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Georgia Car Seat Laws


Atlanta Attorney Bubba Head explains Georgia’s car seat laws and regulations to help keep your children safe.




Statistical Sources of Booster Seat Laws GA

Researchers gathered data from child health care professionals and highway safety agencies to determine guidelines. Sources included the Atlanta-based CDC, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and the NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).


Georgia Booster Seat Laws Vary by Child’s Age, Height, and Weight

The Georgia law requires children ages newborn to 8, to use specific infant and booster seats. Children ages 8 and over must use shoulder and lap belts according to their year of age, weight, height and a host of other factors:

  1. Children’s ages;
  2. Child’s weight (e.g., 40 pounds or fewer);
  3. Whether to use a car seat or booster seat;
  4. Lap and shoulder belts;
  5. Whether a baby or child is ready to sit in the front seat;
  6. When the use of rear-facing car seats is mandatory;
  7. When and how to use a vehicle seat belt, lap belt or another safety belt (i.e., 5-point harness);
  8. Assuring proper belt fit and tension, for strapping down a child carrier; and
  9. Whether a child is tall enough to use a booster seat for seats without a headrest.


Any child car seat manufacturer or booster seat manufacturer in the United States must meet or exceed strict federal government standards for being able to withstand car accidents. These are like Georgia’s child passenger safety laws and rear-facing seat standards.

For a quick overview of Georgia car seat laws, this helpful chart gives a snapshot of ages and weights, heights, appropriate seat location, and seating position categories.


GA Car Seat Laws: Non-Compliance Is a Basis for a Police Traffic Stop

A cop may pull over a vehicle under ‘reasonable suspicion’ if they observe child passengers through a vehicle in clear violation of Georgia child safety seat laws.  An officer who had reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop CAN investigate other possible crimes even if the vehicle complies with the car seat safety law.

The prime example is an arrest for DUI in Georgia, when an officer smells alcohol, or marijuana, or sees a violation of the open container law.

Pulled Over for Georgia Car Seat Laws Leads to DUI Child Endangerment Charges

Being arrested for DUI with a child in the car can lead to additional child endangerment charges. You’ll receive another DUI charge for every additional underage (14 or below) passenger.

Georgia is one of the nation’s strictest states in adding felony or misdemeanor child endangerment punishment to any DUI conviction.

Under GA child endangerment laws, a first or second DUI child endangerment is a misdemeanor DUI. A third DUI endangerment is a felony.

Criminal Defense Attorneys That Specialize in Traffic Violations in Georgia

Our DUI law firm can handle all motor vehicle crimes, to include traffic tickets, and misdemeanor and felony DUIs.  Since almost all Georgia driving under the influence cases START with another traffic ticket, our attorneys MUST fight the traffic offense AND the Georgia DUI charge.


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