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The History of How Georgia DDS Became the DMV Georgia


By: Ex-cop Cory Yager and Larry Kohn, Attorneys for Georgia DDS Traffic Ticket and Licensing Problems and DUI Lawyers Near Me in Metro Atlanta

All states have an agency that is tasked with issuance, or Issuing a state ID card, or for suspension, revocation, cancellation of those driver licenses. Plus, the same agency oversees testing new drivers by written exams and “on-the-road” proficiency. The Georgia Dept of Driver Services is both your Georgia drivers’ license office and the agency that suspends your privilege to drive from over 30 possible causes.

Georgia DDS

That department (in the Peach State) is called DDS GA or Georgia DDS, which is short for the Georgia Department of Driver Safety. After being elected to officer in 1998, former Governor Roy Barnes restructured some state of Georgia agencies and changed. The Georgia DPS to the Georgia DMVS (Department of Motor Vehicle Safety), every earlier generation of Georgia driver thought of our state Department of Motor Vehicles as the DPS in Georgia.

Twice in the past 20 years, two different Georgia governors (Barnes and Perdue) acted to break out government departments into more focused, specialized departments. Barnes created the DMVS early in his term in office. Then in 2005, Perdue created DDS for the agency issuing licenses and overseeing changes to a person’s driving record, and checking their status (e.g., see how many points on their GA license). The Georgia Department of Revenue began issuing license plates (tags) and collecting State taxes for motor vehicle and trailer tags.

Each month, as many people type in GA DMV or DMV GA as they do Georgia DDS. Ironically, no other state in the Union has ever used either DDS or DMVS as its acronym for their drivers’ license office. The short-lived GA Dept of Motor Vehicles caused a great deal of confusion once changed (again) 5 years later.

Why DPS in GA No Longer Handles Driver’s License Issues

If you see a Georgia State Patrol officer on the highway, that vehicle and that officer are part of the Georgia Department of Public Safety. This is not the GA DMV any longer. Two decades ago this agency also issued drivers’ licenses, and suspended or revoked licenses.

Previously, it was the DMV GA. Georgia DPS no longer issues, suspends, or revokes driver’s licenses in GA, or gives driving tests, like they did a few decades ago. So, DPS GA is now a LAW ENFORCEMENT agency within the State of Georgia.

Georgia State Patrol DUI Checkpoint FinderThe Georgia DPS is the agency that the Georgia State Patrol work under, as well as DOT enforcement units to oversee regulatory compliance of CMV (commercial motor vehicle) drivers and vehicles. In addition to the Georgia State Troopers, the State has a fleet of Motor Carrier Compliance Division vehicles. These employees monitor tractor-trailer trucks (18-wheelers) and passenger buses that have the capacity to carry more than 15 occupants.

This department also issues a Georgia driver’s license or Georgia identification card. This is where Georgia residents go to renew their driver’s license, or to correct license suspensions and revocations. Today, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (Georgia DDS) controls driver’s license oversight and regulation.

The Georgia DDS (also known as DDS GA or GA DDS) is now the controlling agency. Within the Georgia government, many have shortened the name to Georgia Driver Services.

If you are concerned about whether you are dealing with a true government office in Georgia, the state has set up a toll-free number to call. State government websites often end in .gov. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a state website. Still not sure? Call 1-800-GEORGIA to verify that a website is an official website of the State of Georgia.

Due to the common acronym “DMV” being ubiquitous, thousands of people (nationally) search each year for Georgia DMV, despite that never having been the correct acronym in Georgia. Because Google is so intuitive, by typing in “DDS near me DMV” you’ll be guided to Georgia’s DDS website.

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After a DUI arrest, you only have 30 DAYS to file a license suspension appeal. Failure to make this appeal deadline (or install an ignition interlock device) will cause your driver’s license to be administratively suspended.

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