Attorney Reviews of DUI Lawyers in Atlanta

Attorney Reviews of DUI Lawyers in Atlanta

By: DUI Lawyer Bubba Head Board-Certified in Georgia and DUI Book Author

Best Atlanta Georgia DUI Lawyers

In checking DUI attorney credentials for DUI lawyers of Atlanta, the list includes Georgia’s only four Board-Certified drunk driving attorneys. These DUI specialists have achieved a level of proven competence by achieving board certification through the ABA (American Bar Association), as overseen by the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD). William C. Head is one of these top-rated criminal defense attorneys. The importance of attorney reviews of DUI lawyers cannot be understated when choosing a lawyer to fight your case.

Attorney Reviews of Atlanta DUI Lawyers

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While all of our DUI law firm’s attorneys (Larry Kohn, Cory Yager, and Bubba Head) are rated as Super Lawyers, only one (Bubba Head) has Board Certification as a drunk driving lawyer for representing you on a DUI in Georgia. Outside of the four metro Atlanta counties (Fulton County, Cobb County, DeKalb County and Gwinnett County), no other lawyer for DUI Defense has achieved this ABA Board Certification.

Client reviews of our legal work also are highly informative and valuable as you hone in on an attorney who not only knows the latest GA DUI laws better than anyone, but whom also you have faith in to stand up to tough state prosecutors. as your case unfolds in a municipal court or a state court (or both if you eventually want a jury trial). A jury trial is picked from a list of fellow citizens who got called in for jury duty, and both your attorney and the state prosecutor interview these potential jurors. If your criminal defense lawyer has an objection to a juror then he or she can strike the citizen from the list, and a new juror will be interviewed. This process can take an entire day but usually closer to less than half a day.








Why not take our FREE legal advice at the initial lawyer consultation, to see what a true DUI expert attorney thinks about the legal issues available in your case? Call us 24 hours a day, even on holidays, at 404-567-5515. Payment plan options are available. We will get back to you for your GA DUI case assessment. Our decades of experience in fighting thousands of drunk driving cases in Georgia has taught our DUI attorneys how to get out of a DUI if this objective is possible to achieve. If you have the guts to fight, we are ready to undertake the fight for you.

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