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What Is the Modified Romberg Test DUI Used by Police?

The Modified Romberg Balance Test Without Supporting Empirical Research Dooms ARIDE & DRE Training

Bubba Head DUI Lawyer

By: William C. Head, Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta GA and ABA Board-Certified DUI Attorney

Modified Romberg Test DUI Bubba Head

The problem with the CLAIMS of the NHTSA agency (“NHTSA” is an abbreviation for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a branch of the United States Department of Transportation) is that NO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH in existence in the world supports the so-called, self-named modified Romberg balance test [as described being done, according to the ARIDE program and the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program.] Romberg’s test was for syphilis patients, not drinking drivers.

Police officers with DEC training want to call it the DRE (“drug recognition EXPERT”) program. If they are experts at RELIABLY identifying drug-impaired citizens in a motor vehicle, then they need to have a medical license or at least a Ph.D. in “clinical pharmacology,” “clinical psychology”, “educational psychology,” “testing and measurement,” “human factors,” or “human physiology” to be guessing at medical and anatomical issues.

These screening officers are COPS, not physicians, and feigning superior knowledge of psycho-physical tests, to gain convictions, is committing fraud upon the American driving public.

Neither the DEC training nor the ARIDE training are RELIABLE, for identifying the claimed “symptoms” beyond mere guesswork that is usually preceded by the arresting officer either getting the driver’s admission of DRUG USE, and/or the officer SMELLING the drug (e.g., the odor of burnt marijuana) in the car. This is like shooting fish in a barrel — there is no SKILL required, when the fish come up to the surface and wait for the bullet!

How the ARIDE Manual Simply Acts Like the REAL Romberg Test Is Being Used

In the ARIDE manual, on page 51 of the 101-page manual (NHTSA 11/07, Session V – Page 7 of 11), this is the impressive sounding, bold (but untrue) claim of what the ARIDE participant will be able to do upon completion of the two-day training: “The Romberg Balance Test, which is used as part of the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program as well as this course, is adopted from its original use as a neurological assessment tool in order to check a suspect’s internal clock, balance, and presence of tremors (eyelids and body).” No such use was ever sanctioned or reported by Dr. Romberg. This was fabricated out of whole cloth, as the expression goes.

The officers who are “certified” to conduct the DRT 12-step testing are called “practitioners” by their Manual. Use of the bogus moniker of “practitioner” is just one more aspect of the fraud perpetrated upon the American driving public, by an agency of our Federal Government. The deception is all part of calling these evaluations something that they are not – MEDICAL screening tests. The level of unreliability is not much better than the dismally poor NHTSA standardized tests, when an officer does not get to ask the person which drugs he or she was taking.

Scientific Reliability Means That 90% or Better PROVEN Repeatability Is Required

To be RELIABLE, a correlation between the “symptoms” being investigated and a so-called modified Romberg balance test must be established. This is NOT done by utilizing “results” from police officers who at a pre-arrest questioning of the suspected driver, obtain physical proof of drug use (e.g., the smell of burnt weed), or observing prescription pill bottles or a blunt in plain view, or simply asking the person about his or her drug use that day, and getting an affirmative answer. THAT is not proof by use of “the scientific method.”

Scientific double-blind research eliminates such biased data as the evaluator being able to obtain an admission from the driver. To prove scientific reliability, the results of a legitimate controlled study must (with hundreds of study participants) be able to reliably predict BOTH (a) which test subjects are impaired by drugs or alcohol, and (b) which test subjects are not impaired by the “target” impairing substance. Scientific reliability then mandates that such testing achieve 90% reliability.

The scientific method used in investigating “reliability” calls for REPEATABILITY being proven. In the original 1977 and 1981 NHTSA controlled studies, Dr. Marcelline Burns and company DID gather data on “repeatability,” both for the SAME officer checking the same test subject 2 weeks after the original testing, and with the same subject dosed at the same BAC level) to see how these reliability numbers looked. When looking at the raw data, NONE the three approved NHTSA standardized tests approached 90% reliability.

Importantly, Dr. Burns and her team also collected data of “interrater” reliability, meaning that a different officer checks the same test subject as the initial officer, using the same methodology, on the same day, to see if separate “raters” come to the same conclusion about “impairment.” This step is ONE of the many steps that scientific researchers MUST use to be able to claim statistical reliability.

A double-blind, controlled study would eliminate officers being allowed to get the test subjects to self-incriminate BEFORE “guessing” if the person was impaired by drugs or alcohol.  Until that can be proven with a statistically significant group of test subjects, these evaluations are bogus, fraudulent, and are a violation of constitutional protections for citizens in the United States. Innocent people are being arrested and CONVICTED of driving under the influence.

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