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Atlanta Municipal Court – Atlanta Traffic Ticket – DUI – PTIT

By: William C. Head, Board-Certified DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer for City of Atlanta Traffic Court

Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer Bubba Head

Criminal Attorney Near Me for the City of Atlanta Municipal Court

Getting a Georgia traffic ticket from a City of Atlanta police officer or Georgia state trooper starts your path to the Municipal Court of Atlanta. The Atlanta Traffic Court (as it is commonly known) has been in place for over 75 years.

Atlanta Municipal Court - Atlanta Traffic Court Building

For about 50 years, Atlanta had a separate, special “jury trial” traffic citation division called the “City Court of Atlanta.” It functioned until the last day of 2004 when that jury trial court was abolished and merged into the non-jury court that is (today) Atlanta Municipal Court. [See Atlanta Municipal courthouse image above.]

Pleading guilty is the first thought of many drivers who don’t want the hassle of having to go to court. Don’t add points to your driver’s license, and possibly incur an FTA status (failure to appear). GOOD NEWS: Our lawyers near you handle everything without you having to be present in most cases.

The Atlanta Georgia Municipal court is located at 150 Garnett Street, Atlanta GA 30303. Phone number: 404 658-6940. Before calling have your citation number handy, and be looking at your traffic tickets, in case you are asked about each citation.

Why You Need a Traffic Court Lawyer For Legal Advice

Before you allow any old attorney, who is a “friend,” a relative, or is the guy who closed your home loan, to represent you, ask him or her this question:

In the City of Atlanta GA, when and how can I obtain a dismissal, a diversion, opt for conditional discharge, PTIT or utilize a “basic rules” violation to protect my driver’s license and car insurance rates?

Any hesitation, stuttering, b.s. answers or quizzical looks means he has no idea about litigation strategies in this courtroom.

Fewer than 1% of all traffic lawyers in Georgia handle any cases in Atlanta traffic court. From that small number of lawyers in Atlanta, fewer than five law firms have legal advocates that are listed on the most highly-rated Atlanta criminal lawyers lists. While traffic law and DUI defense is our bread and butter, our criminal attorneys nearby have also handled EVERY type of traffic ticket case at the Municipal Court Atlanta, Atlanta GA.

The Atlanta GA Municipal Court serves as the non-jury “starting point” for all Fulton County misdemeanor motor vehicle citations in the city limits. But, because a small part of the capitol city has some parts in DeKalb County or Clayton County, look at the citation for the “county” location, if transferred to State Court.

If your Atlanta court case is too far outside metro Atlanta, attorneys who are affiliated with our DUI law firm can be utilized in 20 other cities across Georgia. So, whether you need to talk to DUI attorneys or a speeding ticket lawyer — anywhere in Georgia – our Atlanta attorneys are here to

Traffic Tickets Can Affect Any Family, Regardless of Position or Status

Everyone who drives in Georgia’s largest city is subject to getting a traffic ticket in Atlanta. The ticket could be for a very serious traffic crime. This category includes driving under the influence, child endangermenthit-and-run or second-degree vehicular homicide. Minor traffic citations can put you in jail, however. Judge Jackson, Judge Ward, Judge Gundy or Judge Sloan don’t tolerate fools who disrupt their courts.

No one is immune from receiving a traffic citation. Our attorneys in Atlanta have represented business leaders, celebrities, sports heroes, politicians, teachers, CDC workers, college students, high school students, CDL drivers (e.g., tractor-trailer drivers or school bus drivers) and many others).

A CEO, doctor, attorney, and their family members are subject to being pulled over and cited by police, just like every other driver. Our most common calls for legal help are for driving under the influence, hit and run, racing, following too close and super speeder tickets. So, is a criminal lawyer near me is needed at the Municipal Court of Atlanta, our attorneys near me can assist.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer William Head Consulted by News Service on Georgia DUI Cases

Our DUI Lawyers Depend on Atlanta Attorney Referrals

Atlanta lawyers from the biggest law firms in Atlanta call on our law office for help with their clients and family members. This is because winning the impaired driving case or saving a person’s driver’s license is at stake.

Our top-rated Atlanta DUI lawyers have represented clients facing a DUI in Georgia from every walk of life. This includes top level government officials. Plus, the operator of a CMV (commercial motor vehicle) MUST keep a clean driving record to remain employed as a CDL driver).

Atlanta Pretrial Detention Center

No matter WHO you are, your journey to Municipal Court of Atlanta begins at the Atlanta Detention Center and posting bond. If you are arrested for DUI in Atlanta, your social status and important job are not going to impress them. Yet, a dentist, registered nurse, a realtor, lawyer, a CPA or a schoolteacher may face job-ending challenges with their job or profession, if your traffic case is not handled properly. In some situations, these well-paid workers can be fired or disciplined due to certain serious driving offenses.

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Call an Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer at a Law Office Near Me Today

Our 24-hour number is 404-567-5515. Because this court is the busiest traffic ticket court in the state, lawyers from our law group are there regularly. Our Atlanta lawyers often can “bundle” several traffic ticket cases into one court date, thus saving you money. How can you turn down a chance to find a way to beat a DUI in court, for a FREE lawyer consultation near me?

Call an Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer at a Law Office Near Me Today

One other tip is worth mentioning: If you go to Atlanta Traffic Court ALONE or hire an Atlanta lawyer who is inexperienced, you’ll PAY MORE to undo any “mess” he or she creates. Plus, some screw-ups can’t be corrected, unfortunately. One thing is certain about this court, and that is that the RULES change periodically — see this recent news article from Chief Judge Christopher Portis.

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