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9 Blood Alcohol Calculator Tips to Beat a DUI

DUI Lawyer: 9 Blood Alcohol Calculator Tips to Beat a DUI

By: William C. Head, Atlanta DUI Lawyer

Drinking drivers can no longer risk being arrested for DUI, much less being convicted of drunk driving. But, today’s police officers are going to take you off the road if you have had any alcohol, and you are pulled over, or get stopped at a DUI checkpoint. This web page is a guide to help avoid a DUI conviction.

DUI Specialist and Drunk Driving Book Author

These 9 tips to beat a DUI from a Board-Certified DUI specialist are derived from 41 years or criminal law practice, and from an author of a dozen drunk driving books.

DUI attorney Atlanta Bubba Head provides you with something better than a BAC calculatorTips to Beat a DUI. Be aware that an accident with serious injuries or death can trigger felony DUI charges, and any alcohol and other substances within your bloodstream will be collected.

Information about a blood alcohol calculator is needed so that you are able to know your legal limit, plus how to not get drunk, and gauge how long to wait before driving. In situations where you fail to “keep track,” simply find another way home.

  1. Refer to a printed chart that is a reliable BAC calculator, that displays a BAC calculator over time, or an online, interactive calculator to obtain a “baseline” number of standard drinks, for your gender, your height and your weight. Almost every BAC level chart assumes no food consumption, so this gives “worst case” estimated BAC levels.
  2. High protein foods, if eaten immediately before drinking alcohol, can slow down gastric motility (i.e., how fast alcohol enters the bloodstream). Grilled steak, chicken or pork are readily available, and are good sources of protein, for this purpose.
  3. When being served, pay attention to your drink, especially if mixed drinks are your alcohol choice, or wine. If a drink seems strong, count that as two drinks. If a wine goblet is large, and the amount poured in closer to 8 to 10 ounces, use the same rule of thumb. Bartenders are usually not the owner of the establishment, and are hoping for a big tip when you pay the tab, and know they will get it by over pouring your alcoholic beverages.
  4. Toward the end of your night out, switch over to a non-alcoholic beverage, during the last 2 hours or more. Water, apple juice, cranberry juice — whatever it takes — to shut down your alcohol intake. If you know (by following Rule #1 above) that your BAC calculator results show that each standard drink equals 0.035 per drink, and that your body can only eliminate 0.015 per hour, then in 5 hours of consuming 6 standard drinks, then (if tested an hour later) you will be at roughly a 0.10 BAC, and over the legal limit for DUI-DWI in every state. Under this scenario, if the same drinker had 4 alcoholic beverages, and two non-alcoholic beverages during the final two hours, his or her BAC level an hour after being pulled over (or encountering a DUI road block) would be around 0.05 grams percent.
  5. Continue to eat food while drinking. Fatty, high protein foods, like mixed nuts, cheese dip, fried popcorn shrimp, bean dip or hummus can slow down gastric emptying, during drinking. This helps keep you from having a high peak alcohol content. Worry about your weight tomorrow, but eat tonight.
  6. If you encounter a police officer, know your legal rights and exercise them. DO NOT ADMIT drinking or using any “substance” that can impair a person. DON’T TALK, beyond giving your name and address, which is all our Constitution requires from any person. Never attempt ANY field sobriety tests, NONE. Do not assume that doing field sobriety tests for an investigating officer MAY result in you being let go. These “exercises” are not scientific, are NOT graded “normally,” and are designed to gather bogus police evidence for your trial.
  7. If you have closely monitored your alcohol intake and extended your “wait” time before getting behind the wheel, you should have no hesitation in taking the official test requested by the police officer. Remember that breathalyzer tests ONLY show ALCOHOL results, but that blood test results or urine test results show ALL impairing substances, including prescribed medications that (when combined with alcohol) can create a “combination” DUI, of more than one impairing substance. So, if asked to submit to a breath test, be ready to submit.
  8. Once you have submitted to the officer’s requested type of implied consent test, ask him or her for an independent test, and say that you are prepared to pay that cost. You have to designate which medical facility you wish to use, but all hospitals have ATM machines, if you need to use that method of payment.
  9. After two recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, McNeely in 2013 and Birchfield in 2016, more states are obtaining forcible blood draws, for anyone refusing to take an implied consent test. With or without your consent, the arresting officer may seek an involuntary collection of blood under a judicial warrant, issued by a judge. If you refuse a breathalyzer test (required by implied consent law) in many states (e.g., California, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, North Dakota), your officer has the right under State law to compel blood collection, to be used as evidence of any impairing substances in your body. This blood alcohol content test can ADD to the original charge of drunk driving by having too much alcohol or too much of any other type of impairing substance or substances.

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