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What Is a DUI? Georgia DUI Lawyer Explains

What Does It Mean When You Get Arrested For DUI?

By Atlanta DUI Lawyer Bubba Head

Atlanta DUI Lawyer Bubba Head

First and foremost, a DUI is a criminal traffic offense. It is also a well-known acronym for the crime of “driving under the influence.” With the exception of Wisconsin and New Jersey, which classify a DUI case as a civil infraction, all other states and the District of Columbia make driving while intoxicated a criminal offense.

In all American jurisdictions, a first offense DUI is typically a misdemeanor. However, aggravating special circumstances can change an impaired driving charge to a felony in some states (e.g., Illinois). Special circumstances include an accident with injuries, or if a child 14 or younger is in the driver’s vehicle, and is endangered by the person driving drunk. Atlanta DUI lawyer Bubba Head points out that under Georgia DUI laws, having a child under 14 in the vehicle is a misdemeanor.

Conviction penalties vary depending on the facts of your DUI case. Is this your first DUI ever? Are you under 21? Did you cause an accident with injuries? Were any children under 14 years of age riding in your vehicle? Were you charged with other traffic offenses like failure to maintain lane, speeding, reckless driving, or hit and run? Penalties include more jail time, higher court fines, longer probation, loss of driver’s license, DUI school attendance, and community service.

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Does My Car Have to Be Turned On?

Some people think that they must be driving to be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is not true in Georgia. A drunken driver or drugged driver can be asleep inside a parked vehicle, with the engine off and the ignition key in his or her pocket, and still be arrested for DUI in Georgia. “This is because Georgia is one of several states in the nation who criminalize ‘being in actual physical control’ of a motor vehicle while being too drunk to drive,” says Georgia DUI attorney Bubba Head, who is part of a DUI law firm with five Georgia DWI lawyers.

You can also get a DUI on a bicycle, a motorcycle, a boat, and even on water skis. During the summer months at Lake Lanier local law enforcement are making plenty of boating under the influence (BUI) arrests. We can help you with these. You can even get arrested for DUI on your own private property. For example, if you are riding around your privately-owned farm and drinking, a police officer can come onto your property and pull you over. Yes, it is very rare but it does happen.

What Does DUI Mean?

Being arrested for DUI means that you are likely facing a 10-day deadline to file a DUI administrative license suspension appeal to Georgia DDS. Because a police officer’s arrest is presumptively lawful, Georgia DUI laws provide for sanctions under the Georgia Implied Consent law wherein the person drinking and driving can suffer an administrative suspension of his or her license (or privilege to drive in Georgia) for up to one full year, for a “refusal” to provide a test, or for providing a breath test and being over the legal limit.

An administrative license suspension or ALS is handled by the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings. A hearing is held in a civil court of law totally separate from the criminal court dates like arraignment, calendar calls, pre-trial motions hearings, and entering a final plea.

A refusal means the driver refused to blow into a portable breath test machine, or refused to take any field sobriety tests like the horizontal gaze nystagmus HGN, walk and turn WAT and one-legged stand OLS. We recommend that you decline all field sobriety tests because they are unscientific, and can only be used as damaging evidence against you.

Being over the legal limit means that your blood alcohol concentration exceeded the legal BAC limit for your age and the type of license you hold. Drivers under 21 years of age have a legal limit of 0.2%, drivers 21 and over have a 0.08% level, and commercial drivers (CDL) have a 0.04% level. You can be arrested for impaired driving even if your BAC didn’t exceed the legal limit, for example in DUI less safe cases.

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