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DUI Lawyer Cost – How Much Is a DUI Attorney in Georgia?

By: William C. Head, Board-Certified DUI Lawyer and Drunk Driving Book Author

How Much Is a DUI Attorney in Georgia

If You Plan to Fight Your DUI, Don’t Ask for the Average DUI Lawyer’s Fee

To start, there is no such thing as an “average DUI lawyer’s fee.” Who asks that questionIf you had cancer, would you be asking about being operated upon by an AVERAGE cancer doctor? Would a person hiring a DUI attorney, who needs to win their DUI case ask, “how much is a DUI attorney in Georgia?”

The initial point of inquiry should be about who is known for successfully handling drunk driving defense in thousands of prior cases. Experienced attorneys will be in greater demand, and will lave legal fees significantly higher than what cheap lawyers charge for their services. It is nothing more than simple supply and demand.

Drunk Driving Attorneys: Cost of a DUI Lawyer

Lots of people put out an Internet query for “DUI cost,” as though that search will tell you anything valuable. The question, “how much is a DUI attorney in Georgia?” is much more targeted, but (depending on the arrested person’s employment and financial sources) this can mean an almost unlimited loss of future income. So, from this aspect, a driving under the influence arrest is very much like being diagnosed with “legal cancer” inasmuch as the accused person needs to fight being convicted and losing the right to drive, to be able to go back to living his or her “normal” life.

How Much Is a DUI Attorney in Georgia?

In no other field of criminal law practice does the old adage, “you get what you pay for” apply more than to the field of lawyer fees for cases involving representation for fighting a DUI in Georgia. Yet, people are more likely to search for “cheap DUI lawyers” and “low-cost DUI attorneys,” than for “best DUI lawyer” or “top DUI attorneys”. When a low price is your benchmark, letting a bottom-feeder DUI attorney take your case, you are almost always going to find that all you have gotten is a slow guilty plea. If you do not plan to plead guilty, then hire a lawyer from a law firm that makes DUI defense its specialty.

What Is Your Objective in Hiring a Lawyer for DUI?

Saving a driver license is more critical to most of our clients than some jail time in a DUI case. A DUI conviction suspends a person’s license, by operation of law. So, getting a DUI reduced to a lesser charge, or the DUI dismissed is our objective.

Very few of our clients facing drunk driving charges want to go to trial, but they want everything possible done to obtain a plea deal or reduction of DUI offenses to some other criminal charge or traffic offense. When compared to the lifetime damage and DUI penalties that follow a conviction for driving while intoxicated, DUI attorney cost is a mere drop in the bucket.

Might you get lucky and hire a cheap DUI lawyer and get your DUI case reduced or dismissed? Maybe. But statistically, the best lawyers in Atlanta know — and can prove — that their overall success rates surpass the cheap DUI lawyers who simply cannot afford (by charging low-ball fees) to spend the extensive time and the intense focus on winning each Georgia DUI case and helping every client avoid a DUI conviction.

Best Atlanta DUI Attorneys

Payment Plans Available for Legal Fees

Call us NOW, at 404-567-5515. The DUI lawyer consultation is FREE. What do you have to LOSE? Our Atlanta DUI attorneys will review the cost of a DUI lawyer with you when we meet. We offer payment plans for legal fees charged, and we do not charge by the hour. That way you know exactly how much you will pay for a drunk driving lawyer at our DUI law firm who is a DUI specialist.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer Who Leaves No Stone Unturned

Since our DUI attorneys spend far more hours on each client’s case and utilize a full-time office staff, we will not be a candidate for being cheap or average. Our DUI law firm has full-time office personnel backing up our criminal defense attorneys’ efforts to win. Thus, our criminal lawyers MUST charge more for the battle that we know is ahead.

How can a lawyer for DUI who advertises a flat, “universal” fee pay his or her costs of running a full-service law practice and still make any money at these bargain rates? The answer is simple: These cheap DUI lawyers routinely spend less time investigating the case for ways to win and will gradually urge or encourage their clients to enter a guilty plea to DUI in exchange for some reduced penalties, rather than fully investigating and challenging the drunk driving case and putting in careful preparation for each client’s criminal defense.

In the overwhelming majority of our cases, our clients may have one or more successful DUI defenses that can be asserted, after a thorough and sifting review of all evidence. One the Atlanta DUI lawyers from our Atlanta Georgia law office will undertake an exhaustive investigation of the police report, traffic tickets, and your DUI arrest video review. This is a consistent practice followed by our three DUI lawyers in Atlanta, who all have Super Lawyers attorney ratings.

For FREE legal advice, at the initial case review, we can tell you much more about your chances to win, to avoid jail time, and possibly avoid license suspension. Call 404-567-5515, anytime, DAY or NIGHT.

Georgia Driver’s License WARNING

NEW Georgia implied consent law provision, effective date July 1, 2017, MAY let you save your right to drive after a DUI refusal. By agreeing to place an ignition interlock device (IID) on your vehicle for 12 months, many Georgia drivers can take this option.

Don’t make this decision, however, until you have FIRST discussed the benefits and obligations that this new implied consent law in GA imposes upon you. You ONLY have 30 days after your arrest date to ACT.

Georgia Implied Consent Law


Atlanta DUI Lawyer William Head was consulted by News Service on Georgia DUI Cases.


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