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This article discusses the value of retaining experienced legal counsel and aggressive legal advice and guidance in a driving while intoxicated case. Plus, even if you do not hire us, you can speak to a GA DUI lawyer at our office for FREE, so you have no excuse for not calling immediately before your license is suspended. Below, read why this is so urgent.

The fact is that Georgia law allows arrests for DUI “less safe” for the person to drive on far less than a fifty-percent likelihood of being D.U.I., from evidence collected at the roadside. Uninformed citizens do not understand their constitutional rights and unknowingly TALK when they should shut up.

By answering pre-arrest questions about alcohol consumption (or drugs), and by participating in roadside eye testing and agility and balancing exercises, many arrestees GIVE the police officer enough evidence to make an arrest for intoxicated driving. Providing your name and address only, is what the Constitution mandates, then do or say nothing, prior to the arrest.

They try to self-assess their chances of winning their DUI in Georgia case under OCGA 40-6-391 and often conclude that they have no chance, which false assumption is due (in part) to being at a low point in their life.

After being cuffed, searched, booked, and put in jail, many people are at their low point in life. Many facing the 1st offense DUI ask questions of the officer about how they can be arrested on such flimsy proof of alcohol impairment.

This “defeatist attitude” is especially true for citizens facing these facts in their drunk driving or drugged driving cases:

  1. Being arrested for a repeat DUI offense, for which life-changing DUI penalties and DUI consequences (like months of jail time) are possible in many of Georgia’s criminal courts.
  2. Those involved in DUI accidents and (if convicted) can face potential punitive damages (possibly not covered by car insurance) in the civil litigation case, where injuries, loss of work, medical treatment, and pain and suffering claims threaten your financial security.
  3. Those have any aggravating factors, such as having a child passenger (under the age of 14) in the vehicle when arrested or having a high BAC level or bad conduct toward the law enforcement officer.

Commit Your DUI Defense Only to Legal Experts in DUI Law

Such negative, misinformed thinking is like a scenario of a person getting diagnosed with a medical condition like cancer and just trying to self-assess his or her survival chances. Especially for a first-offense DUI, our DUI lawyers have an excellent track record for finding a non-DUI solution for most cases.

Yet, our legal team fights cases at any level, including a 2nd DUI in Georgia, a third offense DUI, or even a DUI felony 4th DUI offense. By way of example, when our firm hired (less than 30 days before a guilty plea was to be entered) to replace the existing criminal lawyer for an 8th DUI offender, our legal professionals beat that DUI charge and the client kept his license and did not go to jail.

To be able to RELIEVE stress, and protect your driving privileges, isn’t our law firm’s FREE legal assessment impossible to turn down? Plus, most clients need legal fee payment plans, which we routinely accommodate. Accused citizens facing driving while impaired (DWI) charges worry about what is going to happen to their ability to drive when their driver’s license is taken and replaced with a piece of paper.

Hardship license 30-day deadline after DUI arrest

CAUTION: Get in touch with expert DUI lawyers to PROTECT your ability to drive. You only have 30 DAYS to act, so get your driving privileges PROTECTED early. For Georgia licensees, MOST can obtain some type of limited driving privileges with an ignition interlock device option or by taking a GA DDS appeal.

After an arrest for driving under the influence, the cure to this negative thinking is to go see a top attorney with impeccable legal industry attorney ratings. Do not make assumptions about your criminal complaint facts, such as having provided a chemical test (blood test, breath test, etc.) or having been in a motor vehicle accident.

When facing a DUI charge, getting immediate legal advice from a DUI expert attorney is imperative, to explain how these aspects of your arrest can be challenged. Facing criminal charges and being arrested for a Georgia first-offense DUI is a DEMEANING and STRESSFUL experience.

How a Skilled DUI Attorney Takes Away Some of the Stress

At our DUI law firm, the initial job of our DUI defense attorneys (at the FREE lawyer consultation) is to keep you driving. During our preliminary legal evaluation of the facts in your criminal case, our legal professionals are looking at your available options for saving your ability to keep driving.

