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DUI Expungement Does Not Exist in Georgia

Having a DUI charge on your Georgia criminal record can hurt you in a number of ways. Applying for a job may be more difficult. Going through a background check can cost you valuable opportunities. Leaving the country could become much more cumbersome, if not impossible. Your car or truck insurance rates usually skyrocket, or your coverage is dropped altogether. The college of your choice may deny you admission.

Unfortunately, once you have been convicted of drunk driving, your record is here to stay for life, at least in Georgia. And if you get another DUI in a different state, that state will find out about your Georgia DUI.

That’s why it’s so important to work with a qualified defense attorney right after you’ve been charged with DUI. Georgia DUI lawyer Bubba Head is a well-known Atlanta DUI lawyer. Mr. Head has represented thousands of clients charged with DUI alcohol or DUI drugs. This experience spans a 40-year legal career.

A DUI Cannot Be Expunged (Removed) From Your Record

While there are some states that allow individuals to have a conviction removed from their record after a certain period of time, this option is not available in the State of Georgia. This means a DUI is there forever, even if this is your first criminal offense. If you were recently arrested for drunk driving and were considering just pleading guilty in order to get the whole matter behind you, Georgia’s lack of record expungement is certainly something to think about before making any important decisions.

You Must Fight a DUI Charge From Day 1

Because expungement is not an effective strategy to take after pleading guilty to DUI, your best bet is to focus on winning your case or getting your drunk-driving charges reduced to a lesser offense, such as reckless driving. This will not only help you avoid an embarrassing criminal record, but can also eliminate many of the penalties associated with a drunk-driving conviction.

What you may consider to be evidence proving your guilt may be something that can be easily overcome with the help of a skilled defense lawyer. Attorney William C. “Bubba” Head has helped a number of Georgia residents successfully resolve their cases thanks to his advanced training on the field sobriety and breathalyzer tests as well as his experience and reputation.

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Before making any decisions regarding your plea to DUI, please come in and speak with Mr. Head. After reviewing your case, Mr. Head can identify potential defenses that can help you win your case and avoid a permanent criminal record.

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