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How to Fight a DUI – Best DUI Lawyer

What It Takes For the Best DUI Lawyers to Beat a DUI

By: William C. Head, The Best DUI Lawyer in Georgia

How to Fight a DUI

Beating a DUI charge in GA involves 9 essential DUI lawyer skills, credentials and attributes. This page focuses on Number 5 below, the unmatched years of laboratory experience for Georgia DUI lawyers that Mr. Head has received on forensic laboratory testing, as part of his post-law school training on Georgia laws:

  1. Thorough, proven knowledge of GA DUI laws, related evidence law and trial practice experience.
  2. Exhaustive, detailed fact-gathering of all evidence of the DUI arrest and booking.
  3. Full, NHTSA instructor and practitioner training of the DUI lawyer in police sobriety testing.
  4. In-depth knowledge and comprehension of breath alcohol test error for the GA Intoxilyzer 9000.
  5. Advanced training certification for forensic laboratory devices used by the GBI for blood & urine.
  6. Proven track record and ability to win a pretrial motion to suppress and/or motion in limine.
  7. Knowing how to beat the DUI refusal administrative license suspension, at the OSAH hearing.
  8. Extensive training on jury selection (voir dire) in a drunk driving case (or DUI drugs) in Georgia.
  9. How to fight a DUI in Georgia at either jury trial or bench trial, depending on the facts and court.

To Get Top Forensic Training, Mr. Head Sponsored DUI Lawyer Courses

After taking his first NHTSA standardized field sobriety test court in July of 1994, Mr. Head learned about the Intoxilyzer brand of breathalyzer test machines in October of 1996. The 1996 course was funded by Mr. Head, but over 30 DUI attorneys from as far away as Alaska came to Atlanta to be trained.

As part of his voluntary, private training for learning How to Fight a DUI, Mr. Head  has been through multiple additional training sessions on both the Intoxilyzer 5000 and the new Intoxilyzer 9000. Mr. Head recently (February of 2017) had hands-on training on the Intoxilyzer 9000.

Beginning in 1998, Mr. Head organized a blood and urine training course for himself and other DUI lawyers to attend. This initial course was taught at Lake Tahoe, CA by Dr. Richard Jensen, Bob Zettl, and Ann Manley.

Visited TN State Crime Lab to Know About Forensic Laboratory Testing

Following this multi-day forensic laboratory training course, two years later, Mr. Head traveled to Memphis, TN to the State of Tennessee’s crime laboratory for western Tennessee. At this location, Mr. Head was the guest of Dr. David Stafford, who helped teach Mr. Head about over a dozen different crime laboratory instruments and sample preparation devices.

These different devices are routinely used by crime laboratories, including the GBI in Georgia, to analyze blood, urine, and other biological specimens. Mr. Head videotaped the methods of analysis or marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs, and edited the video to later use in training other DUI lawyers across America.

This unique Memphis training, in 2000, helped Mr. Head train other DUI attorneys at two comprehensive crime laboratory training courses in 2008 One in Georgia and one on California). If a DUI lawyer cannot understand how drugs and alcohol are analyzed and quantified by a crime lab, his or her Client cannot have effective legal representation.

Hire a Top DUI Lawyer in Atlanta, to Find a Way to Beat a DUI

Our three Atlanta DUI attorneys know these forensic testing topics very well. All three drunk driving lawyers in Atlanta at our DUI law firm are recognized by Super Lawyers. Between the three partners, Bubba Head, Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, we have well over FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE DUI lawyer reviews with AVVO, that are 5-star attorney reviews.

Call Mr. Head’s Atlanta DUI law firm today at 1-888-384-4323 to speak with an Atlanta attorney at his DUI law firm that knows how to beat a DUI. The CALL and the INITIAL CONSULTATION are FREE. Our attorneys in Atlanta travel statewide across Georgia to help citizens facing DUI charges.

How to beat a DUI

Each of our Georgia DUI lawyers is skilled a criminal defense attorney, and each is especially knowledgeable about impaired driving defense. So, for a DUI-drugs case or a DUI-alcohol case, we are both trained and determined to get the best outcome for you.


Bubba Head How to Fight a DUI



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