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Alpharetta DUI Lawyer: DUI Attorneys in Alpharetta, Georgia

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By: Larry Kohn, Criminal Defense Attorney, Alpharetta GA and Named to Super Lawyers, Best Law Firms in America, and Best Lawyers in America as a DUI Lawyer GA

DUI Attorneys in Alpharetta, Georgia

This article by veteran criminal law attorneys is primarily about DUI arrests in Alpharetta, GA. While our criminal law professionals handle all other traffic crimes and non-traffic felonies and misdemeanors, the special rules for DUI cases must be “flagged” for those arrestees, since important driver’s license issues are triggered by a DUI arrest.

If arrested for a DUI in Alpharetta, GA, these three things should be kept in mind:

  1. All field sobriety tests are 100% optional, and no penalty will befall you by politely declining the roadside testing.
  2. Use your constitutional right to remain silent, since only your name and address are required to be given to the officer, and this is on your plastic license.
  3. Many officers are requesting blood tests from DUI suspects. Our lawyers‘ legal advice is to say yes, but to demand to be allowed to obtain your own independent blood test at a different hospital in an adjacent county hospital. This right to your own private sample is part of Georgia DUI laws, so exercise this legal right.

Other Serious Traffic Ticket cases our Lawyers Handle. Beyond drunk driving charges and worrying about potential jail time, many other accused citizens are not facing driving under the influence (DUI) but are charged with other very serious traffic offenses like:

  • Hit and Run
  • Reckless driving in Georgia.
  • Aggressive driving (a 6-point violation).
  • High-speed tickets that are triple-digit (100+ MPH) or super speeder citations.
  • Attempting to elude a police officer.
  • Serious injury by vehicle in Georgia.
  • Vehicular homicide in Georgia.

In addition, since Alpharetta is a thriving “bedroom community” with lots of families with teen and young adult drivers, underage possession of alcohol (minor in possession of alcohol) or weed possession are other criminal cases that our criminal law attorneys handle. Let one of our Alpharetta attorneys facilitate the processing of those cases, and then have the young scofflaw driver pay back the parents who “bailed out” the driver for Alpharetta’s speeding fines.

Many need an Alpharetta traffic lawyer to either protect a driving record, save their driving privileges, keep car insurance rates low, or (with high-speed Alpharetta traffic tickets) to keep the person from going to jail. Our criminal lawyers near me can assist you in any such misdemeanor or felony cases.

Our three Alpharetta GA DUI law firm partners collectively have over eight and a half (8.5) decades of combined legal experience as DUI defense attorneys. Although most DUI cases that we handled are favorably resolved with no jury trial being needed, our DUI lawyers near me win most cases that we advise our clients to take to trial.

Protecting Your Right to Drive Within 30 Days After a DUI Arrest


WARNING: Immediate attention is needed, after a DUI arrest, to protect your ability to drive. This urgent warning is limited to DUI arrests, because of the Georgia implied consent law.

Every DUI arrestee MUST act within thirty (30) days after his or her arrest. Your DUI lawyers must evaluate your eligibility for an IID (ignition interlock device) and paying for the 12-month IID, as allowed under OCGA 40-5-64.1.

Hardship license 30-day deadline after DUI arrest

By operation of law, the GA DDS (the Georgia Department of Driver Services) in Conyers, GA has suspended your right to drive if the officer confiscated your plastic driver’s license and issued you a paper 8.5″ by 11″ form called a DDS-1205. This means that you have a very short time frame within which to take action to protect the ability to keep driving.

This option is only available to Georgia licensees ages 21 and older, with no prior DUI or implied consent suspension within the prior 5 years. This should only be used by those who are charged with refusing the post-arrest implied consent test of blood, breath, or urine.

Georgia licensees who took the test may be filing a timely appeal within 30 days after the arrest and paying the $150 filing fee. All out-of-state licensees ticketed for DUI in GA only have this option, but always get free legal advice from one of our legal professionals before you do either of these options.

Partner Cory Yager, a DUI lawyer in Alpharetta GA, and an ex-cop who spent nearly 10 years working traffic cases for Cobb County and the City of Roswell Police Department, GA, has long-lasting relationships with many Alpharetta police officers. The former police officer has held the highest possible lawyer ratings for skill level and ethical standards for 6 years.

Alpharetta GA arrests for traffic violations. Many other Alpharetta traffic stops may result in an arrest for certain Alpharetta traffic tickets. One is for reckless driving GA, aggressive driving, hit and run GA, driving without insurance, fleeing, and eluding police officers, and other serious motor vehicle crime cases.

