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How Do You Know: Is DUI a Felony?

The shock of being arrested and the rough, aggressive treatment received at the jail often convinces people arrested for DUI in GA that they MUST be facing a felony charge. If you have been arrested for a DUI you may be asking, “Is DUI a Felony?” A small percentage of those who have experienced a Georgia DUI arrest are actually facing a DUI felony charge.

To answer the question, “Is DUI a Felony?” look to the amount of the bond for your likely answer. A related issue for that bond amount is whether a “scheduled” bond was already in place at the jail, such that a Judge did not have to SET that bond. These two factors for a DUI in Georgia, usually tell the story.

Felony vs Misdemeanor – Is DUI a Felony?

Bonds in excess of $5,000 or higher are most likely going to signify a DUI felony charge. Except for a 4th DUI in ten years, measured by dates of arrest, the arrested drunk driver would have either been involved in one of these situations:

  1. Vehicular homicide Georgia, from a car accident and the related arrest for DUI in Georgia, is a felony DUI homicide. This felony crime is called first-degree vehicular homicide in Georgia. A second-degree vehicular homicide means that a non-serious traffic ticket is involved, such as running a red light or failure to yield;
  2. In addition to homicide by vehicle, as identified above, serious injury by vehicle GA, as associated with arrest from a DUI car accident case constitutes a felony DUI in GA. State of Georgia motor vehicle laws have no second-degree serious bodily injury cases for regular misdemeanor traffic offenses; or
  3. DUI with a child in the car, where one or more children under the age of 14 are passengers and the person under arrest for DUI in Georgia is now facing multiple DUI charges due to the child endangerment cases. GA DUI laws count each underage child as SEPARATE driving under the influence charges for each child age 13 or younger, in the drunk driver’s vehicle.

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Is DUI a Felony

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