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What Happens When You Get a DUI?

By: Atlanta DUI Lawyer William C. Head

Even a DUI Arrest Creates a Criminal Record

A DUI arrest is never a good thing, because merely being arrested for drunk driving creates a criminal record at the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) criminal arrest database. Also, each state tracks drunk driving arrests (and all other arrests where fingerprints and a mugshot are taken). In Georgia, the agency that tracks Georgia DUI arrests is the GCIC (Georgia Crime Information Center).

How to Beat a DUI

As bad as being arrested for driving under the influence may seem, a DUI conviction is FAR more damaging to your criminal history. Insofar as what outcomes to a DUI arrest your DUI lawyer in Georgia would prefer can be put in this hierarchy from most advantageous (BEST) to least advantageous (WORST):

  1. BEST – Case dismissed (through one of more than a dozen ways) and arrest record removed.
  2. Total acquittal of all charges at trial.
  3. DUI dismissed and alternative traffic or criminal charge disposes of the case.
  4. DUI reduced to a non-serious traffic offense, such as speeding or failure to maintain lane.
  5. DUI reduced to reckless driving.
  6. DUI (nolo contendere or guilty) but all other charges dropped, merged or nolle prossed.
  7. WORST – Guilty as charged, to the driving under the influence charge and related criminal traffic charges.

How The DUI License Suspension Affects Your DUI Case

Because DUI arrests typically have a related DUI license suspension proceeding relating to the Georgia implied consent law, some drunk driving cases may create a dilemma for the accused drunken driver to try to save his or her driver’s license, even if the criminal charge of misdemeanor DUI has to be accepted. This decision usually must be made after the attorney for the DUI arrestee appeals the pending administrative license suspension (ALS, for refusal, generally) and must make a personal choice of whether to fight the DUI misdemeanor criminal offense, or to “make a deal” with the arresting officer for him or her to withdraw the pending ALS case for refusing to be tested, in exchange for a later plea to DUI at criminal court.

Review DUI Consequences and DUI Penalties with Your Criminal Lawyer

Before deciding what you need to do to best protect your future, take time to review the DUI penalties and DUI consequences of putting the criminal case on your permanent criminal record. In some types of high-income professions and businesses, this decision can be a career-ender. Your best bet may be to hire the best Georgia DUI Lawyer to take your case to trial, if no reduction of the DUI to reckless driving is available. Loss of driving privileges is short-term compared to the rest of your career. How much does a DUI attorney cost, to fight a drunken driving arrest in Georgia? The answer depends on how long your Atlanta DUI lawyer has to fight for your innocence in court. Bubba Head has practiced DUI law in Atlanta for 40 years. Once he gives you a FREE case evaluation, Mr. Head will provide a quote to represent you. Payment plans are available.


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