Did you refuse to submit to the Georgia implied consent testing? Georgia DUI laws found in OCGA 40-5-55 and OCGA 40-5-67.1 have what is known in the legal community as an “implied consent law.” Those who refuse the post-arrest forensic testing of blood, breath, or urine usually are facing a one-year total loss of all driving privileges that will occur before your criminal case will ever be decided.

The second task of our DUI attorney is to ask you about any employment issues or “family-duty” issues, like driving children to school or other places) that would be created by your inability to drive (due to a pending administrative license suspension) created by your DUI arrest. Even if a DUI defense lawyer from our law office avoids the criminal DUI conviction under OCGA 40 6 391, our DUI attorney also needs to guide your path to protect your ability to keep driving while your criminal case is pending.

For many people, a highly valuable job is “at risk” because of an arrest for DUI in Georgia, and an even higher number of clients face immediate termination if convicted. Related issues like driving a company vehicle or a company-insured vehicle, or traveling abroad on company business, are commonly voiced to our criminal defense lawyers by prospective clients.

Just reading TRUE DUI case histories can give you confidence in your chances of winning. Our trial victories include very tough facts, including:

  1. BAC levels triple the alcohol legal limit.
  2. A driver’s DUI refusal to take the breathalyzer and also “failing all three NHTSA field sobriety tests
  3. A drunken driving case report of a DUI checkpoint with an Intoxilyzer 9000 breath test double the legal alcohol limit.

When our lawyers in Atlanta meet with you, using prior cases that we have settled as examples, or criminal trials we have won will dissuade you from thinking that you have no chance to beat a DUI in court. Because 80% of our clients have a first-offense DUI and do not know what to expect, our law team takes time to help you know that you are not alone in this fight.

DUI attorney William “Bubba” Head and his two award-winning partners Larry Kohn and Cory Yager have all been named Super Lawyers. The three Georgia attorneys are now co-authors of multiple DUI law publications.

Starting in 2023, all three will be co-authoring The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, the driving while impaired “bible” for all DUI practitioners, prosecutors, and judges in Georgia. Mr. Head originally self-published this book in 1995, before selling the legal rights to the world’s largest legal book publisher, Thomson Reuters.

Georgia DUI Practice Manual by William Head


Comparing the Best Atlanta DUI Lawyer Credentials

Because William Head started the Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI-DWI Cases seminar in 1994, both his partners have the highest level of training in forensic science and field sobriety tests. From that October seminar, the National College for DUI Defense was spawned, and had its first summer session in 1995, at Harvard University campus. The 2022 Summer Session was in Chicago, and Mr. Head attended this program.

All three partners are DUI DWI trial lawyers and hold NHTSA “instructor” credentials. This means that they are authorized to TRAIN police officers (or others) on how to properly administer the standardized field sobriety tests on DUI suspects. Try to find ANY OTHER law firm with that level of training on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration field sobriety tests, like the HGN eye test.

In addition, Bubba Head, is one of only 3 Board-Certified DWI lawyers in Georgia, and one of about 50 in the USA. A native of Columbus GA, by way of 21 years in Athens GA (attending the University of Georgia and practicing law in Clarke County), he has been in the Atlanta area since 1990. The 46-year legal professional is also rated by Best Law Firms in America and Best Lawyers in America multiple times.

Plus, both partners of William C. Head are experienced and are highly skilled at drunk driving defense and as criminal defense attorneys, for felony vs misdemeanor cases. Our law firm’s rankings with U.S. News and World Report for “Best Law Firms in America” go back for over 10 years.

All three partners are routinely mentioned as being the best DUI lawyers in Atlanta and are at the top of Georgia DUI attorneys. All three are published authors in national publications on DUI penalties and trial strategies. Go to this page for a summary of Georgia DUI penalties.

Some people foolishly try to self-assess their chances of winning a DUI in Georgia. The operable word here is “FOOLISHLY.”

Call us now, at our law firm. Our criminal attorneys work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Call today at 404-567-5515, for a FREE lawyer consultation with a 24-hour DUI lawyer in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Mr. Head’s notoriety for winning tough DUI cases dates back to the 1980s. Plus, his top-selling DUI book from 1991, 101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction, is still in very high demand on the used book market.

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