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Atlanta DUI Lawyer Bubba Head – Best Attorneys in Atlanta GA

By:  Larry Kohn, DUI Lawyer Atlanta, GA Since 1998, DUI Law Book Article Co-Author and a Georgia Super Lawyer

If today you asked Atlanta attorneys (in all practice areas), the #1 name being recommended for hiring the best DUI lawyer in the State Georgia, that name would be William C. “Bubba” Head, attorney in Atlanta. The 46-year veteran Atlanta criminal defense attorney is well-known for his expertise as an Atlanta traffic attorney, and an expert on Atlanta drinking laws. He was already a nationally-published DUI book author in 1991!

But so are Mr. Head’s partners, AVVO DUI attorney Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, Attorney, Law Partner (and an ex-cop.) With Atlanta GA arrests for an Atlanta DUI happening every 65 minutes, more than one top criminal defense attorney in Atlanta is needed. When it comes to Atlanta traffic lawyers, Larry Kohn handles hundreds of cases annually. He is an expert on breath test and blood test evidence.

3 Top-Rated Georgia DUI Defense Attorneys

Cory Yager, DUI attorney Georgia and a skilled criminal attorney Atlanta GA, is a former police trainer and field sobriety test instructor who made over 1,000 DUI arrests as a police officer. Mr. Yager is Georgia’s top negotiator for obtaining DUI reductions each year. Now a traffic lawyer Atlanta, both Yager and Kohn are national book authors of trial practice chapters for Aspatore Law Books, a division of Thomson-Reuters. Both Atlanta criminal defense lawyers are recipients of multiple top-shelf legal industry awards.

All three attorneys in Atlanta Georgia are DUI specialists and both Cory Yager and traffic violations expert Larry Kohn, traffic attorney Atlanta, began their legal careers with Bubba Head, attorney of the year for 2012, 2017 and 2021 as named by Best Lawyers in America. In 2003, the membership of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) named Attorney Head “the best DUI attorney in the country.” (See photo and trophy below)

Who Is William C. Head, DUI Attorney Atlanta, GA?

First, the Columbus, GA native is one of fewer than 50 ABA Board-Certified DUI Attorneys in the United States. Second, no other DUI defense lawyer has over 150 appeals in Georgia, which is just a fraction of the number of trials and pre-trial motion hearings that he has handled.

As the state’s entertainment capital, our clients tend to patronize many late-night establishments that sell alcohol. Atlanta liquor laws were recently changed to all municipalities, on Sundays, to open package stores and sell beer and wine (or all types of alcoholic beverages) beginning at 12:30 PM or some similar hour after religious services end.

When people get arrested for driving under the influence, they start searching for the best criminal defense attorney Atlanta, who is an expert with Georgia DUI laws. With over 15,000 lawyers in Atlanta Georgia to select from, how can a person hire with confidence? The 19 counties that make up metro Atlanta also register well over 50% of all DUI arrests in Georgia, leaving the remaining 140 counties with less than 50% of the DUI arrest volume.

All Three of Our Atlanta DUI Law Firm’s Partners Are Legal Book Authors

Among some of the best DUI lawyers in Atlanta are attorneys Cory Yager, Bubba Head, and Larry Kohn. This trio of talented and experienced lawyers has helped thousands of clients get a better outcome on their trial.

In 2016, drunk driving attorney Cory Yager was asked to co-author a drunk driving book chapter in a national publication. So was the author of this article, but on a different DUI legal topic. as part of a comprehensive national DUI Practice Guide for DUI attorneys seeking to improve their DUI trial practice skills and learn how to beat a DUI.

So, he joined DUI lawyer Atlanta Bubba Head as a drunk driving book co-author. Mr. Head’s first book, 101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction, was published in 1991, and is still the top-selling DUI book ever written.

Georgia DUI lawyer Cory Yager brought a unique set of skills to Mr. Head’s DUI Law firm in 2007. The ex-law enforcement officer brings to bear a special skillset, when he travels out of metro Atlanta to represent clients in Columbus, GA, Savannah, GA, Augusta, GA, Macon, GA, Valdosta, GA, Athens, GA, Marietta, GA or any other city, statewide.

former firefighter in New York, before moving to Georgia to become a Cobb County Police Officer, and (later) a Roswell GA Police Officer, Atlanta attorney Yager managed to work full-time as a cop, and graduate as the second highest honor graduate at his law school, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.

