Attorneys Cory Yager, Bubba Head, and Larry Kohn are criminal defense attorneys in GA for serious traffic crimes including DUI, reckless driving, and repeat offenders.

Attorney Bubba Head is one of the best criminal defense lawyers for Atlanta Municipal Court cases. Mr. Head and his expert team of criminal lawyers near me protect your constitutional rights in whatever case you face. Our passionate attorneys have the experience and skills required to understand the complexity of your criminal offense case. We have a proven track record of handling any type of driving offense, including DUI (driving under the influence), reckless driving, super speeding, and many more.

If you are accused of drunk driving, you need a solid legal defense team to save your future from the hassle of a lifelong conviction. In Georgia, drunk driving can lead to severe penalties including jail time and no more driving for a long time. Contact our criminal defense lawyers for Atlanta Municipal Court cases. They will help you obtain the best outcome in this stressful time. Work with us to get a restricted license so you can still get to work or school.

DUI Attorneys Near Me in Atlanta, GA

A DUI can be a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge that can subject you to severe penalties like suspension of your driver’s license for up to six years, loss of the right to register  your motor vehicle, and a mandatory fine of $1100 or more. If you were arrested for drunk driving or drugged driving, you need to discuss your legal issue with Bubba Head, Cory Yager, or Larry Kohn immediately. We offer free initial consultations. Our Atlanta DUI attorneys have decades of experience in this field and are passionate about handling any sort of criminal defense matter.

DWI Vs. DUI: What Does DUI Stand for in the State of Georgia?


There is a minor difference between DUI and DWI, as DUI refers to driving under the influence while DWI stands for driving while impaired. In a DUI, drivers are charged with driving impaired because of alcohol or drug usage, or both. In a DWI, a conviction is achieved when the State proves the driver was too impaired or intoxicated to drive.

Call our DUI law firm near me in Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Alpharetta, or Marietta at (404) 567-5515 to speak directly with Bubba, Cory, or Larry. Set up a free initial consultation either in-person or virtual. Let them know all the details of your arrest: what the law enforcement officer did and said, what you said, which breath tests you took, and which field sobriety tests you agreed to take.