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Atlanta DUI Lawyer: Clients Ask How to Get Out of a DUI

DUI Lawyer Explains How the Best DUI Attorneys Handle DUI Cases

By: William C. Head, DUI Lawyer Atlanta and Board Certified DUI Specialist

Most people arrested for DUI think that they have no chance of “winning” their DUI case. Particularly after being cuffed, taken to jail, posting bond, being prodded and tested and generally humiliated, most people start off DEFEATED. Many never can move past the night of arrest, and look for solutions to their DUI case.

Our DUI law firm is geared up to FIGHT a DUI case. We have no interest in helping you plead guilty to a crime that will be on your criminal history for LIFE. Our job is to leave no stone unturned, and look behind every tree for any “crack in the armor” of the police officer’s case against you. Our clients expect us to help them learn how to get out of a DUI, and want to actively participate in the process of winning their DUI case.

No single factor or DUI lawyer attribute can provide the secret to learning how to beat a DUI in Georgia. Without question, experience is the greatest teacher. And, as this experience is accumulated, a DUI attorney becomes KNOWN to be a formidable foe, and that the best DUI lawyers win most of their cases, whether at trial or by pre-trial negotiations.

Will I Lose My Driver’s License for DUI Refusal of Breath Alcohol Test?

The overwhelming majority of DUI arrests in Georgia are for DUI-alcohol. That means that a DUI breathalyzer will be requested from the detained driver as the state-administered DUI test, after he or she is arrested for DUI in GA. The exclusive breathalyzer currently used in Georgia is the Intoxilyzer 9000.

So, Georgia implied consent law means that you either know your legal rights and follow them, or you face a suspended driver’s license for a FULL YEAR. A DUI refusal is commonly called a violation of implied consent. This occurs merely from not taking the arresting officer’s requested alcohol blood test (by the means requested by the arresting officer – breathalyzer, blood or urine).

This testing is ONLY requested after your DUI arrest has taken place, which confuses many DUI GA arrestees. They expect this test BEFORE being arrested, and think that this testing may allow them to be let go.

Hire a GA DUI Specialist: 24 hour lawyers – Call now for our DUI help!

Call NOW to speak with criminal defense attorney William C. Head or his law partners, Larry Kohn or Cory Yager. Our three DUI specialists are all recognized as experts on GA DUI law. Forty-one year veteran, DUI defense lawyer William “Bubba” Head is widely recognized as the best DUI lawyer in Georgia.

No DUI lawyer in GA has won more DUI cases than William C. Head. He and both partners are Super Lawyers 2017, and have thousands of success stories for helping prior clients to beat a DUI charge.

How to Get Out of a DUI

Mr. Head has won dozens of appellate cases dealing with DUI practice over the last 23 years:

Armentrout v. State

State v. Leviner

Abelson v. State

Kitchens v. State

 State v. Braunecker

  Joel v. State

  State v. Halstead

  State v. Barfield

 State v. Fielding

 State v. Renfroe

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How to beat a DUI




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