Commercial motor vehicle drivers. Plus, any traffic ticket for a CDL license holder needs proper handling by skilled Alpharetta traffic attorneys to assure that you don’t become unemployable as a commercial driver. More traffic violations beyond DUI in Georgia can cause a suspension of CDL privileges.

Georgia Implied Consent for CDL Truckers

Georgia Implied Consent for CDL Truckers

No jury trials in municipal courts. All these misdemeanor cases will be processed by this Alpharetta GA traffic court. If a trial of criminal charges is required, it can only be a “bench” trial here or bind the case over to the State Court of Fulton County, GA if you want a jury trial.

Our criminal defense lawyer group handles all types of Alpharetta tickets, underage possession of alcohol, simple possession of marijuana, and disorderly conduct cases. Former Roswell cop turned criminal justice lawyer, Cory Yager is one DUI Attorney in Alpharetta GA who has a great relationship with law enforcement officers in that city.

Alpharetta GA county. Many court cases arise from Alpharetta GA traffic on GA Highway 400, which passes through north Fulton County, GA. High-speed driving accounts for some serious traffic accidents in Alpharetta GA resulting in serious injury by vehicle or an Alpharetta homicide by vehicle. Regardless of felony or misdemeanor, these accident cases will usually be transferred to Fulton County State Court (misdemeanors) or Superior Court, (for felonies).

About Our Three Award-Winning Criminal Defense Attorneys in Alpharetta, GA

For more than three decades, our three Super Lawyers have regularly handled Alpharetta DUI cases in the Alpharetta Traffic Court. Alpharetta court cases usually start on time and wrap up in an orderly fashion. As a full-service criminal law firm, our Georgia crime attorneys handle all ordinance violations and misdemeanor crimes (and motor vehicle crime cases) in the Alpharetta Court.

No other Atlanta area metro criminal law attorneys can boast of obtaining better and consistent DUI representation and outstanding results on arrests by the Alpharetta Police Department. Our DUI clients consistently receive the Prosecutor’s best offer (for your set of facts).

Alpharetta Georgia Municipal Court

Alpharetta Georgia Municipal Court in Crabapple

The Alpharetta Municipal Court address and phone number. The Clerk’s office for Alpharetta Municipal Court has relocated recently and shares space with Milton Municipal Court. It is 3.8 miles from our Alpharetta, GA office location on South Main Street. Below is their new office location and contact information, which is within the Milton Municipal Court building:

Alpharetta Municipal Court

13690 Highway 9

Building B

Milton, GA 30004

Phone: 678-297-6250

Fax: 678-297-6251

Be aware that the clerk’s office workers are not attorneys and cannot answer legal questions.

About going to Court in Alpharetta Municipal Court. Dress nicely. First impressions can make a difference. Silence all mobile devices. If you go to your first appearance without an attorney handling your criminal case, be certain to ask for a one-time continuance if you do not like what your offer (from the prosecutor) is.

The Alpharetta Police Station’s Department Headquarters is at 2565 Old Milton Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30009. The north Fulton jail is here, but this detention center is currently closed for prisoner incarceration, under COVID restrictions. Also, new in the Alpharetta area is the recently built DDS Alpharetta driver’s license office and service center, also known as the Georgia DMV in Alpharetta GA.

Our Alpharetta law office branch location offers legal services for cases in the City of Alpharetta. Our north Fulton office in downtown Alpharetta is at 33 S Main St, Suite 300B, Alpharetta, GA 30009 which is 1/10th of a mile from the new City Hall.

Our Alpharetta DUI Attorneys Have Over 85 Combined Years of Experience

Yager Head and Kohn StandingIn addition to the author of this article, Alpharetta DUI Attorney Bubba Head leads our legal team. He authored the leading treatise on Georgia DUI laws since 1995.

Partner Cory Yager, a DUI lawyer in Alpharetta and an ex-cop who spent nearly 10 years working traffic cases for Cobb County and the City of Roswell Police Department, GA, has long-lasting relationships with many Alpharetta police officers. The former police officer has held the highest possible lawyer ratings for skill level and ethical standards for 6 years.

If you believe that DUI charges cannot be won (or reduced to a lesser charge) and that it is best for you to plead guilty to DUI, first go to AVVO and read over 680 of our client 5-star reviews giving our three litigators’ top attorney ratings. Our eight-plus decades of raising creative DUI defenses tell us that our skills CAN HELP YOU! Call today for your FREE lawyer consultation: 404-567-5515

If you need an Alpharetta personal injury attorney, for pursuing a civil claim on a car accident case, let us deal with the insurance adjusters and agents for the insurance companies, to make sure you are treated fairly.

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Copyright 2022, by William C. Head. All rights reserved.


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