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By: Marietta Criminal Defense Attorney William C. “Bubba” Head

About half of all police officers in Cobb County are stationed at some location in the city of Marietta GA, and spend their time answering 911 calls and cruising the streets of the county seat for the county, looking for those committing a crime or wanted for prior criminal activity. Criminal charges can be made on a traffic ticket (called a uniform traffic citation), or by way of an arrest warrant, accusation or indictment for felony sex crimes, murder, armed robbery, burglary and a host of other crimes.

Criminal Attorney Marietta GA Bubba Head and Larry Kohn

When we represent clients, criminal defense lawyers are member of the Georgia Bar, and licensed to practice law in the State. Attorneys licensed by the State of Georgia enjoy an attorney-client relationship that assures confidentiality in all communications and actions. Only a spouse has a similar level of protection from being made to testify against an accused person.

These legal professionals usually specialize in some field such as personal injury, divorce or possible criminal defense. Far more attorneys in Georgia handle non-criminal (civil) matters than there are defending those charged with violating criminal laws. Collectively, our law office has 73 years of experience in criminal defense Marietta GA,

How to Select a Criminal Defense Attorney Marietta GA

Find a Criminal Justice Attorney with both the knowledge and the guts to fight.

When you look for a criminal defense attorney familiar with the criminal courts in Marietta, GA, remember that some Cobb County lawyers only accept felony cases, while others only handle misdemeanor or traffic cases. Some do both categories.

What our criminal lawyers have to offer are (1) experience, (2) top credentials, and (3) the proven ability to either negotiate your best plea offer or take the case to trial – and win most cases.

Marietta GA Criminal Lawyer Bubba Head and Cory Yager

One of my Georgia criminal defense partners is a former Cobb County Police Department officer who has been practicing criminal law for over a decade. Cory Yager, criminal defense lawyer Marietta GA, has defended hundreds of Cobb County cases in the Marietta courts.

Another partner of ours, Marietta criminal attorney Larry Kohn, has over 20 years legal experience in Marietta. Criminal lawyer Marietta GA Bubba Head is a LIFE Member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (GACDL) and LIFE Member of the NACDL (National Association of criminal defense lawyers.

Marietta GA criminal defense attorney Bubba Head has won many criminal law cases in Cobb County courts over the last 42 years. Every judge, prosecutor, and criminal defense attorney in Cobb County and Marietta GA is familiar with him and his law partners. All three partners have enjoyed success defending misdemeanor and felony cases in all Cobb County courts.

Our Marietta attorneys, law partners Bubba Head, Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, routinely appear in:

  • Cobb Superior Court (Felony cases)
  • Cobb State Court (Misdemeanor cases)
  • Cobb Magistrate Court (Search warrant issuance, preliminary hearings, and bond hearings)
  • Cobb Juvenile Court (Dealing with youthful offenders age 16 and under)
  • OSAH (GA Office of State Administrative Hearings – the Georgia administrative law court)

All 3 of our criminal defense attorneys in Marietta vigorously defend clients facing criminal court charges in the six Cobb County municipal court locations, and each partner at our law firm near me accepts the responsibility to look for any and all avenues of criminal case resolution that will keep a conviction off our clients’ criminal records.

Municipal Courts are misdemeanor-level courts that primarily process traffic ticket cases. The 6 Cobb County Municipal Court locations are as follows:

  • Marietta Municipal Court (Marietta traffic court)
  • Smyrna Municipal Court
  • Kennesaw Municipal Court
  • Acworth Municipal Court
  • Powder Springs Municipal Court
  • Austell Municipal Court

Jury Trials Are Available on Every Felony or Misdemeanor in Cobb County

Cobb County State Court is the misdemeanor “jury trial” court for Cobb County. It is also known as the State Court of Cobb County GA or “Cobb State Court.” So, any driving under the influence case in a Cobb County municipal court that cannot be resolved by a negotiated plea to a crime other than DUI gets bound (moved) over to State Court of Cobb County, where a 6-person jury trial is available.

All our criminal defense lawyer partners are familiar with the Cobb County criminal courts, including the trial procedures, and the judicial tendencies and temperaments of various judges in Cobb County.

We Fight Misdemeanor and Felony Cases in Cobb County State Court and Superior Court

Our Marietta criminal defense firm handles:

  • Misdemeanor cases in Cobb County State Court – especially DUI drugs and DUI alcohol.
  • Felony drug cases – possession, possession with intent to distribute, and drug trafficking in Cobb County Superior Court.
  • Possession of more than an ounce of weed is a felony in Georgia.
  • Other felonies like embezzlement, fraud, theft, domestic battery, and stalking in Cobb County Superior Court

For over four decades, Georgia criminal defense attorney Bubba Head has been defending clients facing criminal charges across the State of GA. The majority are citizens charged with domestic violence, marijuana possession, child endangerment, vehicular homicide, serious bodily injury by vehicle, hit and run, and family violence offenses.

Jury Trials Only Occur in Cobb State Court or Cobb Superior Court – Criminal Lawyers Marietta GA

Except for a DUI felony, first degree vehicular homicide, or serious injury by vehicle felony, State Court of Cobb County processes all DUI misdemeanor cases originating in the unincorporated parts of Cobb County. Plus, cases bound over from Cobb County municipal court locations come to Cobb State Court for their jury trials.

The misdemeanor criminal cases being processed in State Court of Cobb County include all misdemeanor arrests NOT made in one of the six municipalities. Also, for misdemeanor DUI cases that need a jury trial, State Court is where misdemeanors go to jury trial. State Court is the place for trial, a negotiated plea, or (for repeat offenders) to participate in the DUI Court, and to be able to conduct meaningful pre-trial motions hearings.

Because the Georgia Constitution restricts State Courts from hearing any felony criminal matters, the Superior Court of Cobb County, GA handles all felony criminal cases, such as the types of cases set forth above. These include all jury trials or bench (non-jury) trials for felonies.

Our criminal defense attorneys Marietta handle various types of felony charges each month, but most of those felonies are for drugs, or are alcohol-related cases, like felony homicide by vehicle while DUI or driving recklessly.

Excluding Police Evidence Wins Criminal Justice Cases

The most important police evidence usually includes your breathalyzer test results showing how your breath alcohol test was collected, any blood test results for drugs or alcohol content, and the police video of your speech, balance, driving and demeanor, plus any voluntary field sobriety tests performed that lead to your criminal case arrest.

Do You Need a Marietta Criminal Defense Attorney?

When you look for a criminal defense attorney familiar with the criminal courts in Marietta, GA, remember that some Cobb County lawyers only accept felony cases, while others only handle misdemeanor or traffic cases. Some do both categories.

What our criminal lawyers have to offer are (1) experience, (2) top credentials, and (3) the proven ability to either negotiate your best plea offer or take the case to trial – and win most cases.

As far as attorney ratings, William C. Head has held the highest ethical rating, and highest practice competence rating (5.0 of 5.0) from Martindale-Hubbell for over two decades.

Call Marietta criminal lawyer Bubba Head or one of his other law partners today at 1-800-462-8222 and put 42 years of successful criminal defense on your side. All three are Georgia Super Lawyers.

Criminal Law Firm Marietta Georgia

Mr. Head is a 24-hour lawyer for your Marietta case. His criminal defense law office provides you with a FREE lawyer consultation whatever time of day or night you call – weekends and all holidays, too.

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