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Checklist of Things a Top DUI Attorney Does to Win


By: William C. “Bubba” Head, Atlanta DUI Attorney

Many people arrested for DUI in Georgia are convinced that they cannot win their drunk driving case. Just from the degrading experience of being arrested for DUI, cuffed, put in jail, searched, and given commands of what to do, where to sit, and told when they can use a phone, they feel “guilty.” So, their attitude is that their DUI case cannot be won.

This web page is here to tell you that no DUI case is impossible to win if the required work, investigation, and effort necessary to prepare the case for the trial are done, and DONE BY an expert in DUI defense. Our three DUI law firm partners all have the training to fight ANY DUI case when a client simply has to win their DUI case.

Don't Take A Portable Breathalyzer TestIn an atmosphere of aggressive law enforcement actions against drunk driving, such as the establishment of DUI checkpoints in both nighttime and daytime, very few DUI lawyers actually go to trial against a breath alcohol test or a blood test. We do.  We are trained on how to beat a DUI, no matter if you attempted to perform field sobriety tests or not, and no matter if you took the Georgia implied consent law test or not.

What You Need to Provide for Your DUI Attorney to Evaluate Your Case

Two of the most important aspects of beating a DUI case is to have the arrested DUI driver immediately follow two basic rules. First, don’t talk to ANYONE except a lawyer, because no one else except a spouse has immunity from being required to testify against you. Second, write down and provide ALL DETAILS of the circumstances of your arrest. In 72 hours, most people arrested for DUI will have forgotten key details.

Our DUI attorneys ask that this be done within 12 hours after release from jail. Make clear copies of all paperwork (bonding papers, towing receipt, administrative license suspension form that replaced your driver’s license, breath alcohol results, jail inventory of your property stored while you were in jail) — EVERYTHING — for your criminal defense attorney, or make high resolution scans to send via email attachment.

8 Things to Do Before You See a DUI Attorney in Atlanta

This is a checklist of 8 things you should do before coming to see our DUI lawyers in Atlanta, or discussing your case over the phone or on Facetime. The list of the 8 things we need from our prospective clients includes:

  1. Names and addresses of any and all favorable witnesses, PLUS at least two phone numbers for that witness. In sobriety checkpoint cases, any witnesses who were in your car can be invaluable.
  2. The location you departed from just before driving and then coming in contact with police, including the exact name of the establishment, their phone number, and street address.
  3. List of any medicines you took that day, whether prescribed to you or not. This is a FULL list, including vitamins, RX medications, over-the-counter products like Benadryl or Nyquil, and even contraband (illegal) drugs like marijuana, PCP, synthetic drugs, or anything else.
  4. Your Food intake within 3 hours of starting alcohol consumption or taking drugs, or during the time of alcohol consumption or ingesting drugs, all the way up until you started driving later that day.
  5. Existing health assessment as to your prior surgeries, medical conditions (both temporary and chronic), eye conditions of ANY type, orthopedic issues, balance issues, dental health issues, digestive issues, mental health issues (e.g., ADHD, narcolepsy, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, etc.).
  6. Your full criminal history, even as a juvenile, and even if expunged, dismissed, pardoned, handled in a first-offender DUI program in another state, or any other favorable resolution. If this is your DUI first offense, tell us that. If this is a second DUI, and not a first offense DUI, we need the date of ARREST for any DUI-alcohol or DUI-drugs case OR cases, in any jurisdiction, and at any age. This is crucial information, because the prosecutor will have all records on you, and we can accurately explain the difficulty level of your current case only if you give us truthful information.
  7. Basic information about your job, including your employer and your position with the employer. We need to know your duties, especially as it may pertain to traveling locally or long distances for the performance of your duties. If you travel outside the USA, have Global Entry clearance, or high-security status, that information is needed,
  8. We need to know your family status, including all dependent children or other family members that you support (partially or fully) and their ages and what they do (e.g., high school student, nursing school, etc.)

Our DUI Attorneys Go Anywhere in Georgia

Statewide Coverage in Every Part of GeorgiaOur three DUI lawyer attorneys cover the entire state when hired to fight a DUI or other criminal case, but the DUI metro Atlanta area is where over 80% of all of our clients’ driving under the influence cases are pending. These local Georgia DUI attorneys are invaluable when we travel to a distant city because these DUI lawyers know the local community, as well as the prosecutors and Judges.

Most Georgia DUI arrests (over 50%) are made within 50 miles of the State Capitol in Atlanta, simply due to the high number of residents who live within that area. Plus, metro Atlanta has a vibrant nightlife, and rural areas typically have little to do between 10 PM and 4 AM. That is why our DUI lawyer Atlanta offices — all of them – are within that area. Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Alpharetta, Duluth. Over the last several decades, our DUI attorneys in Atlanta have made statewide connections with skilled, local DUI lawyers in 20 other Georgia cities, and we either work DUI cases in conjunction with them, or (when people cannot afford for one of our partners to handle their pending DUI in GA) we will refer a criminal case to these able criminal defense lawyers.

Hire the Best Atlanta DUI Attorney for Your Case

DUI lawyer Atlanta Bubba Head, in his 40 years, has been to 86 different Georgia counties for a variety of criminal cases ranging from murder to embezzlement, drug possession, and speeding. But 90% of his cases are for alcohol-related offenses and drug crimes. The awards, recognitions, accolades, and words of praise received by Bubba Head for excellence in DUI defense exceed all others. In 2017, for the second time, he was named DUI Lawyer of the Year, as a DUI lawyer, by Best Lawyers in America. The Atlanta criminal justice attorney also received this recognition from Best Lawyers in 2012, when he was featured in an article about his DUI lawyer law practice.

Partner and 2017 Super Lawyer Larry Kohn is a DUI attorney in Atlanta who focuses mostly on metro Atlanta drunk driving arrests but has traveled up to 100 miles outside Atlanta to help clients. Mr. Kohn has been with Mr. Head for almost 20 years and has handled many other types of criminal law cases, from domestic violence, simple possession of marijuana, animal abuse, sex crimes, underage possession, and probation revocation.

DUI attorney Cory Yager, another partner, and Super Lawyer in our DUI law firm, has handled DUI and criminal law cases in over 60 Georgia Counties. Mr. Yager’s prior experience as a police officer and as a police field training officer (FTO), along with his 1000+ DUI arrests serves him well in DUI defense.

Call a DUI attorney at our office today for a FREE professional case assessment. 404-567-5515. By calling a 24-hour lawyer with our criminal justice attorney firm, you begin the path toward clearing up this nightmare, by allowing us to fight your case to win.

Email Bubba Head at Let us help you avoid a painful DUI on your criminal record by finding a solution to this troubling DUI arrest.

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