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DUI in Georgia: How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

By: William C. Head, DUI Attorney Atlanta

How much does a lawyer cost? Before you answer that question and opt to not fight your DUI in Georgia, spend some time learning more about the DUI penalties and long-term consequences of a DUI conviction. Plus, since you are NOT a drunk driving defense lawyer, you cannot judge how good or how bad your DUI GA case may be. If you had been diagnosed with cancer, would you be able to judge your chances of survival? Of course not. You need an EXPERT to do that.

That is why you must take time to get your DUI case reviewed by a top DUI lawyer. Your best chance for winning is to find a lawyer who is THE true expert DUI attorney who has a proven track record of knowing how to beat a DUI. DUI penalties and long-term consequences of DUI will haunt you for decades, if not the remainder of your life.

It can be far more expensive to NOT fight a DUI case and try to deal with impediments and limitations on your future business and family plans, than the relatively minor DUI attorney cost needed to hire the best DUI lawyer in Georgia.

The Difference Between a Generalist and a Specialist in DUI Defense

The legal field has attorneys in about 60 definable law practice areas. But these sixty or so major categories have over 1,000 sub-specialties. One of the major practice areas is criminal defense, and under the general sub-category of “motor vehicle crimes,” drunk driving defense (DUI) is a well-recognized and highly specialized sub-specialty of criminal defense in America.

A criminal justice lawyer who, through experience in courtrooms, has acquired specialized and advanced training in forensic science, infrared spectroscopy (breath alcohol test devices), blood testing analytics, field sobriety test protocols, drug testing and toxicological effects, and alcohol absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination is a candidate to be your best DUI lawyer.

These criminal defense specialists are recognized by the four top, peer-reviewed attorney rating organizations, and possess knowledge and track records that justify being categorized as one of the best DUI lawyers in America. These are Board Certification by NCDD.com, recognition by Best Lawyers in America, Martindale-Hubbell “av” rated and pre-eminent 5.0 of 5.0 rated, and Super Lawyers. All other attorney ratings are junk, and not peer-reviewed.

Many newly-admitted attorneys, including Atlanta DUI lawyer William C. Head in June of 1976, first had to be “generalists” when they first came out of law school, because any legal fee would provide an income and put food on the table. The same is often true for surgeons — they must start their medical careers on SOME patient, somewhere, to get started in their careers. Over time, your LEARN the “ropes” and go from a novice, and still “wet behind the ears” to an experience expert in the field.

Are There Free Drunk Driving Lawyers?

For unemployed individuals, a public defender is ALWAYS available, but most knowledgeable Americans do not have much faith in an appointed criminal attorney, due to case overload in most Georgia courts. Plus, Georgia laws allow the Government to recover public defender costs paid by you.

While not all courts have aggressive collection practices, unless the person is totally acquitted of all charges, that is a debt. Plus, a Judge can make repayment of those costs part of probation, and put you in jail for non-payment, if it is not paid before the probation is concluded

But, a free DUI attorney is far better than no DUI lawyer at all. It is worth applying, and seeing if anything can be suggested to avoid a DUI conviction, in your case.

So, the common answer to “Do I need a DUI lawyer?” is a resounding YES, of course. So, now we turn to differences in attorneys’ legal practice areas and (ultimately) to a discussion of lawyer fees for DUI.

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Neither senior partner Bubba Head nor his law partners, Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, have ever been a Prosecutor in a criminal case. Their passion, as DUI defense lawyers, is to know how to use the law to protect citizens from intrusions of the Government. This protective mindset, and the benefit of doing the same type of criminal defense law for so long instills a CONFIDENCE level in Mr. Head and his partners that is not easy to explain

For most clients, DUI defense attorney fees at our DUI law firm can be paid over time, since our criminal cases typically last for many months or even years. Ask about our attorney payment plans. We answer calls 24-7.

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