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How to Beat a DUI in Court

By: Bubba Head, Board-Certified Atlanta DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney

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Bubba Head Explains How to Beat a DUI

Once you are arrested and charged with DUI, beating a DUI case in Court becomes the most important thing in your life. Is the arrest lawful? Why was I not given my Miranda Rights? What is this Implied consent DUI suspension form that I was given when my driver’s license was taken? Should I take a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test? Should I tell the officer about my prescription drugs? How do I beat a DUI?

A pullover by police becomes the first lesson in what to do and what NOT to do when confronted by police. No one is taught these invaluable lessons about asserting and utilizing your Constitutional rights in high school, college, or (sometimes) not even in law school. Bad behavior toward the arresting officer may turn out to be a factor negatively influencing the case, so your best bet is to remain silent and only give your name and address to police. A polite, non-aggressive and attentive client in a DUI arrest video is one of the best pieces of evidence to help your DUI lawyer map out a plan of how to beat a DUI in Court.

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Most websites that you will visit on Georgia DUI laws will not reveal any of their DUI lawyers’ history of victories in DUI cases. We proudly display anonymous DUI case histories that reveal the difficulty level of the DUI case, but not the identity of a client. This page talks about How to Beat a DUI less safe in Georgia and cites actual court cases with detailed facts.

Does any DUI lawyer write a book on how to win driving under the influence of alcohol cases by getting the DUI dismissed? Yes. All three of our DUI attorneys have written at least a chapter in a national drunk driving book, explaining how a DUI lawyer can fight a DUI in Georgia or another state. Mr. Head has authored and co-authored DUI books for over two and one-half decades. Read more below.

DUI Defense Strategies – Ask the DUI Lawyers Who Wrote the Books

DUI Arrest | DUI in Georgia

Interestingly, how to beat a DUI in Court has been a topic near and dear to the heart of William C. Head since he wrote the book on “how to beat a DUI” on it in 1991. Since then, he and his DUI attorneys have won thousands of GA DUI cases, including going to trial where needed. Since 2016, both Cory Yager and Larry Kohn have joined Bubba Head as authors, after each lawyer for DUI defense was asked to write a chapter in a national book on trial tactics for drunk driving defense cases.

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When almost every person is arrested for DUI in Georgia, police take away your plastic license and replace it with a license suspension notice and temporary driving permit. One of your VERY first ways to beat a DUI is to make certain that you do not MISS the 30-DAY DEADLINE, to deal with your PENDING Administrative License Suspension and DISCUSS options for EITHER filing an appeal with Georgia DDS, OR taking the new ignition interlock device limited permit (IIDLP). This is NOT an easy choice, and drawbacks exist for either option. Call us NOW at 404-567-5515, to learn the best option for you.

DUI Arrest in Georgia | DUI Georgia

In this website, Mr. Head talks about how to beat:

Another page of this website covers Mr. Head’s 15 “Quality of Case” Factors to Beat a DUI case that can help predict if the current drunk driving or drugged driving case has a decent chance of being won. Sometimes, the best solution is any disposition that gets rid of the DUI charge.

The number one topic of discussion when a person facing drunk driving charges calls our office is how to get out of a DUI. Beating a DUI in most situations is no easy task. Being able to claim a winning career record of successfully getting a DUI reduced to reckless driving, or getting a DUI dismissed in Georgia, is very rare for criminal defense attorneys dealing with Georgia DUI law. Our DUI attorneys approach EVERY client’s case with the attitude of exhaustively searching for how to beat a DUI in court or before the case has to go to trial.

Reckless Driving in Georgia is NOT a Lesser Offense for DUI in Georgia

DUI and reckless driving have completely different elements. This means that driving under the influence (of alcohol or drugs) does not share the “elements” of reckless driving, which generally means driving in reckless disregard for the safety of persons or property. When prospective clients come to our law office, we spend a great deal of time explaining how to beat a DUI charge.

Reckless Driving in Georgia | Reckless Driving GA

But, beyond trying to negotiate a DUI to reckless driving is just ONE way we beat a DUI charge. In fact, Mr. Head has written a checklist of the 11 most common ways that he and his partners have been able to eliminate drunk driving charges for clients arrested for DUI.

DUI Checkpoints With No Traffic Tickets Are Easier Than Other DUI Cases

Every DUI case is different and every DUI client is special. When a prospective DUI client comes to our DUI law office, the case evaluation that our partners provide to each accused citizen is unique to that specific client. Our criminal defense lawyers ask what your three top objectives are in defending your drunk driving case.

DUI Checkpoint | GA DUI Checkpoint Georgia DUI Checkpoints | DUI at Checkpoint

A person arrested for a first DUI offense (misdemeanor) under Georgia’s DUI checkpoint laws will have far different legal challenges than a person on a third DUI who was involved in a DUI accident involving a felony DUI with serious bodily injury or a homicide by vehicle. These two scenarios are given just to show the extremes in types of DUI arrests.

Not Voluntarily Giving the Police Evidence is a Key Issue

While the client may have the objective of seeing the criminal case reduced to reckless driving, our DUI lawyers are poring over the driving while intoxicated case to determine how much self-incrimination occurred when the police asked the detained driver questions, and then offered the DUI driver the optional, voluntary standardized field sobriety tests.

For most of the cases that prove to be impossible to negotiate a plea deal to settle the case by reducing the DUI to reckless driving, the number one culprit is the words that come out of our clients’ mouths, and their desperate attempt to avoid being arrested for DUI in Georgia by trying to perform roadside agility exercises that are neither scientific nor reliable.

The First Step to Beating a DUI is to Remain Silent

If pulled over by police, the starting point to beating a DUI is that the person being investigated know to SHUT UP. Self-incrimination and optional field tests (ALL field sobriety tests are optional and voluntary, and NO PENALTY follows politely declining such tests). Only your full name and address are mandatory, so talking further virtually NEVER helps us win the person’s case. Silence is GOLDEN and provides the key to helping our DUI attorneys beat a DUI.

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Don’t hesitate to call us NOW, for a free legal consultation with a Georgia Super Lawyer. Our DUI lawyers will speak to you on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. Your DUI case is VERY important to you and to us. Our criminal defense attorneys can often make the first appearance for you without the need for you to appear, once we are hired. Call our Atlanta DUI lawyers at (404) 567-5515Let us show you how to beat a DUI. Remember that 100% of those who plead guilty are FOUND guilty.

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Hire the Best Lawyer in Atlanta to Raise All GA DUI Defenses

Very few citizens charged with drunk driving already KNOW a criminal defense attorney Atlanta who is a DUI specialist. That number would be 1 or 2 out of every 100 arrests for DUI in Georgia. Plus, due to the embarrassment factor, many do not make that call for fear that news of the Georgia DUI arrest would spread.

Driving under the influence is a subspecialty of criminal defense, and specialization is of prime importance to having the best chance to beat a DUI in GA. The best source of getting a referral for a high-quality Atlanta DUI lawyer is a seasoned, experienced, top-rated Atlanta attorney who is familiar with the REAL lawyer ratings that count, like Martindale, Best Lawyers in America, and Super Lawyers. If you do not know any Atlanta lawyers, then comparing DUI law firms’ credentials before meeting with a lawyer in Atlanta is the best way to start.



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