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Top DUI Lawyers in Atlanta

By: William C. Head, Atlanta DUI lawyer and Board-Certified DUI attorney in Georgia

Top DUI Lawyers in Atlanta Set a High Bar for Other Georgia DUI Attorneys

Like professional tennis, the intense competition among criminal defense attorney professionals constantly sharpens and improves professional skills among GA DUI lawyers. Similar to professional tennis players (or pro golfers), only those criminal defense lawyers who constantly compete on the international “circuit” are deemed the very best performers in these two sports.

Sorting through lawyers in Atlanta to find the best candidate in the attorney DUI arena is similar to the professional tennis and golf tours.

Going to Trial for DUI in Georgia Is Like Being in a Tournament or Playoff Game

Like the two sports mentioned, the harrowing qualifying rounds and incessant challenges each week helps to filter out the less-skilled players. Soon, the ranked players can be counted upon to win the overwhelming percentage of tournaments across the globe, because they are always under the greatest stress and strain to win, and they fight their opponents regularly.

Through dogged determination and battle-tested tournament wins, these best of the best attorneys in America will be revealed, in Georgia.

For Georgia DUI attorneys, the State of Georgia is the proving ground for creating the best DUI attorneys in Georgia. This competition takes place statewide, but the highest volume of litigation takes place in and around metropolitan Atlanta, GA. Our lawyers for DUI are one of only two top DUI law firms who TRAVEL TO ANY Court in Georgia, for our clients, and routinely find ways to win that other lawyers in Georgia never even consider trying.

Georgia DUI Prosecutors KNOW the DUI Lawyers in Atlanta Who Actually Fight!

Similarly, for defense of driving under the influence cases, you want to depend upon the DUI lawyers who LITIGATE, and who do not merely process a high volume of guilty pleas to drunk driving at a low-ball legal fee. To win on a consistent basis, DUI defense attorneys must have vast litigation and negotiation experience, and actually take marginal or difficult cases to trial.

Prosecutors who notice that some criminal defense attorneys TALK a big game, but never go forward with trial are not a “threat” to their status quo. They know these wannabe DUI defense lawyers are just making sure they process a high number of criminal cases, with the least number of hours dedicated to each case, to put money in their pockets.

Not a single high-volume, average DUI lawyer is Board Certified, nor 5.0 rated by Martindale-Hubbell, nor Best Lawyers in America. Take the lack of top attorney ratings as evidence that you are looking in the wrong place, for a DUI lawyer Atlanta.

Finding the Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer for My GA Lawyer DUI Choice

Three of the metro Atlanta Georgia DUI attorneys that have obtained board certification through the American Bar Association are physically located in Fulton County, and one metro Atlanta DUI lawyer has his office in DeKalb County. This fourth Georgia DUI attorney was practicing in Fulton County for over 15 years prior to relocating to a new office location ½ mile from the Fulton County line.

All of these criminal justice practitioners have extensive trial experience and proficiency in identifying legal issues in cases involving an arrest for DUI in Georgia. Look at these three (3) TOUGH DUI cases that we have won, at trial, that are likely far more challenging that your case:

  1. Athens DUI accident case for an 8th DUI Offense  – won at trial
  2. Gwinnett DUI case, car drove through house, very high blood test results, and 2nd DUI in GA
  3. Cobb County State Court, DUI refusal, client “failed” 17 of the 18 field sobriety test clues

Select a DUI Attorney That the Prosecutor Respects for Prior DUI Defense Work

The DUI trial lawyers are the DUI defense lawyers who will have the “clout” to get the best offers from prosecutors (e.g., getting a GA DUI reduced to reckless driving in Georgia and not accepting the DUI Georgia charge) in most of their clients’ cases.

Similar to a fist fight, if your adversary merely verbally berates you, and never “mixes it up,” you soon get comfortable with the fact that you never have to get your nose bloodied when this person is in the ring with you. Talk is cheap and easy, but fighting and winning DUI cases in GA is tough.

Compare Our Credentials, Track Records, and Case Reports to Any Law Firm

Because our DUI lawyer consultations are FREE, what do you have to lose to talk with one of our criminal lawyers? Call 404-567-5515 so that we can review your existing criminal record, evaluate the incriminatory evidence that is likely admissible in your GA DUI case, and tell you how we would attack the credibility of the field sobriety test evidence, and (where applicable) the forensic breath alcohol test or blood test.

Speak to DUI lawyer Bubba Head, Larry Kohn, DUI Attorney Atlanta, and Cory Yager, ex-cop and criminal defense attorney Atlanta.


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