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Assisting Your Georgia DUI Attorney

By William C. Head, Atlanta DUI Lawyer

When citizens are arrested for driving while intoxicated, they are highly stressed and confused about the many things that might happen to them. Many feel that they were wrongly pulled over; others feel they passed the sobriety tests. Some are concerned about the impact on their driving privileges, and most are worried about spending time behind bars.

As soon as the shock of being arrested dissipates, it is time to act. You, the client, are the most important part of the defense. Get up, shake it off, and get busy building your case. Step number one is to locate and hire the best defense attorney you can find.

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Hire the Right Atlanta, Georgia DUI Attorney

A quick Internet search will reveal a number of DUI attorneys in the Atlanta area. However, you can rest assured that all attorneys are NOT created equal. When searching for an attorney to represent and defend you in court, you should ask him or her the following questions:

  • How much of your practice is dedicated to DUI defense?
  • How many DUI cases have you defended? What were the outcomes?
  • What specialized training do you have in the area of DUI defense?

Keep in mind that training and experience matter when it comes to successfully defending drunk driving charges.

How to Help Your Georgia DUI Attorney

The first thing you can do to help your attorney obtain the best possible outcome in your case is to NOT DELAY in making a hiring decision. The quicker you make an informed decision and retain a top-notch defense attorney, the quicker he or she can get to work building your case. There are several time-sensitive issues that need to be addressed immediately, including:

  • Filing the appeal of your pending administrative license suspension case within ten business days after your arrest
  • Gathering evidence from the scene that may be altered, changed or lost; for example, if the roadway is under construction, we want photos of the conditions you faced when you were charged with failure to maintain lane
  • Obtaining eyewitness names, contact information, and a backup contact person for that witness, in case the witness moves or changes phone numbers
  • Reviewing premises video from the place of alcohol consumption or the traffic stop
  • Identifying the exact spot where field sobriety tests were conducted so factors such as slope, grade, and lighting can be documented
  • Taking photographs of any damaged vehicles or other property from a collision so that this information is preserved and that an accident reconstruction expert may be engaged to provide possible trial testimony
  • Relaying your detailed account of EVERY fact relating to the hours before and during arrest as well as your detention at the Atlanta jail

Georgia ALS 30-Day Letter

Not including the day that you are arrested, you have 30 calendar days to file an appeal to the proposed implied consent suspension or choose to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle. Not everyone can elect the interlock route. Call our Atlanta DUI law firm today to find out if you qualify.

License Suspended

Our DUI law office can supply you with the necessary appeal form at no cost. If you miss the filing date, you are SCREWED, so keep that in mind. Under Georgia law, this appeal will cost you $150 but will protect your right to drive until that hearing is concluded. Typically, within 60 to 120 days, you will have the administrative hearing to decide ONLY the issue of (a) whether you refused the implied consent test, requested AFTER you were arrested for DUI, or (b) whether you AGREED to be tested, and that the test indicated an alcohol level over the legal limit.

Legal Blood Alcohol Content – BAC Limit in Georgia

What is the legal blood alcohol level in Georgia? Our state has three different BAC levels, applicable to drivers over 21, drivers under 21, and all drivers of commercial motor vehicles, regardless of age. By filing the 30-day appeal and protecting your right to drive, you will improve your chances of being able to negotiate a reduction of your DUI to reckless driving or some other charge.

Free Initial Case Consultation

Our Atlanta DUI law firm provides free appointments (by phone or in person) with a partner or one of our associates for all callers who fill out our documentation and questionnaire so that we can properly analyze your chances of winning your case. We offer payment plans and different incremental payments. If you’re seeking a Georgia DUI law firm to plead guilty, we are not the firm for you. Our job is to thoroughly investigate the case and make certain that you have explored every opportunity to keep the DUI off your record.

Call 42-year veteran Atlanta DUI attorney Bubba Head today and get honest answers to all your questions. Tell us everything that happened and everything you remember about your DUI arrest. The sooner you call us, the better chance we have to win your DUI case and get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Remember, you only have 30 DAYS to file a license suspension appeal or apply for an ignition interlock device, or your driver’s license will be suspended for up to one year! Talk to Bubba Head, Larry Kohn, or Cory Yager now. We are available 24 hours a day, weekends, and all major holidays. (404) 567-5515


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