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DeKalb County DUI Appeal Won

By: William C. Head, DeKalb County DUI Lawyer

DUI Appeal by DeKalb County GA DUI Attorney Reverses Wrongful Drunk Driving Conviction

William C. Head, DeKalb County DUI lawyer, was hired by a financial executive to fight his drunk driving charge in DeKalb County GA State Court. As part of the pre-trial motions filed in the case, the Georgia attorney sought to exclude the field sobriety tests because the officer did not follow his training on how to properly administer the sobriety tests.

The DeKalb State Court Judge hearing the case heard testimony from a DUI expert witness who had previously taught at the Georgia Police Academy in Forsyth, GA. This witness gave vital DUI defense testimony, but the Judge refused to allow him to testify. Mr. Head insisted on making a “proffer” of what the expert witness would say, if allowed to give evidence at trial, and then was dismissed, before the jury was selected.

At trial, with no DUI expert to refute the bogus field sobriety test evidence, Mr. Head’s client was convicted. An immediate appeal was filed, seeking to reverse the DUI conviction, based upon the trial judge’s errors.

The Georgia Court of Appeals agreed that the Judge’s ruling deprived the accused drunk driver of his right to confront the State’s field sobriety test evidence. The DUI was overturned.
Once the case was returned to DeKalb State Court, the Solicitor offered to dismiss the DUI if the Client would accept the DUI reduced to reckless driving. This is how the case was resolved, with no DUI.

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