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Atlanta Criminal Lawyers Who Are a Georgia DUI Specialist

By: William C. Head, Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney and Board-Certified DUI Specialist

Locating and hiring a drunk driving attorney for a pending arrest for driving under the influence in Georgia has become more difficult in the last 20 years, due to the Internet. Prior to the web, citizens accused of drunk driving would typically get a recommendation of an Atlanta attorney about who was good at beating a DUI. Or they would ask their friends to recommend the best Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer.

These requests of an accused citizen for a suggestion of an attorney for DUI defense were usually solid information, from people who worked in the “trenches” (courtrooms) and knew who was fighting a DUI and usually winning. The best drunk driving attorneys also keep up with the latest GA DUI laws and sentencing options.

For example, on July 1, 2017 a new ignition interlock option became available to first DUI offenders who agreed to waive their right to appeal their administrative license suspension by the Georgia DDS. When we meet with you for your FREE case review, we will review all the facts and tell you if an interlock device is right for your situation.

Today, people facing a DUI in Georgia sometimes hesitate to “bother” an Atlanta lawyer (even those attorneys in Atlanta that they know), and instead think that an Internet search will yield the best lawyers in Atlanta for consideration to be their drunk driving defense attorney.

In many ways, the old system was superior, since DUI attorneys with little or no trial skills are getting business by merely paying for a flashy Web site. Other than the lawyer recognition companies listed below, don’t fall for fake credentials and pay-for-play lawyer reviews, since about 20 bogus companies now tell EVERY lawyer for DUI that he or she is “Top 10” or similar impressive-sounding accolades.

Is Every Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney a DUI Specialist in Georgia?

No, absolutely not. Only about 3% or 4% of criminal defense lawyers Atlanta specialize in drunk driving defense. Of that number, fewer than 5% have taken both advanced-level breath alcohol testing courses, plus are instructors in the NHTSA field sobriety tests (given by police in an arrest for DUI in GA). Fewer than 1% have taken advanced courses in blood and urine laboratory testing to determine BAC levels or drug content. Simply stated, not DUI attorney in Georgia has taken MORE advanced training in DUI defense that William C. Head, Atlanta DUI Lawyer.

Out of a little more than 37,000 lawyers in Georgia, only 4 are Board-Certified in DUI Defense by the American Bar Association, through the National College for DUI Defense, and all are based in Atlanta metro. William C. Head, lawyer in Atlanta, is one of those four criminal defense lawyers in Atlanta GA.

Only 2 Atlanta lawyers have been recognized as the best DUI lawyers in Georgia, and have made every Super Lawyers list since its inception, in 2004. Criminal defense Attorney Atlanta, Bubba Head, is one of the two attorneys for DUI Atlanta.

Two other highly-selective lawyer ratings services are (like Super Lawyers) peer-reviewed and researched for accuracy and credibility. These are Best Lawyers in America and Martindale-Hubbell, America’s oldest service, dating back to 1868. Similar to Super Lawyers, Mr. Head has been named to the top echelon of these two attorney ratings lists longer than any other lawyer in Atlanta, for the field of DUI defense attorneys.

Contact our attorneys for DUI defense, in ANY county in Georgia. We travel statewide, when needed, to defend citizens who have too much to lose to put a DUI on their criminal record. No drunk driving attorneys can win EVERY case, but we win most. Plus, 100% of those who PLEAD GUILTY are FOUND Guilty.

Your initial consultation is FREE. 404-567-5515. Since no one PLANS for a DUI arrest, we offer DUI lawyer payment plans. We will discuss with you how much a DUI lawyer typically costs.

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Larry Kohn, Cory Yager and William C. Head are all Super lawyers and have thousands of successful DUI cases under their belts. Our DUI law firm has credentials not matched by any other Georgia DUI law office.


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