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Do You Need Lawyer for Traffic Court? GA Traffic Laws Explained

Do You Need Lawyer for Traffic Court? In Georgia, Most Likely, YES!

By: Larry Kohn, Expert on Georgia Traffic Laws and a Georgia Traffic Attorney

Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer Larry Kohn


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Knowing that, and because every traffic ticket in Georgia is a misdemeanor CRIME, and will be reported to your state’s DMV or DPS by the Georgia Department of Driver Safety, these 18 situations mandate that you talk to a traffic ticket attorney for your possible criminal defense of a Georgia traffic citation:


  1. Any traffic accident for which you MAY later be found to be at fault, partially or fully;
  2. Any driver who has a commercial drivers license;
  3. If you are on probation, parole, diversion or have a current first offender status, from any state;
  4. If you do not have full citizenship in the United States, or permanent resident status;
  5. If you are driving on a limited drivers license status, anything OTHER than a full driver’s license;
  6. EVERY accident in which ANY occupant or driver of the other vehicle was hit by an air bag;
  7. If you are a driver under age 21;
  8. If you are a driver for a car service, like Uber, Lyft or similar company that checks driving history;
  9. You have an out of state drivers license;
  10. You were given a Georgia traffic citation while driving a company vehicle;
  11. If you were driving a rental car when cited for a traffic ticket Georgia;
  12. Any traffic offense for which marijuana possession of any amount was also charged;
  13. If you have other, existing traffic ticket points on your current driving record;
  14. Any high-speed traffic offense that can trigger a super speeder GA penalty;
  15. Every first offense traffic ticket, for which you may be able to get diversion or 1st offender;
  16. If your state has an “integrated car insurance” law, like South Carolina, that causes higher rates;
  17. If your state suspends your license for high speed tickets, like Virginia and North Carolina; and
  18. If you were taken into custody by police after receiving your traffic tickets;

A Georgia Traffic Ticket Is a Misdemeanor

Georgia Traffic Ticket Misdemeanor

Traffic laws are not the same in all states. For example, in Colorado, most traffic citations are NOT a misdemeanor offense, but are simple “infractions.” An infraction does not get posted on your criminal record, in most states.

In Georgia, unless your Georgia traffic lawyer is able to negotiate a special plea for you, or you get acquitted at trial, EVERY guilty plea or nolo contendere plea can possibly cause problems with your state DPS, BMV or DMV.


Georgia traffic laws do not provide for infractions. All traffic offenses in GA are misdemeanors. Plus, almost every Georgia uniform traffic citation, if you are convicted, will add points to your driving history. This is why an attorney for traffic ticket violations in Georgia is a necessity for most drivers who receive a Georgia traffic citation, if minimizing the impact of a Georgia traffic law offense.

Georgia Misdemeanor Traffic Law

Since every traffic ticket in Georgia is a misdemeanor, don’t you want an attorney for misdemeanor representation? Or, will you try to represent yourself, and end up with a Georgia traffic violation that blocks a future job, or promotion to a higher-paying position? For drivers under age 21, certain traffic violations can cause total driver license suspension, and related problems with automobile insurance premiums or car insurance cancellation.

Traffic Tickets Issued in Georgia Traffic Accidents

Georgia Traffic Accident Lawyer

Never plead guilty at traffic court in a Georgia traffic accident. You need an attorney for criminal defense and possibly for civil defense (from being sued). The worst mistake that a driver charged with both an accident and a violation of traffic laws in Georgia is to try to save money by self-representation.

Instead, look for an attorney for traffic ticket representation, and let THAT criminal defense attorney suggest a Georgia attorney for assistance on any civil damages for property loss or personal injury. Never assume that just because a driver of the other vehicle or its occupants did not claim any injuries at the crash scene that you will not be sued, at a later date.

Georgia has a two-year statute of limitations, after the accident, unless an injury lawyer helps you settle this ticking time bomb.

Our Traffic Lawyers Have Experience With Thousands of GA Traffic Ticket Cases

Call our 24-hour traffic attorneys today, at 404-567-5515. Ask for Atlanta traffic ticket attorney Larry Kohn, who has personally handled over 1000 Georgia traffic ticket cases. Georgia traffic lawyer Cory Yager was a traffic cop in Georgia for nearly a DECADE before becoming a traffic ticket lawyer 10 years ago.

If your traffic ticket Georgia was OUTSIDE the metro Atlanta area, we have over 20 top traffic ticket attorneys across Georgia, and can provide you with an instant referral.

Best Atlanta Traffic AttorneyBest Atlanta Traffic Lawyer

ALL of our Georgia traffic lawyers are Super Lawyers for 2017. Partner William C. Head is the most widely-recognized legal expert on Georgia traffic laws, after 41 years as an attorney for criminal defense in Georgia, and Board Certified in DUI Defense – one of only 4 in Georgia.

Traffic Ticket Law Firm

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