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DUI Meaning: Criminal Defense Attorney and Drunk Driving Book Author in GA


By: William C. Head, Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney and ABA Board-Certified DUI Lawyer

Best DUI Lawyer Georgia

While acronyms in the 50 states vary, DUI is the most common abbreviation for the crime of driving under the influence of alcohol (or under the influence of drugs), which (in other states) is called operating under the influence (OUI), operating while intoxicated (OWI), or the second most common abbreviation, “driving while impaired” or DWI.

The definition of DUI in all States’ impaired driving laws is similar. The purpose of a DUI statute is regulating and punishing the criminal act of driving while intoxicated in order to prohibit anyone from operating or driving motor vehicles while intoxicated by alcohol or impaired by marijuana or other drugs.

The Definition of DUI Is Not Changed By the Acronym Being Used in Your State

Various jurisdictions use about a dozen different acronyms for driving under the influence, ranging from DUI in Georgia to DUII in Oregon, OMVI in Michigan, OUI in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. You also have OVI in Ohio and OWI in Indiana, Wisconsin, and a few other states. To determine which abbreviation to use, refer to each state’s common usage of an abbreviation representing a shortcut acronym for drunk driving.

Like most other jurisdictions, when it comes to intoxicated or impaired drivers, the State of Georgia criminalizes driving drunk by alcohol, driving while stoned on drugs, driving with any level of psychoactive marijuana metabolites (THC), or by noxious vapors from glue, gasoline or similar inhalants, plus anything else, like synthetic substances (Molly) or chemicals or plant material that impair the central nervous system, so as to make the person a “less safe” DUI driver.

Define DUI Meaning

So, a quick definition of DUI may be sufficient to say that it is the widely-used acronym for driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs (or being impaired by a combination of two substances or chemicals) in approximately thirty (30) states across the United States (e.g., California DUI, Florida DUI, Arizona DUI, West Virginia DUI, Colorado DUI, Georgia DUI, South Carolina DUI, Virginia DUI and Tennessee DUI). Most internet users will type in “DUI” vs “DWI” and some other geographic limitation (i.e., Atlanta DUI attorney, Marietta DUI lawyer) when performing a Google search.

DUI vs DWI: What’s the Difference?

The second most common acronym for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is “DWI” and is used in about 12 states (e.g., North Carolina DWI, NJ DWI, Texas DWI, New York DWI, Arkansas DWI, DWI in Missouri, or Louisiana DWI). Other than the state of NC, all other southeastern states east of Arkansas and Texas, and south of Indiana and New Jersey use DUI as their acronym.

By virtue of this most common driving under the influence acronym “surrounding” our state, as many people facing drunk driving or drugged driving charges in the Peach state will search the Internet for this acronym. A few who relocated to GA from other states, DUI in Georgia. Hence, no significant difference exists in the meaning of DUI vs DWI, inasmuch as both are state-specific acronyms used to indicate driving while intoxicated.

What Happens in a DUI?

To get a driver license in any state in this country, every state driving manual in the nation warns prospective drivers that driving while impaired is a crime. After pulling over a vehicle, a police officer typically uses questions, observations of signs of impairment and field sobriety tests to determine if a DUI arrest will be made. Every time an arrest for DUI in Georgia is made, the officer’s next quest is to determine if that person is over the alcohol legal limit, or has the presence of impairing drugs or weed in his or her system.

4th Amendment Seizure

A DUI attorney in Georgia always carefully reviews the basis of the police “contact” and seizure of a vehicle, to look for 5th Amendment or 4th Amendment violations. Additionally, a Georgia criminal defense lawyer representing an accused citizen will review arrest video and the police report to see if sufficient evidence to make a DUI arrest existed.

When any type of forensic testing is conducted after an arrest, the next place for a DUI defense lawyer to investigate is to see what quantity of alcohol or drugs is claimed by the State and fight the breathalyzer test or crime lab blood or urine tests. Even a DUI with a high BAC level reading can be beaten, if your DUI lawyer knows all aspects of how to beat a DUI.

Georgia Implied Consent

What is Implied Consent?

Every state uses an implied consent law to allow law enforcement officers to legally coerce a driver who has been arrested for DUI to then submit to a forensic test [i.e., a scientific test of blood alcohol concentration or (when drug use is suspected) a blood or urine sample for drugs]. In the last three decades, most states make compliance with implied consent law part of the conditions of obtaining and keeping a driver’s license, so that a driver has been “informed” of the legal requirements of the implied consent law of that state. GA DUI laws are connected to driver’s license revocation and license suspension provisions contained within the GA implied consent law.

Georgia Implied Consent Law

Forensic tests or blood alcohol content from the GBI, or breath alcohol content on a CMI Intoxilyzer 9000 device, are approved testing methods in Georgia. The GA State Crime lab regulates and oversees equipment and testing protocols for the post-arrest gathering legally admissible breath, blood, or urine tests in GA. When properly conducted on an approved State device, a forensic test of breath alcohol level or a State-approved blood test can be used in a criminal court or civil court of law in our state in order to reveal how much alcohol or drugs is in that person’s system.

GA DUI Penalties and Consequences

Georgia License Suspended

Once You Review the Harsh DUI Penalties, You Find the Best Attorney

GA DUI penalties carry jail time and loss of driver’s license if convicted of drunk driving along with a long list of other DUI consequences, including a fine for DUI and driving school, which are sometimes called DUI classes or DUI school. Plus, each person convicted of a Georgia DUI will be required to undergo a DUI assessment in the state of Georgia as part of the probation requirements. With some out-of-state residents, a comparable DUI class program in your state may be possible. Call us 24-7, at 404-567-5515 for initial DUI lawyer consultation, FREE legal advice, for a pending DUI in Georgia. Call Cory Yager, an ex-police officer with 1000 DUI arrests to his credit), Bubba Head, or Larry Kohn for immediate legal advice and assistance.

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