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How Do I Get My License Back?

By: Bubba Head, Georgia Drunk Driving Book Author, and Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

After your Georgia DUI arrest, and being written up by the arresting officer for violating Georgia’s implied consent law, you have only 30 calendar days after the date of the incident to file an appeal to Georgia DDS. The pending administrative license suspension created by the officer taking your driver’s license for a DUI refusal of the implied consent breath alcohol test is a MAJOR legal problem.

Hire a Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Specializes in DUI Defense

The legal rules applicable to Georgia’s implied consent law are both complex and highly technical. Therefore, seeking expert legal advice from an experienced and knowledgeable DUI law firm in Georgia, that is staffed by DUI lawyers, is your first step.

DON’T SCREW THIS UP, and possibly lose the right to drive by not following the rules for timely filing of the ALS license suspension appeal. Our Georgia DUI attorneys are DUI specialists who know how to identify ALL of the legal errors in the police arrest procedures, and especially those rules for complying with the implied consent laws in Georgia.

Luckily, with advice and guidance from the best DUI lawyers in Atlanta, most citizens facing the threat of being ruined by a DUI conviction can find the best legal solution against this threat to their ability to drive. Doing this, and still keeping a DUI off your criminal record, is able to be obtained in the majority of cases handled by the best DUI attorneys in GA.

New Implied Consent GA Ignition Interlock Device Option Saves Jobs

Georgia’s new changes to implied consent law in Georgia allow a driver charged with DUI refusal to opt for the new IID (ignition interlock device) permit in Georgia, authorized by the new implied consent law in Georgia for DUI cases arising July 1, 2017, and after.

In taking this option, however, not every driver facing a DUI in Georgia is eligible for the IID (ignition interlock device) option, due to a possible second DUI in GA, being under age 21, or possibly being licensed to drive in another state.

Choice of Interlock or DDS GA Appeal Helps the Best Lawyers Win

Now, drivers who had refused the implied consent test can opt for one of two different methods of protecting your right to drive. However, ONE of the paths to protecting your Georgia driver’s license must be FILED with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (GA DDS) within 30 days after your DUI arrest and issuance of the new Georgia DDS 1205 form.

Georgia Department of Driver Services Form 1205

Georgia Department of Driver Services Form 1205 – Administrative License Suspension

If appeal is your DUI attorney’s suggested path to victory, you must send a filing fee of $150 and the written appeal letter, by certified U S Mail.  Be aware that ANY failure to file the appeal on or before the thirty (30) CALENDAR day deadline (after arrest) will result in an automatic driver’s license suspension, which takes effect on the 46th day after your initial arrest date.

Prompt, definitive action in seeing one of the best DUI lawyers in Georgia is the ONLY smart thing to do.

Where and How to File the Georgia DDS Appeal Letter

Missing the deadline means that you could lose your GA driver’s license (or privilege to drive in Georgia if licensed by another state) for at least one year for a DUI administrative license suspension for “refusal” to acquiesce to the Georgia implied consent law.

“Filed” means that you can obtain a hearing if you can prove a postmark or a certified mail letter stamped within the 30-calendar day limit, or by physically delivering your appeal letter and payment to Georgia DDS headquarters.

The address for GA DDS is 2206 East View Parkway, Conyers, Georgia 30013. The DDS GA phone number is 678-413-8400. The Georgia DDS Customer Contact Center is open Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM – 12:30 PM and from 1:00 PM – 5:15 PM. Tuesday is their busiest day.

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By telling us everything that you remember about your DUI arrest, we can start assisting you to find ways to win your DUI case. Due to beneficial evidence sometimes disappearing or getting lost, the sooner you call our Atlanta attorneys, the better chance our lawyers for DUI defense have to win your Georgia DUI case.

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