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Gwinnett County Court Locations and Facts for DUI Cases

The Gwinnett County Court system in Georgia is unique. This complex system has 1000+ different criminal courts. These arbitrate felony or misdemeanor DUI cases in Gwinnett County. Recorder’s Court, Municipal Court, Magistrate Court and Superior Court are some of Gwinnett County’s Courts.

If charged with “Driving under the Influence” in Gwinnett County, first determine which court will arraign your DUI arrest. Typically, the same court handles your case.

The start of the legal process is held in the city that you were arrested. The case will also begin in that same city’s municipal court. Cities like Lawrenceville, Norcross, Suwanee, or Buford are examples of self-governing communities. Many municipal courts require clients to attend all proceedings. Although, your traffic attorney can file an entry of appearance.

All other DUI arrests made in unincorporated parts of Gwinnett County start in Gwinnett Recorder’s Court. This court is a special non-jury court authorized by Georgia law. Gwinnett Police Dept. and State Patrol officers make these DUI arrests. It’s possible to obtain a jury trial on State charges. If obtained, the trial is in State Court of Gwinnett County. You can have a jury trial if your attorney makes a jury demand.

After violating a law in Georgia, find the police agency that made the arrest. This information is on the bottom of traffic tickets. Second, find the court in which Gwinnett County DUI charges are pending. The police agency lines up with the local court. Your arraignment is at that local court. Georgia State Patrol is an exception to this. These State officers can arrest traffic ticket offenders statewide.

 Various Gwinnett Municipal Court Locations and Facts

Municipal courts are “city courts.”  They have their own police departments, and non-jury courts. Municipal courts in Gwinnett County schedule their own court dates. Your traffic ticket has information on when and where your first court appearance is. This date is also the arraignment. Below this information is a phone number. Call that number if you have any court or case-related questions.

The Municipal Court must handle any local ordinances. But, all State misdemeanors have the right to a trial by jury. Georgia law permits the non-jury municipal courts to hear cases on traffic matters like: speeding tickets failure to maintain lane tickets, or DUI tickets.

Municipal Courts in Gwinnett County have their own Judge and Solicitor. The Mayor and Council appoint these officials to run the Court. A Clerk of Court is responsible over all property, land, civil and criminal records, and files. The clerk is one of four officers found in each of the 159 counties. Each court has clerk’s staff.  These have different divisions, including the Information Technology Division.

Each Gwinnett County Municipal Court operates in the city that bears its name. Call the appropriate phone number to help resolve confusion, any questions, or concerns. Some Gwinnett courts have zero information regarding court dates or court personnel. The police department knows how to get in touch with someone at the municipal court.

Municipal Court Directory https://www.gwinnettcourts.com/about/municipal-court-directory

Gwinnett Recorders Court

The Gwinnett County Recorders Court is in Lawrenceville. This Recorders Court processes more cases than all 14 municipal courts combined. The Recorder’s Court handles traffic citations from various places like Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department and Gwinnett County Police Department. This court also handles code ordinance violations and zoning. (just to name a few)

Staff prosecutors, assistant Solicitors, and one Solicitor are assigned to handle this traffic court. These people make up the prosecutorial office, which is one-third of Recorder’s Court. The other two offices are the judicial office and the clerk’s office. These three offices have three Judges and 11 Court Officers. Because this is a non-jury court, any jury demand will transfer the criminal misdemeanor DUI over to State Court of Gwinnett County.

Listed below is contact information and a direct link to the County of Gwinnett Recorder’s Court. Also, on this website you can access a link to pay your citation and receive other citation information.

Recorder’s Court Website https://www.gwinnettcourts.com/recorders/

Gwinnett Recorder’s Court Contact information:

  • Gwinnett Recorders Court, 115 Stone Mountain Street, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046. (770) 619-6100
  • Gwinnett Recorder’s Court Judges are Judge Michael Greene, Judge Patricia Muise and Judge Rodney Harris.
  • Clerk of Recorder’s Court: Jerry C. West
  • Recorder’s Court of Gwinnett County hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday

Gwinnett County Records, Jail and Inmate Information, Court Programs, and Case Search 

The information on this page, although informative, is only the surface of Gwinnett County’s Court system. Utilize the links below to access:

  • Gwinnett Jail and Inmate information


  • Gwinnett Sex Offender Registry


  • The “Georgia Jail Roster” website provides information on jail/inmate info. and sex offender search/registry. The link also includes Gwinnett County jail mugshots.


  • Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage License and Firearm Permits


  • Gwinnett Case Search and Calendar Search (All Gwinnett Courts,) Case Forms, Jury Services, Court Programs and Records for Land & Deeds



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