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Georgia DUI Lawyer Website Claims

By: William C. “Bubba” Head, Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney in Georgia

Georgia DUI Laws and the Perils of DUI Lawyer Website “Inflation”

A person arrested for DUI commonly searches the Internet looking for a DUI website that provides information about a drunk driving lawyer in the court location (e.g., Atlanta Municipal Court) of his or her DUI arrest. To read each DUI attorney’s website, he or she seems to be the “best DUI lawyer in Georgia”. While the web is a great resource for information, much of the data provided by some websites are not accurate, including “credentials inflation.”

For example, if a drunk driving attorney claims to be listed in “Best Lawyers in America“, the most exclusive listing service of any DUI attorney review website, go to advanced search and look up “Georgia” and “DUI/DWI Defense” to get DUI lawyer results. The same is true for Super Lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell, or other credentials-based lawyer rating services.

The success of these 3 attorney review sites has led to numerous other companies launching websites that offer ANY licensed DUI lawyer the chance to post a badge, as though the badge was backed up by a deep background review of that criminal lawyer’s capabilities and credentials.

You may ask, “How can attorneys claim to be the best and not have credible, legitimate credentials to support such a claim?” Unfortunately, a DUI website in Georgia can make any claim, and you have to scrutinize whether the claims are true or not. The State Bar cannot monitor and investigate false claims unless a person makes a complaint about such deception.

Once you have narrowed down your search to 2 or 3 top-rated DUI lawyers, consider the following 10 items to see who stacks up to be the best:

  1. Is the criminal attorney in Georgia a recognized specialist in DUI defense by the three named “independent” rating services?
  2. Is the attorney a published author on the topic of DUI law, and particularly Georgia DUI laws?
  3. Is the drinking and driving attorney you are considering Board Certified in DUI defense by
  4. Does the attorney have at least 100 DUI lawyer reviews by satisfied clients consistently showing the highest praise, and are these reviews believable?
  5. Does the potential Georgia DUI lawyer have not fewer than 50 published case histories of his or her successful trials and motions hearings that resulted in the DUI case being won, a DUI is reduced to reckless driving, or possibly dismissed?
  6. From a search of “News” on Google, is the DUI attorney a person whose expert opinion is sought by news media such as newspapers, television, radio, and other forms of media?
  7. If you ask local attorneys, who do NOT practice criminal defense, to name the best DUI lawyer in Atlanta, or best drunk driving attorney in another Georgia city, after 3 or 4 such inquiries, does one name come up most often?
  8. Does the candidate you are reviewing have informative online DUI website information about DUI laws in GA, and also send out emails with helpful links and attachments on drunk driving and administrative license suspension laws?
  9. Does a STAFF person answer your call (versus an answering service or a voice recorder), and does the drunk driving attorney have a REAL law office?
  10. When talking to the potential criminal defense attorney, does he or she listen to you and treat you with respect, while also “shooting straight” with you about the pitfalls and traps for the unwary, such as LIFETIME DUI penalties?

Atlanta DUI Super LawyersThe DUI lawyers at William C. Head, PC shoot straight with our clients. We always get detailed information from accused citizens and find out what issues are important to them (e.g., being able to drive, not losing their job, keeping a DUI off their record) so we can craft a plan to fight their DUI to try to accomplish their goals. When prospective clients come to our office, they often have read Internet information that confuses them, misleads them, or gives them unrealistic expectations.

One of the greatest errors is that people will read about expungement and diversion and first offender on GA websites and other states, and assume that what that read applies under Georgia DUI laws. The favorable first-offender treatment in many states does not exist in Georgia and has not existed for more than 50 years.

Call Atlanta DUI lawyer Bubba Head. You will not receive more helpful FREE information from ANY other Atlanta law firm. Our job is to help you find a way to avoid a DUI on your record for the remainder of your life. Call him at 1-888-DUI-HEAD [1-888-384-4323] or email him at to start a full-fledged review of ways to win your DUI. For 40 years, he has been able to deliver such results to more clients than any other attorney in Georgia.

To get in touch with a top Georgia DUI lawyer, please complete our online case evaluation form now to set up a free initial consultation.

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