Georgia DUI Attorneys: Best Lawyers for DUI Near Me in GA

Georgia DUI Attorneys: Best Lawyers for DUI Near Me in GA

Larry Kohn, award-winning Georgia DUI Lawyer Near Me defending drunk driving cases in the Peach State since 1998

By: DUI Lawyer Atlanta Larry Kohn, Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer and Award-Winning DUI Attorney in Atlanta Since 1998

When searching for the best Georgia Drunk Driving Attorney, start with the capital city of Atlanta. These Georgia criminal lawyers near me dominate the state’s highest rated DUI lawyers.

Arrests in metro Atlanta Georgia (in the four primary metro Atlanta counties: Cobb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, and DeKalb County) are home for about 40% of all DUI attorneys in Georgia who primarily focus on DUI defense. Therefore, the state’s top-rated driving under the influence defense attorneys will be in the 4 metro counties.

What if I need a DUI attorney Savannah GA? Outside of metro Atlanta GA, the next most visited city in the Peach State would be the coastal, historic city of Savannah, Georgia. Ex-cop Cory Yager and Mr. Head can act as your DUI lawyer, Savannah GA. Georgia DUI law is the same in every city of the State, and our attorneys will travel where our litigation services are needed.

Best DUI Lawyer Atlanta for Driving Under the Influence in Georgia

Ironically, one of the true benchmarks of finding the top-rated lawyers for DUI near me for aggressive, successful criminal litigation in Atlanta GA is to look back at how many celebritiespoliticianssports figuresnews anchors, and extremely rich clients retain the legal advocate. The same legal expertise used for these athletes and celebrities can be obtained for YOU by hiring our affordable DUI lawyers near me.

Lawyers for DUI Near Me for aggressive defense of Citizens charged with violation Georgia DUI Laws; Not Guilty or reduced Charges will be our goal; Atlanta news anchor case

High-profile clients garner public attention, and members of the public know that if such celebrities and stars in trouble hire a GA DUI lawyer. that attorney in Atlanta GA is the one with the winning track record. Through referrals from business and corporate lawyers, our law firm is chosen for the best drunk driving lawyers near me in Atlanta, when it comes to avoiding a DUI conviction.

With managers, agents, and business attorneys “looking over his shoulder” Bubba Head has repeatedly supplied client satisfaction for ALL his clients, celebrity or otherwise. When I applied to interview with him for a law clerk position in May of 1996, Bubba Head was well on the way to becoming the best DUI lawyer in Georgia and in the USA for those accused of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances.

Bubba Head: Board-Certified GA Drunk Driving Attorney Near Me in Metro Atlanta

For attorneys near me, criminal law being their specialty, the highest echelon for drunk driving defense is ABA Board Certification, which is currently handled by NCDD (the National College for DUI Defense). Only four DUI DWI attorneys in Georgia have reached this “best DUI attorney” level, and all have their home office and law practices in the four metro Atlanta counties.

Bubba Head Lawyer Ratings Reviews

William C. Head is one of the four Board-Certified DUI attorneys in GA. Read more about Bubba Head’s legal expertise at U.S. News & World Report. Plus, for any Georgia misdemeanor violation like speeding, hit and run, driving under suspension, you always can speak to our traffic lawyers near me free consultation.

In 2003, at the 8th Annual NCDD Summer Session, Mr. Head was voted as the best DUI lawyer in America by the National College of DUI Defense, held at Harvard University School of Law in Austin Hall. This conference is the only time the nation’s largest association of DWI-DUI defenders ever took a national vote choosing who was the best DUI attorney in the country.

In your quest for information on legal services from top attorneys in Georgia, read more about Bubba Head’s credentials at Bubba’s profile.

Bubba Head voted Best DUI Lawyer in United States in 2003 by the National College for DUI defense

Top Peer-Reviewed Law Firm Sites for GA DUI Attorney Reviews

Next in importance (for evaluating the best attorneys in Georgia), are three peer-reviewed and exhaustively researched attorney ratings organizations. Their goal is to identify and publicly name Georgia’s best lawyers in Atlanta and the best attorneys across the country, for ALL law practice areas.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer Bubba Head- Martindale-Hubbell highest rated DUI attorney; Ranked by Best lawyers in America since 2009

These services are, Martindale-Hubbell “av” and “preeminent” ratings for over 25 years, and Super Lawyers for 18 straight years. Do not waste time focusing on a DUI lawyer near me with other “pay-for-play” meaningless “badges,” “seals”, or impressive-sounding attorney ratings organizations.

When ONLY these other badges are displayed for a DUI defense lawyer, it is because that attorney in Georgia has not made the grade with the peer-reviewed, universally recognized organizations. Non-lawyers within the general population often do not know the difference between the peer-reviewed, recognized top rating services and these “badge-sellers.”

