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Article provided by: Alabama DUI Defense

Mountain Brook Dui Attorney

Mountain Brook Dui Attorney

One of the main concerns, when one gets a DUI is whether they need to pay a lawyer to solve the case in court or otherwise. Is it possible to use a public defender or a private attorney? The survey reveals that while hiring a lawyer does not guarantee satisfaction, it dramatically increases one’s chance for better outcomes. This result is typical because the legal world never guarantees constant satisfaction rates for all cases.

How does the private attorney influence the case?

62% of people who hire private Polson & Polson attorneys find bliss in the outcome. People who hired public defenders could not say the same because they had a 15% satisfaction rate. These people either got dismissed trials or exceedingly low charges. 22% of people got into successful plea bargains and received a standard deal.

The public defender did not guarantee as favorable results as when using a private attorney. Most people attracted a lesser offense and minimal non-guilty verdicts. The worst outcome will always befall the person who chooses to self-represent. The only portion that realizes success is when the prosecution decides not to file charges for misdemeanor cases.

Things the Mountain Brook DUI attorney can do that you cannot.

Advice on speech

The competent legal representation is someone who represents you in both physical and vocal means. We stand against prosecutors in court to protect you from the grilled screening by the defense. Our job is to control the entire prosecution, so you do not have to filter through all the ways that could jeopardize the success of your case.

Local network

You are less likely to understand the criminal court in a way that will benefit your case. The local DUI attorney is familiar with the courtroom and has enough experience to get your best possible deal with different clients. We are familiar with a comfortable amount of local rules juries and judges who can significantly sway the result via legal means.

Timeframe observation

Many DUI cases have deadlines for the fine payment. Other conditions that need prompt attention include obtaining key evidence such as dashcam footage from the police or nearby sources at the scene of the event. The attorney submits various requests to file to acquire these resources before you can surpass the deadlines.


The local prosecutor’s choice is not final. DUI attorneys have enough training and experience to hammer out the best plea bargain for any degree of the offense. We have years of goodwill and will attempt to land the friendliest outcome after the final decision.


The Polson & Polson attorney can expunge your conviction, so you have consistent credit and future employment. These procedures are unique in local courts; hence the Mountain Brook DUI attorney will be resourceful in navigating the local laws to the highest satisfaction rate.

The private attorney appears to have the highest success rate for many different clients. The personal attorney takes time to analyze individual client cases, so you have better favorable conditions to resume everyday life. Contact (205) 871-8838 for a free consultation and a quote for your DUI case.


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