Three Atlanta DUI Lawyers With Highest Attorney Ratings

Atlanta DUI attorney Bubba Head has two law partners who share his passion for obtaining the very best outcome for each client facing a DUI in Georgia. This begins with seeking to avoid license suspensions, due to a DUI refusal of the Georgia implied consent testing.

In 2022, our law firm sees many police officers seeking a blood test in a DUI-alcohol case. Many citizens have a phobia about being stuck with needles. For DUI alcohol cases, a breath test on an Intoxilyzer 9000 testing device is the least invasive type of test. Absent situations where the client is injured in a car accident, no need for use of needles (at a hospital) for a blood alcohol quantitation.

Georgia DUI attorney Larry Kohn has worked with Mr. Head, the best DUI lawyer in Georgia, since 1996, after finishing his first year in law school at Georgia State University, graduating magna cum laude. Very few drunk driving lawyers in all of Georgia can claim to have achieved such a high academic standing.

Larry Kohn and Cory Yager – Law Firm Partners With Top Lawyer Ratings

Atlanta criminal lawyer Lawrence Kohn, a Larry Kohn, has personally handled over 2,900 DUI cases, both misdemeanor and felony, in nearly 24 years of law practice. Larry Kohn has successfully handled multiple high-profile criminal law cases ranging from sex crimes to domestic violence to felony vehicular homicide GA.

His trial victories include the successful trial of an Alpharetta city councilman charged with DUI and child endangerment in Fulton County State Court, Judge Patsy Porter presiding.

The veteran criminal defense attorney also successfully defended the highly publicized circus elephant abuse case in the City of Atlanta. Mr. Kohn also has successfully handled numerous criminal defense cases for athletes and celebrities, including two number one NBA draft players.

The frightened person who has everything at stake in his or her life is desperate to know how to get out of a DUI. For the majority of our cases, this comes down to knowing how to get a DUI reduced to reckless driving for our clients. In a few cases each year, when the facts support it, our law firm’s attorneys can negotiate a Title 16 reckless conduct (an offense much like some states’ careless operation laws) for our clients.

In a search for the best local DUI attorney near me, the internet is both helpful and confusing. Dozens of attorneys for DUI defense CLAIM to be the “top person” so you HAVE TO dig deeper. You must quiz any prospective criminal attorneys about the specifics of their methods for how to fight a DUI in Georgia.

Jailed for Driving under the Influence (DUI) in Atlanta, Georgia?

Look at the Other Types of DUI and Motor Vehicle Crime cases our Georgia litigators handle:

Felony VH – Vehicular Homicide GA predicated upon a DUI offense, which is a serious felony charge

Felony VH – Vehicular Homicide Georgia from a reckless driving predicate offense, which also is a serious felony charge

Felony VH – Vehicular Homicide in Georgia from a hit and run GA predicate offense, which also is a serious felony charge

Felony VH – Vehicular Homicide in GA from attempting to elude a law enforcement officer as the predicate driving offense, which also is a serious felony charge

Felony VH if passing a stopped school bus, while the “stop” bar is activated and the emergency lights are activated, when students are being picked up or discharged

Felony DUI if the person is driving a School Bus

SIBV felony – Serious injury by vehicle while driving drunk or impaired by drugs or other substances carries similar maximum punishments to a Georgia Vehicular Homicide, for DUI, reckless driving GA, or passing a stopped school bus discharging or receiving its passengers, when the “stop” bar is activated and the flashing lights are signaling all traffic to stop.

1st offense DUI

2nd offense DUI

Third offense DUI

4th offense DUI (felony, if within 10 years of the 1st DUI offense)

DUI committed by an underage driver (under age 21)

DUI accidents

DUI marijuana per se

DUI marijuana less safe

Arrests made at Driver’s License Check Point or at a DUI checkpoint

What Is the Lookback Period Before a DUI Ages Off Your Record?

Prior DUI convictions never come off your criminal history in Georgia. Plus, Georgia law prohibits use of the First Offender law in the Peach State.

Driving on a suspended license due to a DUI suspension or revocation can trigger a lengthy additional loss of driving privileges. Depending on the accused client’s driving history, this can be for 6 months up to 5 years.

Our legal defenders know that these charges are very serious and can have lifelong effects on you both criminally and financially, which is why we put forth every effort to ensure that your rights are protected. If you are still wondering if you need a lawyer, let our team provide you with a free consultation to evaluate your legal situation.

