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Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney – Atlanta Municipal Court

Traffic Ticket Atlanta Criminal Attorneys

Fulton County Superior Court

Fulton County Superior Court

The two busiest courts in Fulton County, Georgia are Atlanta Municipal Court and State Court of Fulton County. Many people who have misplaced their Atlanta traffic ticket begin a frantic search for “Fulton County Court” or “Atlanta Municipal Court Docket” or even “Fulton County Magistrate Court.” Our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys cover ALL these courts, regardless of title or limited jurisdiction.

Fulton County Court Is Possibly Two Different Atlanta Courts

Less than 5% of Atlanta attorneys practice criminal defense. An even smaller percentage are traffic ticket lawyers, focusing on serious misdemeanor DUI and other traffic accident ticket cases the Municipal Court of Atlanta, or Fulton County Magistrate’s Court. These are the two Fulton County Court locations where a traffic citation requires court attendance by you or your criminal defense lawyer. The two courts are totally separate and autonomous.

Atlanta traffic court handles tickets issues within the city limits of Atlanta in Fulton County GA, with about 5% of traffic court Atlanta GA cases being booked in the small sliver of DeKalb County that falls within the Atlanta city limits.

Traffic Ticket Information Tells You the Correct Atlanta Traffic Court

Fulton County Magistrate Court

Fulton County Magistrate Court

The traffic court address controls where you and your criminal attorney need to be, for the first scheduled court appearance, called the arraignment. Being late can cost you, so pay attention to the location, and arrive early. Atlanta is legendary for its traffic jams and long delays in travelers’ schedules.

Don’t Get an FTA at Atlanta Municipal Court or Fulton Magistrate’s Court!

The Atlanta City Municipal Court operates at 150 Garnett Street, Atlanta GA 30303, and the Magistrate’s Court of Fulton County, criminal division, can be found at 160 Pryor Street SW, Atlanta GA 30303, on the first floor.

Missing court can trigger issuance of a “FTA” (failure to appear) and cause an arrest warrant to be issued for you, plus trigger a driver’s license suspension for the FTA bench warrant. If you missed your municipal court date, and a failure to appear has been entered, you may need a criminal lawyer to act on your behalf to help avoid jail time and reinstate your driver’s license. You can go to the Georgia DDS (GA DMV) website to check the status of your license, at

How to Clear Up a Warrant Without Going to Jail

Call an experienced traffic ticket attorney who is regularly at Atlanta Traffic Court. He or she will ask you to provide your reason or justification for not being at municipal court, when scheduled to appear. Then, he or she will intercede on your behalf, to walk you through the process of unraveling the potential jail time or FTA arrest that can follow a missed court date.

Both the Fulton County Magistrate Court, criminal division and Municipal Court of Atlanta have procedures in place to undo this FTA, have the bench warrant withdrawn, and reinstate your driver’s license.

How to Find the Best Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Atlanta GA

A traffic tickets lawyer in Atlanta GA is also a criminal defense attorney Atlanta. Some criminal defense lawyers do not ever accept cases as the attorney for traffic ticket charges. They may exclusively handle felony cases, and no misdemeanor traffic tickets. Other criminal attorneys handle a full range of felony or misdemeanor cases and commonly act as the lawyer for traffic tickets.

Our Atlanta attorneys fall into this category of handling felony and misdemeanor cases across Georgia. While the bulk of our criminal defense law firm’s cases are DUI in Georgia, we handle most felony cases (including DUI felonies) and all sorts of misdemeanor cases, including serious driving offenses, for which you need a lawyer for traffic tickets.

A traffic ticket attorney can help someone avoid losing the right to drive, which is often the person’s ability to work. If you are searching the internet for “lawyer traffic ticket,” we have handled thousands of Atlanta traffic tickets, as well as thousands in courts outside the Atlanta Municipal Court.

Call a Traffic Ticket Attorney at Our Atlanta Law Firm

Our three partners, William “Bubba” Head, Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, can guide you on resolving your traffic ticket anywhere in Georgia. In most cases not involving your mandatory appearance, we are able to appear without you being present, by obtaining a power of attorney to act on your behalf. Even for a DUI Atlanta, we can keep you from making more than ONE appearance in almost all cases, after we are hired.

For cases outside metro Atlanta, we may need to work with a traffic ticket lawyer closer to your court, to save you money, but we know a traffic citation lawyer who can help you. Call 404-567-5515 for a FREE traffic ticket lawyer’s analysis of your case.

Common misspellings or flawed searches for Atlanta Municipal Court include:
Atlanta Municiple Court
Atlanta City Court
City Court of Atlanta
Atlanta City Municipal Court
FTA Court Atlanta
City of Atlanta Traffic Court
Atlanta City Traffic Court

Call 42-year veteran Atlanta DUI attorney Bubba Head today and get honest answers to all your questions. Tell us everything that happened and everything you remember about your DUI arrest. The sooner you call us, the better chance we have to win your DUI case and get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Remember, you only have 30 DAYS to file a license suspension appeal or apply for an ignition interlock device, or your driver’s license will be suspended for up to one year! Talk to Bubba Head, Larry Kohn, or Cory Yager now. We are available 24 hours a day, weekends, and all major holidays. (404) 567-5515

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