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Lawyers for Truckers: In GA, What Is the CDL Alcohol Limit?

Lawyers that represent truck drivers must know much more than Georgia DUI laws. The special federal DOT guidelines for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators add multiple, stringent rules controlling operators of semi-trucks, buses, and any other large truck or passenger vans covered by the federal motor carrier safety act.

So, lawyers for truck drivers near me need vast prior experience as trucking lawyers. A CDL attorney for truck drivers needs to be fully apprised on state and federal rules and guidelines for everything from speeding tickets to felony vehicular homicide GA cases, after a truck accident. The Georgia State Patrol has many DUI Task Force officers patrolling our interstates.

Our three CDL lawyers in Georgia can competently act as truckers’ lawyers, based on a collective handling of thousands of traffic citation cases including many hundreds as the truck driver lawyer for truckers nationwide. Our vast network of highly experienced commercial truck driver lawyers across the United States lets us quickly and efficiently connect a client in any state with lawyers for trucker’s rights.


This is one of the main reasons our trucking attorneys near me offer a FREE lawyer consultation. Plus, our legal professionals have accident reconstruction experts to give a rapid response to all tractor trailer accidents (truck crash) cases.

What Is the DUI Legal Alcohol Limit in Georgia for CDL Drivers?

Under the Georgia implied consent law, the legal BAC limit for CDL drivers in Georgia is 0.04 grams percentFederal law dictates that a CMV operator found with ANY trace of alcohol on his or her breath will have that vehicle taken off the road for the next 24 hours. This is how strict the CMV laws are, due to the high incidence of deaths and serious bodily injury when a massive vehicle (possibly up to 80,000 pounds) collides with a passenger car or pickup truck.

Even if driving a passenger vehicle (and not the commercial rig), a person with a CDL overlay has severe problems if the officer confiscates that plastic license. At that point, the CDL operator can no longer be behind the wheel of a big rig truck or commercial bus.

Additionally, all states define a permissible legal alcohol limit in Georgia for drivers of commercial motor vehicles, which does not only mean drivers of tractor-trailer rigs. School buses and any transport van that has seats for 16 or more people are typically a CMV (commercial motor vehicle), under state DUI laws.


These high-risk vehicles, due to size and weight or due to exposure to multiple injuries or fatalities, are covered by federally controlled commercial motor vehicle laws. This explains the need for carefully selecting your CDL lawyer near me (based upon a lengthy track record of successes) is so crucial, especially in any type of car accidents with a CMV.

Federal laws controlling interstate commerce have mandated that all states place a legal BAC alcohol limit for CMV drivers at 0.04% when driving such a commercial vehicle. This applies to any commercial driver’s license holder, regardless of age, when he or she is operating a commercial motor vehicle.

These drivers are not held to that lower BAC level if they are operating a non-commercial motor vehicle. In such situations, the legal blood alcohol is determined by age of the driver, for adults aged 21 and over and (for an underage DUI driver) at 0.02 grams percent in the Peach State.

Use the following BAC calculator to determine your blood alcohol content for a person with a commercial driver’s license. When using this BAC chart, refer to the pictures below that show how much alcohol is contained in an average drink.

DUI in Georgia: Representing CDL Drivers in DUI Alcohol Cases


CDL DUIs are serious crimes, and the penalties can be severe. Retaining a truck driver lawyer near me is essential, since a skilled CDL traffic attorney often has learned special “workarounds” that inexperienced commercial trucking attorneys may not know. The best way to handle any DUI charge is to hire a truck driver attorney with experience in defending CDL DUIs.

The best DUI attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia will offer you a FREE consultation, explain how their commercial truck driver attorneys search for a successful defense in your case, and aggressively represent clients (in the commercial transportation industry) to the maximum extent the law allows. Limit your search to DUI lawyers who have legitimate lawyer ratings and a history of proven results on knowing how to beat a DUI.

CDL DUI lawyers Cory Yager, Bubba Heads, and Larry Kohn have a combined 85 years of trucking law litigation.

CDL DUI Lawyers Georgia to Protect a Commercial Driver’s License after DUI Arrest

Our law firm has the qualified, experienced trucking defense attorneys for you, so be sure to ask us about our attorney payment plans. Our goal is to keep you behind the wheel, to avoid lost wages from being sidelined by a pending ticket.

Call a commercial driver lawyer our DUI defense attorney NOW, 24-7, for your initial truck accident case review and FREE legal advice404-567-5515, or email our criminal justice attorneys. If you have a chance (before calling) obtain your prior driving record for any other traffic tickets.

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