DUI Law Book Authors - William Head, Cory Yager, Larry Kohn - Georgia DUI attorneys and DUI defense lawyers

These three top-notch guides will help you focus and find the right DUI lawyers near me in Georgia for your DUI defense. Beyond that recognition, Mr. Head and his law firm have made every list of Best Law Firms in America from US News and World Report. Plus, all the attorneys at our Atlanta DUI law firm now have book author credits to their names, which attests to their thorough knowledge of DUI laws.

Case Report for DUI in Hall County: 2nd DUI Arrest for This Client

A former Gwinnett County client call Mr. Head’s office about a new arrest. Both cases, which were about 5 years apart, involved DUI alcohol. In both cases, the client took the implied consent test of breath, and was over the legal limit.

The Gwinnett case was reduced to reckless driving. The client had to attend DUI school, do community service hours, and pay a fine, but had no jail time. More importantly, the reduction of charges saved him from having his Georgia driver license suspended.

On the new case, which happened around Christmas time of 2018, the client’s first question was, “should I hire a Hall County DUI lawyer?” My answer was, “no need to do that” since our law firm routinely travels there to defend clients.

His case started in Gainesville Municipal Court, but that prosecutor bound over the case to the State Court in Hall County, Georgia, due to the client have had another earlier DUI charge reduced. As expected, the prosecutor’s office in Hall County State Court had no plans to offer another reduction to this client.

After reviewing the police video, Mr. Head knew that the arresting officer only had a cursory command of how to conduct the field sobriety tests. Once the assistant solicitor conceded that the State breath alcohol test had to be excluded under the Elliott v. State case in February of 2019, a motion hearing was set to seek exclusion of the officer’s poorly-done SFSTs (standardized field sobriety tests).

The trial judge overseeing the case was a highly experienced judge and the former elected prosecutor. After hearing the officer’s testimony, the assistant solicitor offered Mr. Head’s client a reckless driving and dropped the DUI. This was a very important “win” for this man, and he did not have to risk trial, nor pay for that extra expense.

To Find Your Attorney for DUI in Georgia, Call Our Atlanta DUI Law Firm

Compare DUI law firms and each online attorney for DUI. Limit your search to criminal defense attorneys who work in each law office. Our criminal attorney firm welcomes being compared to any other Georgia law group specializing in criminal justice, for their overall client reviews plus the peer-reviewed, reputable lawyer ratings.

Atlanta DUI Attorney Cory Yager, Ex-Cop in Cobb County and Roswell GA police departments

Drunk driving defense attorneys Cory Yager (an ex-cop for nearly a decade), Bubba Head, and Larry Kohn respond 24-7, so call our Super Lawyers-rated law partners now. 404-567-5515. Our Atlanta attorneys will inform you what the DUI lawyer cost will be, and will also tell you how we will approach your DUI Georgia case. Once we explain the DUI meaning as it relates to your long-term future, no one wants a conviction on his or her record.

Some people simply cannot afford to assert a full defense with the best DUI attorney, but we are willing to try to match you to the right DUI law firm, even if not with our criminal defense law firm. Our goal is to help you to avoid jail time, license suspensions, and other serious consequences of DUI charges.

If your goal is to WIN and beat a DUI case (by whatever means necessary), our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys are ready to stand by your side and direct the trial effort. Our law office is confident in our ability to give you the best defense possible, even in the face of field sobriety testing, videotapes, and adversarial testimony. Just like in the medical field, it costs more for surgery than to get a flu shot, so be ready to talk about how to beat a DUI in court, not how to plead guilty.

FREE Legal Advice & FREE Attorney Consultation on Georgia DUI Cases

If charged with a crime, get your FREE lawyer consultation near me. Call today at 404-567-5515 to talk to Larry Kohn, Super Lawyers-rated DUI attorney Atlanta. Or, if you like the profile of our ex-cop, ask for Cory Yager, Martindale-Hubbell 5.0-rated Atlanta DUI Attorney and Super Lawyer.

DUI lawyer GA Legal Services from three Super Lawyers, Bubba Head, Cory Yager and Larry Kohn

Or, if your case is one of the most serious of cases with a felony serious injury by vehicle or first-degree vehicular homicide GA, ask to meet with William C. Head, Criminal Defense Lawyer Atlanta GA and ABA Board-Certified DUI Attorney. When your future is on the line, retaining the best DUI lawyer near me is the only route to take.

Our Sandy Springs main office is easy to get to near I-285 and Roswell Road. But our Atlanta attorneys also have an Atlanta DUI office on Peachtree Street downtown, one in Alpharetta, and one in downtown Marietta. With our lawyers near me for DUI defense, and the FREE consultation offer, how can you say “no?”