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Atlanta Criminal Lawyer: Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

By: Cory Yager, criminal lawyer Atlanta and criminal attorney Atlanta Larry Kohn, criminal law attorneys who solely handle criminal defense

First, take note that our Atlanta Criminal Attorneys have over 89 cumulative years of experience in criminal justice litigation. Then, look at other law firms’ lists of other practice areas, especially for personal injury civil cases.

Atlanta Criminal lawyers near me in Atlanta GA, Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, award-winning DUI legal book co-authors, recognized repeatedly by Super Lawyers.

Facing criminal Charges in Georgia. If you have criminal charges in Georgia or want to find a top criminal defense lawyer, this web page is written for you. Clients charged with a crime often seek Atlanta defense lawyers who limit their legal practice to this one topic.

These clients prefer lawyers who have experience handling cases similar to theirs and who also have a proven track record. Both Mr. Kohn and Mr. Yager have practiced their entire legal careers with Atlanta GA criminal lawyer William C. Head, who has defended clients for over 47 years in the Peach State.

What is the price range for hiring an experienced criminal lawyer for criminal defense? When our experts in criminal law offer a complimentary consultation regarding representing a person accused of a crime, the matter of lawyer fees will come up. The good news is that we have legal fee payment plans that can be paid monthly, when needed.

Our criminal lawyers in Atlanta GA stick to ONE thing: criminal defense. The world’s largest legal book publisher, Thomson-Reuters, trusts our three partners to write the State of Georgia’s leading book on Georgia DUI laws that other lawyers pay to read. Plus, we all have co-authored other books with criminal lawyers from other states.

Some of the nearly two dozen books our Atlanta criminal lawyer team members have co-authored. William Head alone has co-authored over 16 different criminal defense law books.

It is not possible to find accurate information about the typical expenses of a criminal court proceeding from any single online resource. Plus, what an aggressive and determined and fully trained criminal law attorney will be doing in the client’s case is markedly different in the cheap criminal defense lawyer model.

Which Atlanta GA Criminal Attorney to Hire?

As you review each potential attorney in the Atlanta area, be certain to take a “credentials-based” approach. If you needed a top surgeon for a serious medical problem for you or a child or grandchild, that is the cautious, discerning approach most would take.

Our firm’s three experienced criminal defense attorneys, who average almost 30 years apiece in providing their services representing clients, will fare well when compared to any other firm. No other office, for certain, has had the winning defense attorneys in Georgia courts more often than our Atlanta criminal defense lawyers.

Which Georgia Criminal Lawyer to Hire? Finding criminal law attorneys at a criminal law firm in the metro Atlanta GA counties with excellent lawyer ratings is the starting point. She or he must be focused on Atlanta criminal defense and will have criminal law as its only practice area.

The three Super Lawyers at with over 30 Super Lawyers recognitions and 89 collective years of criminal defense experience as DUI lawyers in GA.

In the Atlanta area, many of the criminal defense lawyer Atlanta firms tend to want to also handle personal injury, which is where their office makes its big money. When searching for Atlanta criminal defense attorneys, you’ll find firms that also litigate profitable civil cases.

Understand and use your legal rights! If you face criminal charges (such as drugs, sex crimes, or assault), your freedom is in danger. When you pay to “lawyer up” and fight, go with seasoned trial professionals for your DUI lawyer or sex crimes attorney.

Criminal attorneys provide free consultations and immediate jail visits for urgent criminal justice cases. Clients can choose to give up their constitutional rights at any point in a criminal case, but deadlines and thorough investigation are crucial.

Our #1 piece of criminal law advice to those being confronted by police is to say nothing but your name and address, until your lawyers are by your side. This short YouTube video (about a DUI investigation) covers all the rules.

Until a person is “in custody” by being cuffed, arrested, or physically restrained, no obligation generally exists for police to deliver a Miranda warning. Police officers are trained to use verbal judo to intimidate suspects into cooperating.