Our team will walk you through the entire DUI process, from the arrest to the decision of plea bargain vs. trial to any post-trial relief you may need. Our lawyers in Atlanta are on your side, and each of our law partners is equally dedicated to helping you find the best outcome available.

If you are charged with DUI, it would be in your best interest to hire an Atlanta DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible. Missing the 30-day deadline for protecting your future right to drive can seriously affect your job, your family, and your future, and for no good reason.

Every Client Gets Personal Attention by Our Best DUI Lawyers in Atlanta

Like drunk driving lawyer Mr. Kohn, Mr. Yager has handled several high-profile sports figures and other celebrity DUI cases. Plus, he has represented highly decorated United States military personnel (U.S. Marines, Army Rangers, Navy Seals) who needed to avoid a conviction to stay in the armed services.

Our DUI legal firm fights equally hard for the Army Ranger, Navy Seal, or other military veteran as we do for a high-profile celebrity client. TV and online news reports of cases that must go to trial, like the one for an Atlanta news reporter DUI case from about 8 years ago, feature Mr. Head.

From our Sandy Springs main office location, downtown Atlanta office, or downtown Marietta office, criminal attorneys near me with Bubba Head’s firm can help citizens facing criminal offenses and traffic tickets that can sidetrack their careers.

Our trio of highly reviewed DUI lawyers in Atlanta rise to the top because our law office legal advice and courtroom expertise have proven that our attorneys in Atlanta know how to beat a DUI charge, and thereby avoid jail time (in almost all DUI reductions). Also, we help our clients not have exorbitant insurance rates following a conviction for DUI Atlanta GA.

While several of these successful cases were for Mr. Yager’s high-profile clients (like professional athletes) whose arrests made national news, the local business executive, high school teacher, and commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver all get blue-ribbon legal services. Mr. Yager knows as much about how to beat a DWI as any driving while intoxicated criminal lawyer in Georgia.

Atlanta lawyer Cory Yager has been recognized twice by a statewide DUI attorney “think tank” for his prowess in getting a DUI dismissed, or a drunk driving case reduced, without having to go to trial. For the past nine years, this has meant that over 100 drunk driving cases per year that were assigned to Atlanta DUI defense lawyer Cory Yager have been reduced or dismissed, without going to trial.

Attorney Cory Yager shares Mr. Head’s top Martindale-Hubbell ratings av 5.0 of 5.0 and has (for 14 years) been named as a Super Lawyer in Georgia. Of the dozens of lawyers near me in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia who have worked with Bubba Head, only one other attorney nearby (now practicing in Lawrenceville) ever was named to more Super Lawyers rising star award lists than Cory Yager.


Hiring a Top DUI Attorney in Atlanta Is a Crucial Decision

On numerous occasions for over two decades, William Head has been named the best DUI lawyer in Atlanta, GA. Companies like Martindale-Hubbell’s directory have done that. The search engine Expertise has done that. Most importantly, in 2003, the entire membership of voted for the best DUI lawyer in America, and Mr. Head was the sole DUI attorney named.

In 2023, Mr. Yager, Mr. Kohn and Mr. Head will be updating the 1995 law book Mr. Head launched as the solo author. That book, The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, will be in its 28th edition, and now is over 1600 pages in length. This book on Georgia DUI laws is the unquestioned “must have” book on Georgia DUI laws.

Although originally self-published by Mr. Head, he later sold publishing rights to Harrison Company, a regional law book publishing house. Year later, the world’s largest law book publisher, West Publishing, has merged with Thomson to become Thomson-West. That company was later renamed Thomson-Reuters and became the world’s largest book publishing company for attorneys.

Until December of 2021. Frank T. Gomez had been co-authoring the massive book with Mr. Head. Sadly, Mr. Gomez passed away December 27, 2021. This led to Mr. Head’s partners accepting the role of his co-authors.

FREE Consultations for any potential new clients. The four metro Atlanta counties (Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, and DeKalb) generate over 40% of all DUI Georgia cases. Yet our criminal defense attorneys near me travel far beyond these four counties to fight for our clients.

CALL TODAY, 24/7, to speak to one of our best criminal lawyers, Atlanta GA. The call is FREE. The NO-COST lawyer consultation near me is FREE. Contact us around the clock, at (404) 567-5515. What do you have to lose?

For an lawyers for DUIoffense or a 2nd DUI in GA, call our best lawyers in Atlanta for sound legal advice.


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