georgia’s best lawyers in Atlanta and the best attorneys across the country, for ALL law practice areas.

These services are, Martindale-Hubbell “av” and “preeminent” ratings for over 25 years, and Super Lawyers for 18 straight years. Do not waste time focusing on a DUI lawyer near me with other “pay-for-play” meaningless “badges,” “seals”, or impressive-sounding attorney ratings organizations.

ONLY these other badges are displayed for a DUI defense lawyer, it is because that attorney in Georgia has not made the grade with the peer-reviewed, universally recognized organizations. Non-lawyers within the general population often do not know the difference between the peer-reviewed, recognized top rating services and these “badge-sellers.”

These three top-notch guides will help you focus and find the right DUI lawyers near me in Georgia for your DUI defense. Beyond that recognition, Mr. Head and his law firm have made every list of Best Law Firms in America from US News and World Report. Plus, all the attorneys at our Atlanta DUI law firm now have book author credits to their names, which attests to their thorough knowledge of DUI laws.

Cory Yager, Georgia Super Lawyer, Martindale rated 5.0 of 5.0 and preeminent; partners with best DUI lawyer Bubba Head since graduating law school. Our three lawyers for DUI near me travel the State of Georgia to help those drivers in trouble after arrest for drunk driving charges. Our 3 top rated DUI lawyers near me are here to help find a non-DUI solution.

Georgia DUI law is the same in every city of the State, and our DUI attorneys near me will travel to where our litigation services are needed. If you know any local police officers or others in law enforcement (like the Georgia State Patrol, a municipal police department, or a county police officer, ask them about Cory Yager, Larry Kohn, or Bubba Head, when it comes to fighting a traffic violation or intoxicated driving charge.

FREE Legal Advice on Georgia DUI Cases: FREE Consultation Lawyers Near Me

Our three DUI defense lawyers are Co-Authors of Georgia’s top-selling 1400-page book on GA DUI laws. The $989 DUI law book is written by William Head, Cory Yager, Larry Kohn – Georgia DUI attorneys and criminal defense lawyers. No other criminal defense attorneys in the Peach State have that accolade in the DUI defense business.

Each of our Atlanta DUI lawyers has co-authored legal books on driving under the influence and criminal law topics. William C. Head is partners with Larry Kohn and Cory Yager for The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual for 2023.

If charged with a crime, get your FREE lawyer consultation near me. Call today at 404-567-5515 to talk to Larry Kohn, Super Lawyers-rated DUI attorney Atlanta. Or, if you like the profile of our ex-cop, ask for Cory Yager, Martindale-Hubbell 5.0-rated Atlanta DUI Attorney, and Super Lawyer.

Or, if your case is one of the most serious of cases with a felony serious injury by vehicle or first-degree vehicular homicide GA, ask to meet with William C. Head, Criminal Defense Lawyer Atlanta GA and ABA Board-Certified DUI Attorney. When your future is on the line, retaining the best DUI lawyer near me is the only route to take.

DUI lawyer GA Bubba Head has earned many legal services awards as well as peer reviews on AVVO. The DUI law book co-author is a board-certified DUI attorney near me who has defended thousands of arrested motorists.

Our Sandy Springs main office is easy to get to near I-285 and Roswell Road. But our Atlanta attorneys also have an Atlanta DUI office on Peachtree Street downtown, one in Alpharetta, and one in downtown Marietta. With our lawyers near me for DUI defense, and a FREE consultation offer, how can you say “no?”


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