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DUI Lawyer Explains What Happens When You Get a DUI

By William C. Head, DUI Attorney Atlanta

Bubba Head, 40-Year Veteran, Board-Certified DUI Specialist Explains: What Is a DUI?

Being arrested for DUI triggers an array of emotions, from panic to fear, humiliation, self-loathing, a feeling of shame, and anger. Insomnia is a common symptom that our Atlanta DUI lawyers hear from new clients. A DUI arrest brings loss of appetite, agitation, unsettled feelings, and trepidation over the consequences of possibly having a criminal history.

Our clients really never considered what happens when you get a DUI, because they seldom drink and drive, and never considered that they could be taken to jail for driving under the influence.

For law-abiding citizens with a solid financial future and stable employment, a criminal charge of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can derail or alter their short-term plans and long-term future. In the short term they ask, “How much will DUI insurance cost, once the drunken driving arrest is reported?” And in the long term, “Since I have to travel for work, do the consequences of a DUI include cancellation of my Global Entry status, and being denied entry into Canada because of a DUI?”

The Next Morning: Researching the Penalty for DUI

Clients often search the Internet for mugshots to see if a search of their name brings up their horrifying book-in mugshot from jail. They review the events and alcohol consumption from the previous night, and try to estimate their approximate blood alcohol level (BAC).

They search online for a BAC calculator, and look for articles and a reliable BAC chart on alcohol blood levels, based on their weight and number of drinks. They also research various topics about Georgia DUI law, including the legal alcohol limit, and learn that the limit is 0.08 for drivers age 21 and over. The more they read about harsh GA DUI laws, the greater their anxiety level, since DUI jail time is part of the law.

If a DUI arrest happened to you, your apprehension is almost overwhelming as you wonder, “How long does a DUI stay on my record?” and learn that it is a lifetime criminal record. Plus, you learn that jail time for DUI is a distinct possibility if you lose, plead nolo contendere, or plead guilty. Which criminal justice attorneys know how to get a DUI dismissed or a DUI reduced to reckless driving?

Which Drunk Driving Attorneys Are Experts at Getting DUI Cases Dismissed?

Soon, however, your thoughts turn to self-preservation. You have seen news stories where professional athletes and celebrities in drunk driving accidents have had a DUI dismissed. Logic tells you that you must find a drunk driving attorney who knows how to beat a DUI. Questions pop into your mind, as you obsess on finding the best criminal defense attorney to defend you.

Oddly, some attorney directories have hundreds of driving while intoxicated attorney ratings that are all the same, and you KNOW that this cannot be correct. Plus, some of the posted client reviews look fake to you. You want to know which sites are the most exclusive lawyer ranking websites that show trial experience, successful case resolutions, and top credentials in drunk driving defense. You look for attorney reviews that separate the very best from the rest of the criminal attorneys.

You need answers. You start by looking at DUI lawyer reviews, to see who has the best credentials. Will your business attorney or divorce lawyer know the name of a great drunk driving lawyer? But, do you really want to tell these legal professionals about your DUI arrest? Then, a series of additional questions arise, such as “How much does a DUI cost?”  and “Should I attend DUI classes?”

What Are the Conviction Penalties for a DUI in Georgia?

A DUI conviction creates serious consequences, such as loss of a Georgia driver’s license in every case. Getting the driving under the influence charges dropped or reduced saves the driver’s license. Drunk driving lawyers know that negotiating a reduced plea, or lesser penalties depends largely on your DUI arrest circumstances (e.g., DUI accident, high BAC level, bad behavior, 2nd DUI in GA), so all of these factors play a role in seeking to negotiate or having to fight for an excellent criminal case resolution.

What long-term DUI consequences, beyond penalties for DUI in the criminal case, will I have to face, if convicted? Will I have to be on probation? Is ignition interlock something I will have to endure?

The Most Exclusive Lawyer Ratings, When Finding the Best Lawyers for a GA DUI

You look online for lawyer ratings, and compare the best DUI attorneys. The criminal defense attorney that you select must be the best lawyer on how to fight a DUI, and how to get a DUI dismissed, if that is possible. First and foremost is protecting your current job, which typically means maintaining driving privileges. For many types of employment, this means fighting to keep a drunk driving conviction off your criminal record.

Like many other legal practice areas, and like the medical profession, Board-Certification exists for DUI defense attorneys. More than 15 years ago, the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) applied to the ABA to procure the right to oversee this board certification process. Beyond Board-Certification by (earned by only 4 lawyers in GA), only three other independent rating services signify superlative credentials for DUI attorneys:

Best Lawyers in America. Atlanta DUI attorney Bubba Head has been selected for more years than any other attorney in Georgia, and has twice been named “DUI Lawyer of the Year” by this international attorney ratings organization.

Martindale-Hubbell. America’s oldest lawyer credentials directory, “av” (Highest Skill Level) and preeminent (Highest Ethical Values) for over two decades. The top lawyers should be rated 5.0 of 5.0 by this directory, regardless of practice area. Mr. Head has been the highest rated for over 20 years.

Super Lawyers. Has been ranking GA DUI defense attorneys since 2004. While nearly 70 Georgia attorneys have made the top ranking at least one year, only two criminal defense lawyers who are DUI lawyers in Georgia have made every list, and Mr. Head is one of them.

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Each year we have been able to obtain DUI dismissal or DUI reductions in hundreds of DUI cases. Talk with Super Lawyers William C. “Bubba” Head, Larry Kohn, or Cory Yager. Since the consultation is FREE, what do you have to lose?

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