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Alpharetta DUI Lawyer: Hiring a DUI Attorney Alpharetta GA

By: Larry Kohn, Super Lawyers and Named to Best Lawyers in America as a Georgia DUI Lawyer

Alpharetta GA DUI Lawyer Bubba Head

About our Criminal Defense Attorneys. For over 30 years, our three Super Lawyers have regularly handled Alpharetta DUI cases. As a full-service criminal law firm, our Georgia crime attorneys handle all felony or misdemeanor (and traffic law) cases.

No other Atlanta area metro criminal law attorneys can boast of obtaining better and consistent, outstanding results on arrests by the Alpharetta Police Department for DUI clients than our law firm near me. By virtue of having an office so close to the court in Alpharetta, DUI defense attorney fees are at our firm’s lowest, flat rates, for metro Atlanta area courts.

Alpharetta GA Law Firm

About going to Court in Alpharetta Mun. Ct. The Alpharetta Courthouse is not located in Alpharetta City Hall, since the Alpharetta Government relocated to Alpharetta City Center, 200 Commerce St., Alpharetta, GA 30009. The award-winning City Center project (designed by Morris-Fellows) is trying to cater to pedestrian traffic at street level shops and covers 22 acres in downtown Alpharetta and runs for several city blocks.

Our Alpharetta law office branch location is at 33 S Main St, Suite 300B, Alpharetta, GA 30009 which is 1/10th of a mile from the new City Hall. (See Alpharetta GA Map of downtown area, below).

Kohn & Yager Alpharetta GA Office Map

Alpharetta Mun Ct address and phone number. The Alpharetta Municipal Court is still at 12624 Broadwell Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30004, which is 3.2 miles from our new Alpharetta office. The Clerk’s office can be reached at 678 297 6250. Currently, the Municipal Court of Alpharetta has implemented COVID-19 guidelines, which can be viewed here.

The Top 5 Questions About Defending a DUI in Alpharetta City Court

If you think you can predict your chances of beating a DUI, then you do not need the help of the best DUI lawyers near me. Our Georgia law team speaks to potential clients every day that doubt whether our criminal justice attorneys can successfully “work out” their Alpharetta DUI case. Yet, our law professionals consistently surprise the naysayers. See if these answers help you “see the light:”

1 What is the Alpharetta GA County? It is important to know what county Alpharetta, Georgia is in. If your DUI attorney cannot satisfactorily “negotiate” a favorable plea, 100% of these city court cases can be transferred out of the city of Alpharetta to the Fulton County State Court, where a jury trial is available.

Fortunately for our clients, our criminal law attorneys have been able to keep about 90% of our cases in Alpharetta. When we do not “bind over” to State Court of Fulton County, GA, this saves money. But the Fulton County misdemeanor jury trial court is the only Alpharetta county jury trial court alternative.

2 On a DUI, should I fight it, or just plead guilty as charged? Once you speak to one of our partners, you will know that on a fool binds a case over without exploring his or her options in this entry level court. Regardless of whether you took the field sobriety tests or blew into an alcohol breath test and were over the legal limit, our attorneys in Georgia know how to approach your case.

3 DDS Alpharetta. If you need a driver license renewed in north Fulton County, the DMV Alpharetta is where you will likely have that processing done. The sparkling new facility replaced the shabby old driver services office at the Sandy Springs DMV on Roswell Road, south of the Chattahoochee River, at Loehmann’s Plaza, over 5 years ago. Now, you can START your GA DDS online paperwork here, and then be “in and out” in 5 minutes.

GA DDS Office Alpharetta Office

4 Why does Alpharetta have so many traffic tickets, compared to other north Fulton municipalities? The remarkable foresight needed to create the Town Green, and “gentrify” a very outdated and staid downtown area has created a booming economy in Alpharetta. Twenty plus years ago, the aggressive growth of the North Point Mall area brought a housing boom. Both residents and visitors are spending more time in Alpharetta GA.

In 2020, before the Pandemic outbreak, dining out and shopping in Alpharetta GA are at an all-time high. Before the City Center was complete, the Avalon development off GA Highway 400 at Exit 10 brought the Avalon movie theater Alpharetta. Avalon Conference Center and adjacent, Hotel, revitalized the Old Milton Parkway area. (See Avalon Alpharetta map, aerial view, blow).

Avalon Shops in Alpharetta Aerial View

Plus, the AT&T Amphitheater, restaurants, and bars in Alpharetta, like Dave and Buster’s Alpharetta arcade games

5 If I am asked to submit to a blood test, is that given at the police station? No, any blood tests will be drawn at the Alpharetta hospital, which is the North Fulton Hospital.

Our Alpharetta DUI Attorneys Have Over 80 Combined Years of Experience

Alpharetta Municipal Court Lawyers

DUI lawyer near me Alpharetta GA. In addition to the author of this article, Alpharetta DUI Attorney Bubba Head leads our legal team. He authored the leading treatise on Georgia DUI laws since 1995.

Partner Cory Yager, DUI lawyer Alpharetta GA and an ex-cop who spent nearly 10 years working traffic cases for Cobb County and the City of Roswell, GA, has long lasting relationships with many Alpharetta police officers. He has held the highest possible lawyer ratings for skill level and ethical standards for over 7 years, as has Bubba Head.

If you believe that DUI charges cannot be won (or reduced) and that it is best for you to plead guilty to DUI, first go to AVVO and read over 600 of our client reviews giving our three litigators top attorney ratings. Our eight decades of raising creative DUI defenses tells us that our skills CAN HELP YOU! Call today for your FREE lawyer consultation: 404-567-5515

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If you need an Alpharetta personal injury attorney, for pursuing a civil claim on a car accident case, let us deal with adjusters and agents for the insurance companies


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