To begin, not all law offices handle both state AND federal criminal court cases. Thus, when the criminal charge is being prosecuted in federal court, you need a criminal justice attorney Atlanta GA with experience in federal courts.

Special issues exist for these cases, due to federal sentencing guidelines and the grid structure that federal judges are relegated to follow. As always, reviewing online attorney ratings is a good starting point for comparing the best lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Compare Qualifications of Any Potential Criminal Lawyers in Georgia

In Georgia, criminal lawyers must be properly qualified in order to handle cases involving state laws, such as those related to domestic violence, drug possession, DUI, traffic tickets, and personal crimes such as rape, assault, theft by deception, vehicular homicide, and sexting.

Check qualifications of Georgia criminal lawyers, especially for cases involving state laws like domestic violence, drug possession, and drunk driving. Other criminal offenses can include rape, assault, theft, vehicular homicide, sexting, fraud, battery, serious injury by vehicle, reckless driving, and shoplifting.

Seek legal advice early to avoid providing evidence against yourself. The best criminal attorneys may not be affordable or free like public defenders.

How Much Do Experienced Criminal Lawyers Cost for Criminal Defense?

When our criminal law specialists give a free lawyer consultation about providing representation to an accused citizen, the issue of lawyer cost will arise. You cannot look up any online source and get reliable data on the average cost of a criminal court case.

Our criminal offense lawyers can determine the retainer amount and set up a payment plan for legal fees. The retainer contract will outline additional costs and fees as the case progresses.

GA criminal defense attorney near me Larry Kohn has a perfect 10.0 rating on AVVO and has earned Super Lawyer status 7 years in a row.

What Are the Primary Cost Items in Criminal Defense?

Most of the time in a criminal case is spent outside the courtroom, defending the client’s case. What our clients care about is “leaving no stone unturned” in looking for ways to defend our clients’ cases.

In these complex criminal matters, lawyers and staff build the criminal defense attorney’s file by gathering and adding many important documents and reports. Often, felony cases (e.g., for violent crimes, and financial transaction crimes) will require multiple banker’s boxes of data, photos, lab results and other forensic evidence.

These categories of duties and tasks consume most of the time of an criminal lawyer in Atlanta trying to obtain the best possible outcome by putting forth an aggressive defense of the client’s case:

  1. Evaluate illegal search and seizure issues under the Fourth Amendment. This evaluation starts with how the criminal charges began, to reviewing the voluntariness of any in-custody statements while the law enforcement case was under investigation. This review includes analyzing police tactics and methods under Fifth Amendment Miranda rights.
  2. Talking to witnesses about criminal allegations often involves the need to investigate the police reports, accident reports, and any recorded data, such as bodycam or car camera footage, premises video evidence, tape recordings, and security camera footage.
  3. Legal research on prior case law in Georgia can be crucial in determining the course of a criminal case, potentially leading to the suppression of evidence and the possibility of negotiating lesser charges (to avoid years in prison) or a dismissal in some cases.
  4. After an arrest warrant or indictment, our legal team takes new steps to fight the government’s case.

The Significant Attorney Ratings Services That Are Legitimate

Too many online attorney profiles contain counterfeit “ratings”, badges, and awards. Only FIVE legal services offer peer-reviewed attorney credentials within the American criminal justice system. These lawyer ratings agencies are:

  • Martindale-Hubbell, “av”, and preeminent rated for multiple years.
  • Best Lawyers in America
  • Best Law Firms in America
  • Super Lawyers
  • Board Certification through the ABA, for a law practice area, like DUI defense or criminal defense.

24 hour lawyers for DUI near me; criminal defense attorneys providing a FREE consultation and attorney's fees payment plans. Description automatically generated

Our attorneys have all of these above ratings. Our legal warriors are happy for you to read our 725+ client reviews and attorney recommendations. Ask about these during your FREE consultation. Call 404-567-5515.

Our main street address is 5600 Roswell Road, Building H, Suite 210, Sandy Springs, GA 30342.

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